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It's almost October but I find myself changing between shorts and jeans as the temperature varies from 10 to 20 degrees. All in one day. It seems utterly wrong though, to be showing any skin when you have to wear a scarf to prevent getting a flu. I already caught it.

ps. my Finnish readers, remember to leave your comments and emails in order to enter the Voice fashion week!

Voita Liput Voicen Muotiviikolle

Jahas, sitä ois sitten niinku viisi kahden lipun pakettia jaossa Voicen muotiviikoille! Elikkäs eikun vaan kommenttia kommenttilootaan sähköpostiosoitteen kera. (Mielenkiintoisilla kommenteilla on tietysti sitten paremmat mahikset.) Liput on perjantaille 7.10. jolloin on vuorossa 
  • Muotinäytökset: Sokos - Last Horizon ja Sokos - We live forever
  • Syksyn trendikkäin korumuoti by Ibero
  • Artisti: Kim Herold 
ja päivittäin
  • Teri Niitti kertoo mistä syksyn muodissa on kyse
  • Audi esittelee uuden Audi Q3:n ja Tiia Vanhatapion syksyn muotia
  • Wella Professional ja Klipsi-kampaamot luovat maksuttomia pikastailauksia
  • IsaDora tekee maksuttomia meikkauksia ja kynsilakkauksia
  • Olivia-lehden tyylikoulu
  • tyyligalleria -kuvaukset. Tule ja ikuista tyylisi.
  • Baarit tarjoavat virvokkeita
  • Voicen Fashion Catch -kilpailussa on tarjolla muotia satojen eurojen arvosta
  • The Voice Radio tekee suoraa lähetystä ja The Voice TV kuvaa kaikki näytökset
Harmittaa, kun en itse pääse sinne Kaapelitehtaalle opintojen takia eikä tuo ekstemporee lentomatkakaan oikein nappaa. Nii ja kaikille alaikäisille muodin ystäville huonoja uutisia: tapahtuma on K-18. Kilpailu kestää torstaihin 29.9 asti (eli siis ylihuomiseen), joten eikun hopi hopi kommentoimaan!

Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage

Christian Dior Resort 2012. I know we are still in summer 2011 - but this is something to look forward to or even get on board early for! This photo shoot enticed me and truly excited me for summer! Its city chic with a holiday allure that makes you want to jump on a cruise ship and meet your Italian lovah! Who knew a caftan and a couple wide brim hats could create such a fantasy!

See for yourself and get CHIC for summer.


I can't deny the fact that I am always browsing the internet to find out what's new out there. So, in order to make my life easier and after a reader suggested I should check out Fashiolista, I decided to have a look. I did, and I joined. The website is intriguing because it gives you a better insight to what people like, stuff you might not see on their blogs for example. Not sure how long this love will last but I am giving it a go. You can find me under the name elswears. Happy browsing!

LFW Snapshots #2

Had a busy weekend of birthday celebrations and then again a lazy one away from the internet. Was quite refreshing. But I'm back in business again with my second and last London fashion week snapshot collage. I miss LFW already even if it was super crazy, busy and stressful. Sniff. Here's to that (holding up a piece of chocolate and hot tea): Cheers! (Thank god no one saw that).

Here's tomorrow's timetable:
9.00 - 10.00 am alarm clock (haven't decided yet)
10.30 am long breakfast
11.30 am packing stuff for a photoshoot
1.30 - 5.00 pm photoshoot
6.30 pm dinner
7.30 - 10.00 pm catching up with fashion week, blogging, net browsing, the usual
11.00 pm bedtime (5 am wake up next day)



dress: ACNE * cape: ASOS * AI FOR AI x MATIKO boots: from Solestruck Shoes * aviators: Ray Ban * gold watch: Michael Kors

i love reading Solestruck´s shoe descriptions. they´re funny and really spot on!
here´s what they have to say about my rad boots that sold me out completely!
"Patent, fur, suede and perforated leather has everything and the lace up, army-style boot structure is our #1 pick for FW/11. Careful, people are going to freak out when you wear these---we know from experience."

and boy were they right! :D
happy sunday guys!!


my fall boots.

Ashley Boots. Alexander Wang. PERFECTION.

i was planning to buy the Acne Pistol boots for fall but there was always something stopping me.
but as soon as i laid my eyes on these, i know, there´s no turning back.
i have found my ultimate fall boots.



i really do love me! i love my crazy adhd, manic, loving, loyal, urban personality. it's what makes me... me! it's also gives me the appreciation for what i'm not, which gives me the ability to love you! EVERYone is unique and brings a different flavor to the party... damn. it's just right, right! LOL

i finished up my out lining of my newest tattoo today... and i also had my car smashed in, in a hit and run. and that, folks... it what keeps you balanced between super cloud nine and reality. it's a ridiculous mix that may only suit me, but that's cool... i'll still take mine any day of the week! ;)

so instead of looking at my own art being created, i'll be looking at your's the next couples days and gazing with an extremely, jealous nature.. wishing i could be with you having a blast!

have fun this weekend kids and... yes, i still think it was a fab week! shit happens, no big deal!

xo, Heather

LFW Goodies

Fashion weeks wouldn't manage without sponsors and London is no different. Let's face it, most of the sponsors are make-up and hair product companies, the likes of The Body Shop, MAC, label.m and Sebastian. I had my fair share of beauty products and treatments and I am looking forward to trying them on. I'm a bit worried though, as I used my Indiedays Lookbook gift card a few weeks ago and it's still on its way. If anyone sees it, it's mainly make-up to refill my empty make-up bag. was empty.

Some fashion houses are known for making the most gorgeous invitations and even if I didn't get one for Mulberry, I still love how the invite gives you a little preview of the collection. Besides the invitations, the 3rd and last photo sum up my essential and most important items during LFW: my press pass and the newspapers. Oh and my absent red lipstick.

LFW Snapshots #1

Here are a few snapshots I took between the shows and writing reviews. It's a shame I couldn't take more (there is a #2 coming up soon though) as there were so many beautiful people to photograph and interesting little details that will definately give me some inspiration this autumn. There just wasn't enough time. No wonder the one and only Tommy Ton had even advertised to get an assistant to help him!

London street style never fails to be uniquely aspiring and utterly stunning to watch. Love the eccentricism!
Now, back to the normal world and quite frankly, to sleep.

Tässäpä teille muutama otos Lontoon muotiviikoilta siinä kiireen ja näytöksien keskeltä. Oispa ollu mukava kuvata vähän lisääkin mut ku ei kädet eikä kellon viisarit riitä. Se on varmaa et monet kuvatut ja kuvaamatta jääneet lookit inspiroivat tässä syksyn ja talven aikana mut tällä hetkellä ei auta muuta kun painua pehkuun pienille päikkäreille ku ei nää simmut pysy auki. Jospa tuo kolme tuntia näin alkuun riittäis.


shirt with embellished collar: MarketHQ * leather gym shorts: H&M Trend * ankle boots: Carvela via SARENZA *

maroon, burgundy = potatoes, POtatos.
one thing is for sure, you´ll be seeing these shoes + this color for fall/winter around here a LOT.
do we all agree?

there are no words to describe my love for this shoe.
kinda kicking myself for even doubting it´s sole (remember i asked you if i should go for it or not on my facebook page?). to those who commented that i should go for it, i owe you a brownie!
it is soo good.
and this blouse. collar + sheer = PERFECT!