america, you´ve got me under your spell.

can you guess which shoes from Solestruck came in the mail today?

Jeffrey Campbell Lita in Stars and Stripes

let the photos speak for themselves!
and what´s more amazing: these are not the only pair in the box.


college jacket and sunnies: H&M * shirt: COS * shorts: Mink Pink via MarketHQ * Jeffrey Campbell Fords: courtesy of Lori´s Shoes * bag: SU-SHI

there are some days when i badly miss my hair. this day is no exception.
i don´t regret cutting it, but i just really miss it.
ahh, us girls and our hair!

so here´s an unpublished post pre hair cutting.
be honest, do you like my hair long or short?
no hard feelings, promise!

PS: this outfit is so sporty spice, no?
sporty jacket & chunky heels? MEL C. would be proud!


i love them... i try to dabble in them daily, i really can't help myself about it either! hahaha... here's some of my recent ones! ;)

I have been engrossed with documentaries lately... ( clearly watching too many! ) That when i was designing new pillows the other day for my living room, i could only think of ticks = Lyme disease ( thanks, Under Your Skin ). Which is not even remotely funny, but that I let it control my design, wull that kinda is... hence my newest addition to my collection of funky throw pillows! LOL

my friend Mr. Thomas took this classic picture of me and Miss Aneela at market goofing off! She was "drawing me" with the massive British Pen that Miss Katy brought me! We are clown apples for sheba!

i also decided at Market that my favorite new fabric lines were based on the most important question... "does it match my nail polish???" now, i know what you're thinking, "Heather... YOU are so cutting edge!" i kid, i kid!! LOL... but, these are my favorites!! ;)

Going Coastal

Creative Thursday

1001 Peeps

Ruby Star Spring

Prince Charming

it's sound logic, right! i mean... how terrific are these new lines! h.e.a.v.e.n.!!

now for the winner of the big May Day Give-A-Way!.... ( ps... thanks to everyone who stopped by and entered!!

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devorageller said...
Oh wow .... those fabric stacks are so cute!! I am a fabric nut, but have been wanting to try quilting for a bit. Surely there is a quilt of some kind to be made out of all that wonderfulness!!

May 23, 2011 10:36 PM

Congrats my dear! Please send me your addy and i'll get your sweet treats out the door! :) whelp, i'm off kids... the Yammies are meeting tonight ( the after-market-party ) and i need to get some chores done before i play! xoxoxo, Heather

hope + america.

HOPE shirt: 5preview * denim cutoffs: Mink Pink courtesy of MarketHQ * sandals: Jeffrey Campbell El Carmen from Lori´s Shoes * bag: Whyred from

sometimes it is really only about THE shoes!
would you believe that i ended up changing shoes after wearing these for shopping as i couldn´t handle the stares and pin pointing?
it felt so uncomfortable & weird that i was so scared to fall down flat on my bum.
and i am the person who really never cared what people think about my shoes!
talk about first times.



top: Zara * high waisted shorts: Mango * belt: Moschino * ORANGE boots: Nelly

i´ve waited so long for these boots to be restocked on Nelly, as they were always out of stock!
BUT seems like the wait was worth!
loving how bright these shoes are. love the comfort factor even though they´re pretty high!
since mondays are really not my favorite day of the week, these shoes pretty much make up for it!



i just l.o.v.e. this day! here's a big thanks to all the fabulous worker bees putting out so much effort on us over at Sew, Mama, Sew for this anual event!!!

i'm giving away these sweet little treats that i picked up at the Moda Carnival Booth, while i was at market a couple weeks ago!... seriously, are they not the cutest mini stacks you've ever seen!??

to enter; please leave one comment per person and be sure to check back on Wednesday to see if YOU're the lucky duck winner! good luck kids!!

xoxoxo, Heather

echino winner!

YOU guys are my hero's!!! The time you put into this give-a-way was more than a little impressive!!! The winner is... Miss Jessica! She got them all right and she was the only one to do it too! Congrats my dear... send me your addy!

Jessica Levitt~
Here are my lists...I think I got them all, though I may have missed a last name or two:

#1: Violet Craft, Mo Bedell, Monica Solario-Snow, Kristen Link, you, Shelly Figueroa, Traci Butler

#2: Amy Ellis, Erin Singleton

#3: Lizzy House, Shelly Figueroa

#4: Aneela Hoey, you, Katy Jones

#5: Julie Herman, Candi Weinrick

#6: Aneela Hoey, Thomas Knauer

#7: John Adams

#8: Kaye Prince, Erin Singleton, Aneela Hoey

#9: you, Thomas Knauer

#10: you, Lizzy House

#11: Katy Jones, Kaye Prince, you, Erin Singlton

#12: Jacquie (tallgrass prarie)?, you

#13: Katy Jones, Kathy Mack, Jacquie, Alissa Haight Carlton, Shea Henderson

#14: Gina ?, Michelle Engel-Benscko, Charlie and Lindsay (Hawthorne Threads)

#15: you, Angela Walters

#16: you, Erin Mcmorris, Mo Bedell

#17:Heather Jones, Monica Solario-Snow, Kristen Link, Bari J

#18: Jona Giammalva, Janis Stob, Katy Jones, Shelly Figueroa

#19: Traci Butler

#20: Mo Bedell, you, Violet Craft

#21: Shelly Figueroa, Karen LePage, Mo Bedell, Katy Jones

#22: you, Katy Jones

and just for kick... my favorite answer... from Miss Duff ~

I have almost no idea, but I thought I put in a joke or two...

1. I recognize you and the yammies, that’s it. The blondes to the far left look vaguely familiar. The same way that most people do after I’ve had one too many margaritas.
2. A ha! Amy Ellis and Erin of 2 more seconds
3. This is a photo of 2 extras from Pirates of the Caribbean (not so cleverly) disguised as mustachioed men asking for directions to the men’s restroom, so oft-underused at said quilty-type gatherings.
4. Aneela Hoey (taking the quilting scene by storm!), Heather (glam bam thank you ma’am), and a lady with a genuine I-love-life smile and froggy t-shirt.
5. Julie of Jaybird quilts with her new pal Candi of Raccoon Creek Quilts
6. Aneela Hoey in the process of a walk-by eyebrow plucking attack on a random pedestrian named Thomas.
7. John, Quilt Dad to his peeps, dreaming of rolling in a field of Kona solids like Dorothy did in the poppies.
8. I know when you release this woman’s name I will know it, Erin of R.C.C., and Aneela Hoey of Comfortstitching: 3 peas in a pod!
9. You and Thomas, and damn! His eyebrows look great!
10. An obvious dream sequence, complete with blurred edges. Pirate #1 is back on the scene and just said “Don’t let this blonde fool ya. She’d do anything for chocolate. Arrgh!”
11. The breakfast club. Obviously.
12. No clue, but it’s a really nice picture.
13. Your friend with the fasnarfin tattoo, Kathy of Pink Chalk, clueless, I’ve seen this face—she’s a blogger, and finally, uh, my cousin Caroline?
14. Nope, nope again, Charlie and Lindsay of Hawthorne Threads.
15. You & a blogging peep.
16. I think the lady in the middle is a designer. The other two are her loaded bodyguards.
17. This is one of those crazy times when you drop the camera, catch it and it takes a photo of absolutely no one you know.
18. The froggy t-shirt lady, Gladys. No cavities Gladys! You’re a good little brusher!
19. Hot damn! It’s Tom Selleck in drag!
20. Oh snap! These two are both bloggers and I’m gonna kick myself for not knowing their names!
21. Cute! Oh, and there’s Molly Ringwald in the back wondering why no one called her when the Breakfast Club was corralled for a photo shoot ten slides ago.
22. Derelict gang members. Parents, watch your kids.

Thanks my sweets, Heather


top and skirt: Zara * suede pointed pumps: H&M * rocco mini duffle bag: Alexander Wang via TheOutnet

here´s a no fuss, black and white outfit i wore yesterday.
all of a sudden, i find it hard to find clothes that i like.
i went shopping yesterday but found nothing except some make- up and stuff from the body shop.
kinda frustrating. :(


one word.

laminates. lOVE them! lOVE. period! this fabric is an Oregonian's dream... we have a little something we like to call, "rain" here... have you heard of it??? yeah, well we usually get it, oOOOoohhh... say, nine months out of the year! yuck, right???... but this Market i was introduced to laminates by Jennifer Pagenelli of Sis Bloom and my life changed! Not only does a TRUE Oregonian except the rain, they learn to like it... or they move (we don't like adult crybabies). true. But, this little invention (which i realize may only be new to me! hahaha...) is going to make my attitude about said topic, so much easier to live with!

couple things i didn't know... so, maybe you all didn't either??? laminates are not oilcloth. it's thinner, soft, and easy to sew with! i whipped up a slouchy { River } bag today for a darling friend of mine's birthday next week... and i think it took me all of about an hour! and knowing this nutty friend, who digs hiking and going to our beautiful rivers with her 5 kids all summer... this is the perfect bag for her! it won't get DIRTY! seriously!... this is slick stuff!! ( ha! get it... slick???... )

it's just so right! here's to the beginning of summer! Xo, Heather


shirt and transparent bag: H&M Fashion Against Aids * shorts: vintage Levi´s * shoes: ACNE * giraffe card holder: Ele Handmade * sunnies: Ray Ban * watch: Michael Kors

hi guys!
my work week is over for now (yes to long weekends!) so, back to normal blogging, YAY!
loving these jil sander-ish plastic totes h&m came out with!
somehow, i just can´t justify spending a 100 bucks on a plastic bag. even with the name Jil Sander on it.
a plastic bag is a plastic bag. PERIOD.

the boy had his wise words again (as always).
if i can remember right, his exact words were: "the fashion world is having a joke on you."
and "i can bring you tons of those in orange (because i told him i wish h&m brought it out in orange as well, not just in transparent & yellow)!
ahh i love this guy. PERIOD.

whelp... here it is!

Thank gosh peeps have been covering the booths and new fabric lines quite well in their blog posts... as i've enjoyed seeing them again ( sometimes even for the first time! )! hahaha... i would have loved to build onto those with additional clever photos of art... but in reality, when i got home from market... i only had the typical market shenanigans photos on my camera! i wish i could be more surprised by this, but that's just sooOOOoo me! LOL

To save myself a butt-load of time, i'm just going to play a little game with you all! called... { Can you guess the people in the pictures??? } Please send me an email not a comment to with your guesses and i will draw a winner from them! what will you win for said effort.... OOOhhh... how about a nice package full of Echino's new line i just picked up from market and it's not yet released!

have fun kids! as i know... i really did have a blast!! xoxoxo

I'm going to close this game out on next Monday! You all may need to study up! ;)

Xo, Heather