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new haircut

h&m jumpsuit and tights. leviticus necklace.

i got bored with my hair.
so i went to my hairdresser.
but we did not exactly go wild either.
for one second, as i was browsing the magazines at the salon,
i was sure i was getting a bob.
but i knew that i will only like it for a week, 1 month max.
so the thought of waiting a year for it to grow convinced me not to.
so here i am, my boring chicken self with the same haircut + shorter bangs and some layers.

say hello to my new shoes! :)
(it feels like there's always a new shoe in every post. NO, i don't buy a pair everyday.)
they're from dorothy perkins and they're super comfy.
they ship internationally, thank god!
you can buy it here.
plus you can use the code PIGSBACK to get a 10% discount.

COIN Give-a-Way TIME...

A La Mode COIN Give-a-way Rules....

As some of you might know...I am moving and have decieded to not only destash, but have another give-a-way! Since... I'm stuck packing and reorganizing, I thought I would do a give-a-way that represented what I wish I was doing {wink, wink}!!! Hence.... The COIN QUILT GIVE-A-WAY....

I have included two 6 X 6 inch squares of each of these darling prints {gotta have some balance... right???}. Okay… so if your interested… Here’s whatcha do… please leave a comment on this post with your contact information! That’s it! Easy Hugh???

♥ Ending Entry Date will be at Monday May 4th at 9:00pm PST

Now… if you’d like to gain yourself an extra entry… you can blog about this give-a-way, tweet about it, or sign up as a follower! Just leave a second comment with your contact info and which way you chose to spread the word about my blog and promotion!

Here's an example of a Coin Quilt I did {The Pink Popsicle}

Good LUCK!

it's personal


people that make me oh so thankful everyday.
love you both.

D E S T A S H I N G....

Okay... so from the comments of my lovely followers... I have decided to destash and do another giveaway! I really love the look of coin quilts, so I think I am going to put together a collection of 6 X 6 inches squares from my left over rag quilts... for a fabulous opportunity {for a quilter bee} to simply strip them together! I'll post the COIN QUILT GIVE - A - WAY fabric tomorrow... but first... Here's some of my destash available at my Etsy shop ;)

The Urban Chic

The Chocolate Monkey

The Bubble Gum

The Price Charming

The Aqua Mermaid

The World Imports

The Debutant

why can't i make up witty titles?

i am so in love with these shoes.
they're so comfortable and i got them half price in ebay.
i changed the buttons on this blazer.

on another note,
if i had a tummy as flat as this,
i would so rock that leather cropped top,
because my new boots came in the mail yesterday!

BIG SHOUTOUT to my girl LAARNI for ordering these babies for me.


original vs knockoffs.
in forever21's defense, the fringes don't curl up like that.
but it isn't the best of quality either.
my feet sweats in them.
i know. YUCK.
but for 1/10th of the price, i can't really complain, can i?
i just wish they've added more fringes.



Gorgeous new patterns of French Knickers from Papinelle now available for $3.60 a pair! 6 Packs - 3 Small, 2 Med, 1 Lge.

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Moving ???

I can't believe it... we're moving... in like 6 weeks! How can I put this simply...HHHHhhhmmmm... D E S T A S H !!!! If I don't minimize my stash I am going to be in some serious trouble. I can't move aaaaaall this fabric! I need ideas... friends, I need advice on { how to destash quickly }!!!

carrie bradshaw-ing

this outfit made me feel like i was carrie bradshaw.
don't ask me why.
it wasn't the stud belt.

i have been having a strong inclination to all things assymetrical these days.
again, don't ask me why.
happy sunday everyone! :)


i thrifted this blazer for a whooping 4 euros!
yay for me and my fave thrift store.
ok i'm off to the doctors.
apparently i have allergy to four trees that are blossoming at the moment.
bummer, i know.



balmain blazer + phillip starck ghost chair. NOT

  • my studded blazer is finally finished. FINALLY.
  • it took me two days to stud. (almost a month in reality, i ran out of studs, lost interest in finishing it, etc.)
  • this is my favorite DIY ever. next to my amelie studded boots.
  • i suggest that you stud 'vertically' not horizontally (i mean, row wise). this way you tend to stud straighter. methinks.
  • i'll take a picture of the front next time i wear it.
  • we were again in ikea in france and i got asked 3 times where i bought the blazer. SO PROUD.
  • some of you were asking what i bought last time. that'll be hopefully my next post.
  • today, i got this phillip starckish ghost chair. PRETTY RAD.


PARIS MODE Made in France Faux Coquille de Tortue (tortoiseshell) jewelley adds a sophisticated feel to any outfit. So fabulous, so stylish and world class quality. Exclusively at Arcadia West Fashion Agency, phone 6540 2551 or email for stockist information.

laetitia casta

source: tFs


yes, i wear flats sometimes. ;)
and i am feeling these shorts need more dome studs.
if only my legs were as nice as hers, i would cut these shorter.
i only need that university of nowhere shirt and i am DONE.

thanks for the amazing compliments on the last post's photos.
no, it's not a painting and yes, the boyf gets better each day.
i am so proud.

dark but bright at the same time


meet my new shoes.
and the pictures speak for themselves.
it's sunny but the skies are gloomy.
hate that combination. you too?


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