sick leave

sorry for the lack of updates guys but i am here in my bed since saturday, sick as a bunny.
i hope to be better soon!
but emails with attachments like the one above always brighten up my day.
thanks to jasmine for this drawing. :)
anyways, do you love your job so much that you hate to call in sick? i do.
i miss my girls. and boy! shoutout to romano. i know you're reading this.



dress and tights: h&m * flats: primark

the four day absence is due to the shitty weather we are currently experiencing.
the wind is crazy. i hate it.
so what does a diligent blogger do once she wakes up and sees that the sun is shining?
yup, go out for a blog shoot. :)
i decided to wear flats (unwillingly) as i have injured my feet with a damn rocking chair.
but it turned out to be the best decision ever as miguel was running like crazy once i got him out of his stroller.
anyways, can any of you suggest a nice party dress for me?
is it really that hard to find the perfect one?
i need one ASAP.
thanks in advance.
i hope you enjoyed the sun today.

perfect fall day. :)

loving the weather at the moment.
not too hot, not too cold. :)
i just recognized that i manage to stand up straight in at least one photo! woot!
(babe, if you're reading this, thank you for always being patient on me.)
a house party later tonight is in order. one of my most favorite person is celebrating her birthday.
sushi, caipirinha and champagne are all i need!
how's your weekend lovelies?
answers on a postcard. :)

i wished you knew how treasured you were.
i miss you already and we haven't even met.
i hope you're happy now where you are.


vintage ruffled sheer shirt * fake fur vest and shorts: H&M * lace up sandals: ASOS

there's no looking back now. the red lips are here to stay.
everytime i go out of the house with just gloss, i feel naked. this is not good.
well the black tights are too.
so if you are getting sick of them, I AM SO SORRY.
anyway, the comments about me blogging in german were overwhelming.
i have been thinking about it but the perfectionist in me will always be scared about the mistakes i will be making if i CONTINUE to blog in german.
but don't worry.
ab und zu werde ich schon deutsch bloggen.

Munki Munki Snowballs of LOVE !

I am in Love with my Munki Munki Snowballs and not for the reason you all probably assume ;) I LOVE them because I am able to use charms of the fabric that have already been cut & prepared for me by the " Munki Munki Quilt A Long & Swap "! I figured today that if I was ever going to get anywhere near a lap size quilt with my Munki quilt - a - long desire... I would need to make two of these little 9.5' gems each month, soooo... when I went to start cutting into my stash earlier, I realized... duh, no need... I have charms!

Anyone who has made a snowball quilt knows just how fun they are, but those charms made them super quick to sew together too! I sure can't wait for our next Munki Charm Swap {which I'll be hosting, since Kerri so generously did the first}... My block just flew together!

I also started another stitching project! I think I may have a new addition... it's not my fault really, I blame Ariel! Her & Kerri's "Hand Stitched" Embroidery SWAP... it's very me!

I think it's going to look very cool next to my hoop from Kerri! Thanks Kerri!!!

oversize me

oversized sweater: new yorker * leggings: h&m * biker boots: gap * necklace: promod

this is the reason why i love love love autumn.
the colors are beyond gorgeous.
ich habe den perfekten roten Lippenstift gestern in Loop 5 gefunden. endlich.
er war von KIKO (kennt ihr bestimmt) fuer 2,50! toll oder?
und noch ein tipp:
ich habe mir den Pulli bei H&M bestellt aber wurde voll enttauescht.
fuer 30 euro war er einfach nicht wert.
wer also nach einer guenstigeren Variation sucht, muss bei New Yorker vorbeischauen.
14,95 hat mein Pulli gekostet und er ist sehr sehr TOLL! :)

complex geometries

american apparel gloria micro mesh bodysuit * vintage leather shorts * ashish for topshop boots * namenecklace * h&m studded belt * h&m trend egg shape coat

in case you haven't noticed, black tights are DEFINITELY one of my winter must-haves.
i am not a jeans kinda girl so these should protect me from freezing my butt off.
this outfit consists of the best buys ever in my closet.
the ashish boots need no introduction. the leather shorts either.
this coat is perfection.
and this aa body is living up to my expectations.
wishing all of you lovelies a happy sunday!

fake fur + big bow

head to toe: you know where from * shoes: pimkie

not so much to tell.
except, how do we feel about the big bow? LOL


v-neck shirt: gap * shorts: h&m * blazer: zara * shoes: pimkie

these photos were taken in strasbourg.
we didn't know that it was a holiday there so naturally half of the stores i wanted to visit were closed.
the roads were empty too so we (read: i) decided to shoot some photos. :)
luckily it's my free day today as when it's a holiday in france, they (i mean the french) are all over germany. and vice versa.


Should animate with the mouse scroll wheel, as long as you have scroll steps set to default.

Aqua & Tangerine....

These things I know to be true... The sky is blue, the grass.. green, and I am completely manic about organization! Now... I know you might be shocked by that slight turn of event, since past posts have shown some of my more embarrassing messy moments... but the truth is... I am a manic, organizational freak! This even extends into my love of Flickr. It only took one group for the addiction to take over and now I am admin of more than ten groups, swaps and/ or bees. I recognize that this is a bit wrong and inappropriate, but I just can't help myself { wink, wink } :)

Not only am I so fortunate to have just purchased a home in my hometown of Portland, Or.. I get to decorate it with my latest obsession... Aqua and Tangerine...

These are just some little treasures I have picked up lately at some local Goodwill's...

Please feel free to stop by for more beautiful examples of these color ways at The Sweet { Aqua } Tangerine!


when all else fails, BLACK is the only way. :)
happy monday to everybody!
Here is 3 of 6 portraits i was commissioned for an iphone game that is in the works

leather clad.

faux leather dress, shirt, headpiece and tights: H&M * shoes: pimkie * necklace: bijou brigitte

sorry for the lack of posts guys.
i think i am having that blogger-block again. haha
i hope you understand.
regular programming will resume shortly.
i should really come up with a new pose. it's getting boring, no?
but once i see a camera, my feet automatically crosses and one hand positions on the waist. head tilting optional. LOL
ps: ein tipp fuer euch! das kleid kostet im online shop 34,95 euro aber im laden haengt es fuer 19,95! go get them tigers!