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modejunkie at home on halloween.

headband and necklace: H&M Divided * shirt: H&M * shorts: Greenhills tiangge * boots: Bata

halloween is not big here in germany so we're just staying in with some friends.
beer, uno, board games and a lot of scary films are prepared. :)
it's so damn hard to get decent pictures now outside as i work when the sun is out, so home photos should do for now.
playing with miguel is seriously the most amazing thing ever.
i learn so much from his as he does from me.


Happy Halloween!


sweater dress, belt, tights and shoes: H&M
  • i think by now it is clear to you that 99% of my closet is from h&m. those who think that they should pay me for the advertisement, raise your hand. LOL
  • the weather is getting crazy by the minute. but i like it. another excuse to wear my chunky knits.
  • speaking of chunky knits, LOVING this h&m knit campaign featuring liya kebede. the girl is GOJUS!Photobucket
  • to think that i own almost all these things featured here, they REALLY should be paying me by now. hello swacket, hello sweater dress! double LOL (and those pink shoes on the first pic are on my way to me at long last!)
  • ANYWAY, i have a new found respect for grace coddington after watching the september issue, 1000 times. she's amazing. love her. nuff said. if you haven't seen the film yet, GO AND SEE IT ALREADY.

Munki Munki Quilt A Long - Snowball

Hulu rant over... now back to creating yummy quilt blocks ;) I decided after seeing Kerri's, Allison's, and Kate's snowball quilts that the design would work wonderfully in my Munki Munki quilt a long. Since Kerri and I are facilitating a Munki charm swap { hopefully every other month }... I thought what a great way to use the charms... in a snowball quilt! Now each print will be showcased! For anyone interested in this pattern... I used Allison's tutorial with a size twist... Cluck. Cluck. Sew.... My main fabric print is charm size 5 X 5 and I used 2 X 2 inch Kona ( snow colored ) cotton to separate them. I ended up with a 9 1/4 inch block when all was said and done! I think I'm liking it :)

patent, suede and buckles.

h&m divided exclusive


Not Sewing! Ranting...

This is not my typical blog post about sewing... this is a rant about the fact that one of the most fabulous... simultaneous tasks... that I can do while sewing is about to be ruined. Yes people... it is true, Hulu will start charging a membership for their very handy, instant Internet entertainment, catch you up on all your missed TV programs with out commercials, while keeping your mind busy as you're sewing the same patterns for hours... benefit! Can you believe the nerve of them??? I kid. But still, what will I do??? Hulu seems not to even be enough anymore either... I now have a membership to Netflix, so I can rewatch certain TV shows while I'm working. Thank goodness I can count on hours of True Blood, Charmed, Sex in the City, and Buffy... I can't even imagine what my alternative is??? Books on tape??? Of course I did succumb to that while in the middle of Twilight, but please... who wouldn't have if they had custom orders and only so many hours in the day to keep their eyes open??? I mean really!
Priorities people! LOL...

I do honestly kid... but I would sure like to know what others do who spend hours at their machines??? I can only listen to the radio just so much!! :)

alix inspired.

bow blouse and dotted tights: H&M * leather shorts: thrifted * blazer: zara * peep toe boots: givenchy
  • this blouse has been sitting in my closet for god knows how long. thank god for streetstyle blogs once again for giving me inspiration how to wear it.
  • alix (thecherryblossomgirl) has always been a constant inspiration. she mixes designer brands (hello sonia rykiel!) with high street stuff (just like we all do) but always manage to exude that parisian flair. i don't know how else to explain this.
  • so here we go again with the sunday high heel syndrome. :)
  • another bow outfit again, huh?

Busy Little Garden Gnomes Mini Quilt

Well... I'm all done and just getting done packaging up my first mini quilt swap! I decided after see what other participates were receiving, that I should give one a try and I sure hope my partner is pleased with the results... She asked for Red, Aqua, Turquoise and Gnomes... So, I gave her The Busy Little Garden Gnomes Mini Quilt

bow overload.

hairbands, bow necklace, overknees: H&M * name necklace: * blouse: plains and prints * skirt: orsay * maryjanes: s.oliver

  • i decided to add the hairband the last minute. since i really wanted to emphasize, why not go all the way, right?
  • it's no secret that i am obsessed with bows. call me childish, i don't care. :)
  • am i the only one loving the weather?
  • got this amazing clock from an antique store the other day. now it just has to stop this annoying loud sound clocks do, then we're all set.
  • the first boots from the last post are from topshop guys!
  • should i start writing outfit details? (i just thought nobody wants to know anyway.)
  • this post is starting to be a blabber overload so i am gonna stop now! HAVE A NICE WEEKEND GUYS! i know i would.

MY { Pillow } Swap Talk ARRIVED!

OMGosh!!! Kate, from One Flew Over was my blind partner and I must say she has done a stellar job on my pillow!!! Kate always seems to display a very swanky, clean and modern design to all of her goodies and this pillow is such a wonderful display of her craft ;) I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT Kate, Thank you soooo much! You made my day!

It's just Fabulous!

the fur vest.

fur vest is LOVE. :)
these outfits are work outfits so excuse the boring-ness.
i just wish the boots come in black too and i would be one happy camper.
but i guess beggars can't be choosers, right?


Been back to drawing again, although im thinking to move over to digital.

the climb


i never thought i will be blogging about miley cyrus, EVER. but ever since i heard this song, i kinda like (= she's ok but only in this song) her.
love the lyrics of the song too.
say hello to my new swacket? (sweater+jacket)
sooo warm and soo fluffy.
i usually don't blog so early in the morning but i went to work thinking i was planned for 9 am, and surprise, i should come at 11.
anjelica, SUPER FAIL.
so, excuse me as i have to eat that breakfast i left, thinking i will be late. HAHA

Etsy's Front Page!

There is nothing like the sudden surprise that one of your crafty items has been featured on the Front Page of Etsy! I can't even begin to express the glee I get each and every time... this time it was my Flea Market Fancy infused Lovey with Japanese fabrics!

My Fairy Tale Lovey ~

You can check out the the Etsy Treasury here!