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no risk, no fun.

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knitted top, alexander mcqueen inspired pants and blazer: H&M * faux fur vest: Zara * boots: YSL

i finally found the courage to wear my trusty mcqueen inspired trousers and blazer.
i have never worn them together. until now.
and surprisingly, i LOVE it.
but the crazy stares, i don´t.
in this cave where i live, don´t you dare wear something out of the conventional, or else you´ll be branded a PSYCHO.
but if you know me, you´ll know that i have never been a fan of standards or people´s opinion about the way i dress.
this blog was never made to fish for compliments. it was made so i can make an online journal of my style. how my style has evolved. something like that.
the friends i make through the journey are just like sweet sweet bonuses!
which do you like better? the over the top combi or the one with the faux fur?
don´t you think it´s so rick owens-esque?
love the it flaps like that!


this little piggy....

is going to quilt market! i am a tad bit excited about it too... ;) fabric booths, sample spree, fabric 2.0, and finally meeting soOOoo many of my online friends that i've been talking with for the past year and a half!! ;) i even thought about a super fun way to introduce them to you when i get home... a little guessing game... with prizes of course ( and by prizes, i mean soon to be released fabric! ) hehe....

it's true... i just bought my tickets... 4 days before i needed to leave, but i'm a chicken butt! i've never left my baby boys that long by myself before!! but there was a little incentive for me to go... i'll get to meet a new friend that i'll be working with closely for a while. However... all i can say about my new friend, is that they will be helping me with my new project that rhymes with... cook. ( wink, wink )!

i'll leave you with a some yummy craftyness... and i'll see ya when i get back! :) this weekend... my design wall has been loved with Heather Ross Munki Munki!

Elizabeth's new book ( which happens to be fantastic!! ) sooOOOo worth the moo-lah!

MMmm... then my Modern Affair by Patricia Bravo arrived from Hawthorne Threads!!! i'm super excited about this line, since it reminded me so much of the fabulous fabrics used in those tasty patchwork quilts at Urban Outfitters!!... but in my favorite colors!! so, i got the whole line... hehe!

then i hit up a little Ikea this weekend to pick up some quilt backs!

and Etsy... for some more Neptune by Tula Pink for my WIP Lattice quilt!!

OOhhh... and looky look at what i won at the Portland Modern Quilt Guild last week... Elizabeth brought some prizes for Halloween!! eeek... ;)

and this is pincushion i got in our swap from Marcia... such a patchwork cutie!! love!

well... here's for a super week and a fantastic holiday ( if you're in the states )... be safe, have fun, and i'll see ya after market! ;)

xo, Heather

i´ll freeze if i want to.

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and just for laughs:
do you also make funny pictures during an outfit shoot? i have loads of pics like these saved in my not-for the-blog folder.
but since i am feeling generous today, i am showing you one from this shoot.
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sweater, lace shorts, tights, snood and headband: H&M * nude blazer: Zara * shoes: Görtz

looks like winter is finally here!
hello 100 den tights and knitted snoods. i have terribly missed you.

ps: comments like "weren´t you cold in that?" always make me laugh. of course i was cold.
but i´ll freeze if i want to. you get?

anyways, my bestfriend (and miguel´s godmother) is going back to portugal for good.
but i wish her the best of luck and i hope she finally finds that home she was always searching for.
i love you and i will definitely miss you.


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polkadot playsuit: Primark * structured blazer: Zara * suspender tights: Henry Holland * peeptoe boots: Ashish for Topshop * necklace: courtesy of mynamenecklace

well the common winter phenomenon for bloggers is ON again!
the sun is a playing hard to get. comes out oh so selten and it gets dark so early that making an outdoor outfit shoot pretty impossible.
my motto is: always be dressed and place the camera where you can grab it quickly! :)
and the photographer always in hand! LOL
you might be seeing this location pretty often around here as i live right around the corner and driving somewhere else means the sun might not be there anymore.

but this is just my teeny-tiny problem about winter. nothing like miners getting trapped under the earth or a big fat oil spill or something like that. ;)

Unnamed Game - Some Critters_06

Changes to Fray, and revisions to the undead and skeleton types.

EXPOSE... the unknown crafters!

i just lOVE doing this post! everyone knows i'm quite the girls' girl... so, i'd better do an expose on a man soon! haha... but, i couldn't pass up a chance to show off my dear friend Erin's crafts! :) Not only is she incredibly talented, but she dedicates a huge portion of her online efforts showcasing other peeps talent! Erin is the brainchild behind the Flick group Quilting Bee Blocks and now facilitates the Quilting Bee Blocks: the blog!

fantastic, yeah!

xo, Heather

score 1 goes to Mom!

in the { House } of A La Mode... score 1 goes to Mom! Usually... score 1 - 100 goes to the boys... but not this time! nope... this time i saw a chance to change the direction of the game...

here's how it went down:

boys: playing ball against my photo gallery wall
Mom: knock it off you two!
boys: successful score by knocking down photo & shattering glass
Mom: are you kidding me???
boys: what???
Mom: aaarg!!!!

but no, not this time... this time i would not throw out another fabulous frame... i'm evolving into a more creative cat! hence... the fabric photo!

so, i took a little of this fantastic business...

and my poor frame...

added a little batting, making sure i left the inside ledge uncovered...

and presto.... new urban art!

it's funny, once i realized i was cutting into my fabulous Indie Music fabric to NOT sew with... i kinda had an easy time doing it! maybe i should frame a few more of my favorite prints?? ;)

OOOhh... and my Kona Pepper showed up yesterday! Yay!! i can finish my chevron quilt now :) i also picked up a bunch more solids i've had my eye on!!... really is there anything more addicting the solids???

xo, Heather

checka, checka, what???

hehe... i must have said this little ditty a hundred times this past week!.... checka, checka, what??? why.... oh... i dunno, could be because i have a list as long as my arm to get completed, but i still made my priorities to include rearranging my sewing studio, adding an extra gift to my { SavVy } seasons partner's table runner and fabric shopping of course! ooOOOoohh... well! this is my life and how i like to roll! LOL

i was extremely excited to also receive my gift from the { SavVy } Seasons swap too!!! i just knew it was gonna rock when i opened the box to this!

yep, i think i can easily say miss Jamie knew exactly what i would love in my home... urban, modern, patchwork... h e a v e n!!! she also got me so excited about holiday pillows, i thought i'd whoop one up this morning for my sweet partner! i think they may have a little Heather Ross Munki Munki crush... so... here it is ;)

then in preparation for the Portland Modern Quilt Guild's meeting this week... i also whipped up a little pinnie for our swap :) and yes... i really did need to make in aqua & tangerine... cause they are simply fan-friggin-tastic together! hope my swap buddie love this combo as much as me!!

and a little eye candy from my local watering hole... fabric depot! i swear if i could... i would eat my fabric... MMmmm.... straight into my mouth!

here's to a great start to our next crafty week!!

xo, Heather