My Secret Affair With Roger Vivier.

THE ROSE 'N ROLL. It actually tells all, no?
i wasn't really amazed with christian louboutins. the red soles are unique i gotta admit but they're so ordinary, i'd rather buy my marc jacobs. they're cheaper and way trendier.
ROGER VIVIER is something different. its chic, sassy and cool. but my greatest sorrow and disappointment is that here in germany, the only place or rather the only possibility to buy roger vivier shoes is, EBAY. surprise! i really love ebay and all but they sometimes overprice with stuff where they know they can. i was close to buying something through buy it now option but it was twice the price if i order it from bluefly. and it was used. so i thought it was not worth it. too bad they don't ship here like most of the online shops in the world. knock, knock topshop. :)

so anybody who knows where i can buy them: give me a buzz! i'll forever be thankful!

Ugly Betty... NOT!, Sandra Oh... NO!

Didn't u miss the golden globes? the red carpet, the couture and the gossip?
are you also an awards fanatic like me? :) well, it's the only time in my fantasy that i can be a rachel zoe or a fugyourselfmeanie girl that i'm not. if you know what i mean...

so here's my take on the Screen Actors Guild 2008:
oh my god! did she lose weight or did she lose weight? looks fab though!
are they sure my girls getting the right nutrition on the set?
she get thinner and thinner by the second.
i wouldn't normally advice a white gown for the red carpet unless you're going for the bride look but she kinda pulls off the look, so A for effort!need i say more? this one's screaming TIMELESS BEAUTY all over the place! she looks so i-dont-really-give-a-damn-about-my-dress-but-i-look-so-fantastic-even-im-40 good!!

Oh Ellen. hire yourself a stylist already! or fire the one you have now! for the love of god! i am praying for the day that you surprise me with a stunning red carpet moment. i think the dress is ok, if i want to go as an aluminum foil for Halloween. :)

don't get me wrong, i love grey's anatomy so dearly. but i cannot excuse these behavior from meredith and christina. if i would like to go as gift, yes i would consider this look. but since i wanted to go to an awards show, i would have chosen a different one. you agree?
this is just all sorts of wrong! the white dress, the big butt, the tummy, the hair everything! dunno bout you but i kinda have the impression that anything eva longoria puts on, it becomes slutty and cheap.

now i am haunting you with a picture of me and my wedding dress. even i would have gotten it right, no? minus the bouquet and the white gloves i think i would have done a good job! :)

photos from: and is finally here!

Ok so the reason i haven't posted in a while is because me and annie have been SLAVING for a week over the new! Its so much faster and more efficent, the last one was really buggy and broke really easily. So go ahead and start posting your patches! Feel free to go crazy!



Ack sorry i havnt posted in a couple days, i have'nt felt so great.

Sketches for today,

Cars + Trees

Just some experimenting,


Drawings from today,


Thinking about it, doing just ONE page in a day, thats one WHOLE day, is pretty pathetic isnt it? What the hell have i been doing for the rest of the day? I got to work harder.


The drawings for today, looking at my progression it seems my drawings are getting increasingly smaller and intense, maybe this time next month i'll be drawing tiny dots all over my pages.


Heres the drawings for today, Ack i'm a little late on my drawing quota, i'll make it up i promise :p


Drawings for today.


A little rocketman theme today, inspired by both by a handful of diving photos and rocketeer which was on tv the other day :p


A bit of a diving theme today,


The sketches for today,


Drawings for today, nothing special.


Had troubles warming up today, so nothing special. Better than nothing at all i suppose!


More sketches today, Alas more random knicker girls again.

Blah the more i develop, the more i realise how much more i need to learn.


Here's some more for today,


Anyway heres the drawings for today, since its quite early i'll do somemore drawings later tonight :-)


Todays drawings,

More drawing today.

Just some more drawings for today, thought i might get some more girl action going on since i've only been drawing topless muscle dudes for the last couple pages haha. I just cant get enough of the curves and muscles its really helping me with the way that i draw.

I'm starting to realise that inspiration is a thing that we have to feed ourselves non stop to remain fresh and satisfied, the brain is similar to a bucket with a hole at the bottom, you have to fill it in bursts and divulge your thoughts quickly, before it all runs dry.




More drawings,

Drawings from today.

Happy new year!

Just the doodles for today, from today im going to do at least a page of drawing everyday.