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big Winners!!

Let me be the first to give a big thanks to Hawthorne Threads for their generosity towards the Pillow Talk { Swap }! Here are the very, lucky five winners of their fabric :)
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bruinbr said...
Great giveaway! I love Lucy & Norman's anthropologie inspired pillow from the last swap!
May 1, 2010 9:58 AM
Val Miller said...
here is one of the fabric's I am loving all over right about now (and I really want it)
April 30, 2010 5:20 PM
tammie said...
i l.o.v.e hawthorne threads!!
this pillow would be my favorite, although there were soooo many gorgeous ones!
Megan said...
There are too many pillows to choose from but I am loving this one What a nice simple design to showcase some amazing fabrics!
NiCoLe said...
My favourite fabric on Hawthorne Threads is this one. was really difficult to narrow it down to one though.
April 30, 2010 5:58 PM
Timestamp: 2010-05-06 13:19:28 UTC
Now there is no reason to call a whambulance if you didn't win because Charlie & Lindsay have given us another FIVE scrap packs to give-a-way through an online interactive vote on the Fat Quarterly!! Just keep checking their new blog for all the details and if you happen to also need to purchase one of their issues ( like i did )... you'll have plenty of ideas on what to utilize your new possible fabric score on!!

and now a little personal thought i had this week....

nothing to do with fabric... EVERYthing to do with an obsession
how funny a little thing like music is to a person.. for me i listen to many of my most treasured music artists and while hearing them i see colors and pictures of fabric, patterns and designs... in fact i could probably recall every band i was listening too while creating each bee block or swap gift for all my treasured friends... but NOTHING compares to my youngest son and how music speaks to him.

i listen and revel in the lyrics and the message the song brings... he listens and hears only the vibrations the beats they bring... he'll move his hands to Coldplay's Violet Hill and dance with me to Rhianna's Rude Boy... only hearing the rhythm that each song brings him... it's an amazing thing that happens to a human while they listen to music in the backdrop of their lives... it's as if it captures their memories and every time you hear that song again you remember. fantastic, really... just fantastic.

each of the songs i choose too share on my blog are immensely beautiful to me... whether they are the first songs i kissed my husband too or had an early morning dance in the kitchen with one of my sons... i can honestly say.... that if quilts are my completed art then music is my fabric... it completely drives me and my loved ones daily.... i'd love to hear which song moves you to your core! the one that makes you smile just at the thought that it could actually play again... just then... on the radio at that moment.... thus catching your breath while bringing you back to that sweet moment in your past.

nostalgia at it's best.... heaven.
xo, Heather

HUGE Give - A -Way!!

okay... so check it out! a couple fantastic give-a-ways here!! well... not both here, but you get the idea!! first up... how about this... Hawthorne Threads was sooo excited to here about the success of the The Pillow Talk { Swap } that they have graciously given me the opportunity for you, my dears, to win one of ( 5 ) scrap bag of fabric ( each are 5.5 yds ) in either cool, warm, or fresh for YOUR own inspirational pillow!!! These kids, Charlie and Lindsay, know how to support the crafting community!!! If you haven't seen their shop... you my friends are missing out... cause their selection and prices beat anyone's around!! It's insane!!!

so here's the rules to the give-a-way game!

* just leave a comment here ( with a way to have them contact you ) saying which Pillow from the The Pillow Talk { swap } Flickr pool is your fav!

* want another chance... leave a comment with the link to your favorite fabric from Hawthorne Threads website!

I'll leave this give-a-way up until May 5th ( Cinco de Mayo ) until 9:00 pm PST... that way 5 lucky folks with be celebrating with new fabric!! ;)

and if that wasn't enough to get you excited... Miss Laurie Wisbrun at Scarlet Fig... who has been all the rage lately with her new line { Tufted Tweets } by Robert Kaufman coming out soon, ummmm just happened to have given a fantastic interview at the Robert Kaufman Blog... with a chance to win 1 yard of each fabric in her new line... yes, ya heard me right... 1 yard of EACH!!! i could just pass out at the thought of it right now! so... get your booties over there and learn more about Miss Laurie and enter to win before 5/3!! Good luck!!

No worries if you don't win the RK blog give-a-way ( though i will shed a tear if i don't personally! )... since Hawthorne will be receiving the entire " Tufted Tweets " for your purchasing ability!!

Here's to a fab weekend!!
XO, Heather

maxi + biker


head to toe: H&M

this has been my uniform for the week. maxi dresses plus biker jackets.
no brainers but super comfy for miguel´s playdates!
i love watching miguel play.
it just makes me realize how fast time flies and how fast he grows.
if only i can press pause and enjoy the time with him as a baby forever.
i know not everyone of you can relate but being a mom is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
no shoes, no clothes or bags can ever compensate.


munki munki hexies!

well... it has begun... my mind is swirling with possibilities for my pillow talk swap partner... and yes, i realize that i have not been given one yet, but i just get so excited!!! yesterday... i just kept thinking about Heather Ross' Munki Munki fabric and hexagons!! what if my partner would like a pillow made out of them??? soooo... i made a few while listening to a new book on tape { Graceling }... i think they turned out pretty cute! ;)

it was sooo fun! i just grabbed my bag of goodies and off i went!

depending on if i go with this idea... i'll need to add more hexies... maybe from Heather's other lines?? but... i do think this was a darling start!!

xo, Heather


body: American Apparel * skirt: COS * belt: H&M * peeptoe booties: Givenchy * rings: H&M * watch: Stradivarius * necklace: bought in Poland

nothing beats an all black outfit.
enough said.

i heart hk.

i heart hk tee: bought in the ladies market, hk * shorts: H&M * shoes: Ashish for Topshop * rings: H&M

avenue of the stars, hk. september 2009. pic taken by me.

i heart hk.
i really do.

anyway, AWESOME WEATHER or what?
and even in this outfit, i was sweating. soo rad!
excuse me as my balcony and cocktail are waiting!
finally, no more coats, no more tights. just this. ;)


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Pillow Talk Swap - ROUND 3 starting!

Yay!! another round of the Pillow Talk { swap } is now starting!!! I always look forward to this swap... some of the past creations have been more than inspiring and to look at each rounds talent grow into such an amazing group of talented crafters... it's well...simply unreal!! if you haven't seen the eye candy... pop over and check it out!! i dare ya!!

This round really couldn't have come at a better time for me!! my land is an absolute mess!! I have an extreme issue with "playing" with my fabrics and putting together "maybe" coordination's while i don't feel well... and this week... i have seriously had the funky funk ( given to me by my generous husband )... thus a lot of messies... aaak!

at least i got some new yummies to play with this past week!! and i'm in love with my new Orla Kiely fabrics... and i even slipped those into a clear bag ( they got the royal treatment )!! haha

i did get a lot more reading time in though... which you all know is my second favorite past time!! ;) soooo.... i got to finish up ( hush, hush & fallen )... they were pretty darn good... i think i like angel books???... but i also think i need a little more sucking face time! LOL hopefully their sequels will be a bit more juicier!! and since Amber had referred me to them... i sent her a little thank you package last week! if your interested in a ( thank you package from me) for referring a good book and/ or book series ( i have to read them though )... just leave me a comment! :)

These are my newest additions to my library!! and i can't wait to start reading them... i have a feeling my sewing time may be being cut back a little! haha

xo, Heather

Random week! haha

This week has been completely random!! haha... from making myself some new coasters and being completely sucked into a new book series ( which i finished! )... i have only produced... what could only be described as random art! LOL

I've been seeing some fab coasters lately... so i pulled out some scraps and started throwing some together! I think they turned out pretty darling :)

then i finished up my { Urban } Home Goods - a modern swap's last little goodies for my partner so i can mail them out!! yay!! Hope they like their new potholder!!

and my last shop order!! no more Etsy!! ( for now anyways! ) ;)

but these were the real culprit to my fabric sewing demise this week!! I'm not sure if i'm happy with Amber or mad at her!! LOL ( just kidding... kisses Amber!! )

i sure hope you all have been more productive than me!! LOL
XO, Heather

Some Commissions.

Here is a big set of commissions i did recently, All characters belong to their respective owners.

I'm currently looking for freelance opportunities at the moment, If you need something or you can hook me up some how, please shoot me a mail!