my kind of summer dress.

Cut-out Dress: Ysterike via 30CanCan * Jeffrey Campbell Elevator F Pumps: Lori´s Shoes

Closet full of clothes. One thousand pairs of shoes.
The same dilemma everyday: there's nothing to wear.
Do you have days like these? I have them quite often. (The cranky weather in Europe doesn't help much.)

What to do when experiencing such days? My solution: a NICE dress and CRAZY shoes. No fuss! and it works every time!

head over to lori´s shoes blog to read more. ---> HERE.

ps: how stunning is this dress? definitely coming with me to berlin fashion week!!

let´s grab a cup of coffee and talk america.

shirt: MarketHQ * slasher shorts: Mink Pink via MarketHQ * jeffrey campbell litas in stars and stripes: courtesy of Solestruck Shoes

sometimes, it´s really only about THE shoes!
this outfit may have caused quite a stir in our humble town but what can i do?
i have a big thing for showstoppers!
that´s just the way i roll. :D

andd these photos were taken at the local slaughterhouse. HAHA

get the shoes HERE QUICK!! these would be perfect for 4th of July!!
and they would be gone in a second!


1-4 The Cambridge Satchel Company Bags in Pink and Neon Yellow 14"
5-6 Opening Ceremony x Chloe Sevigny Mary Ellen Boots
7 123L Tanktop & Shirt
8 Zara Suede Boots & Sweater, i scored from the sales! (so isabel marant-ish, no?)

if you want to win yourself a cambridge satchel, watch out for the next post as i am giving away one in a color of your choice!

happy weekend loves! <3


top: COS * leather vest and silver shorts: H&M Fashion Against Aids * pumps: Weekday * foxtail: Dolls Kill

finally got my hands on this leather beauty from the fashion against aids capsule from H&M.
don´t you just love the SALES?
more of my sale purchases on the next post! i am sure you will love it as much as i do!

the pumps and the top are one of my hamburg buys while i was there last weekend!

what did you snag from the sales? i want to see!


you can tell it's summer.

when it's summer, i'm barely around! with my boys being home, family get-a-ways, lazy reading days, and crazy tedious quilt projects... i can only shamelessly admit, blogging is the last thing on my mind. ;P

my only real goal is to visit all the blogs left on my comments in the other post and start a new blog roll... other than that, this is it kids! hahaha... random, silly, pop in's! don't worry though, i'll certainly post after i get my new tattoo on next Monday ( i know you were super worried!! ) Especially since it's based off one of my favorite fabric designers ( wink, wink )!

and ps... this quilt is taking for-freaking-EVER! LOL

X, Heather


rocco duffle bag: Alexander Wang * foxtail: Dolls Kill * heist platform sandals: ASOS

not too much to share today except, H&M is collaborating with VERSACE!!
(to those who follow me in twitter and facebook, know it already, but to those not, there you go!)

H&M Blogger Workshop. THE DAY THAT WAS.

a small sneak peek. i shot this photo! *good job anjelica, good job!*
the perfect ending to this RAD day: Confetti Parteeyy! (doesn´t end here though, HOTEL ROOM PARTY, yay!) photo credit:

to say that this event was AH-MAZING, is an understatement.

last saturday, 17 other bloggers and i went to Hamburg to attend the first ever H&M Blogger Workshop. i went there with my luggage full of high hopes and expectations. camera and iphone on hand! we were separated into four groups. each group with a professional stylist, photographer, model and make-up artist and was assigned different trends. we got the Indian Meets Jeans theme. YES! to give you an idea of how everything was like: it was like playing in your mom´s closet when you were young, JUST waaayyy better. we had the whole autumn/ fall collection 2011 on our disposal. LEATHER GOODNESS, i tell ya! we chose three outfits for Benta (who was such a star, btw!), got her all dolled up and shot away! while the other groups did their thing, we all had a little talk about blogging and H&M. it was fun hearing Mau, Josi, Dustin, Olive , Jan and Oliver share their stories!

all in all, the event was a big learning experience for me. from styling, photography, make-up to blogging! all my expectations were met. DEFINITELY.
huge shoutout to the COOLEST, BESTEST PR Agent ever! Jerome you rock my socks off!
i flew back home today with a lot of stories, new friends and knowledge on my bag!

i can´t wait for the next workshop to happen.
god knows how many pictures one blogpost can hold, so WATCH OUT for the next one!

wow... really??

it's pretty embarrassing that i didn't even recognize how long it had been since i blogged last, until i received a kind push from a reader yesterday! LOL Kinda makes me think about what i just recently found in my house too!... on my living room lamp, no less...!!! hahahha... can you tell i've been a bit preoccupied??? yeesh... i am the worst lately!

but, that my friends... is this time of year, the transition into summer ( hence last of your child/school obligations to fill within a 2 week time! ). Luckily, we are done and i'm very proud to say my oldest, kept his 4.0 the entire year! which then gave his Mama ( that'd be ME! ) my bumper sticker!! Such a proud moment when i slapped that mother on the back of the o'le station wagon! hehehe....

i also decided that i couldn't stand to work in my cluttered studio anymore, not even for one more stinkin day! so i ripped everything out of it and built a new little sitting area! thanks Ikea... you've treated me well once again, bless you!

i wish i could say i've had more time to sew, but in the big picture... i've only made a few pillow covers...

played with Monica's new Happy Mochi Yum Yum!! ( which kicks ass! )...

and started a new quilt... the very fabulous Japanese + & X!! this one may end up being one of my all time favorites that i've done! check out the Flickr group for more inspiration and directions on how to make yours!

i hope you guys are getting more sewing done than myself, cause lord knows... it's a bit pathetic over here right now! hahaha... don't worry though, at least i'm not in denial over my short comings! Today's a perfect example of that! i should be finishing up projects, but instead i'm off to a tattoo parlor with some of my favorite Fabric Designers images to start my sleeve. enough said, right??? LOL

have a great weekend kids and celebrate those Daddy's!! X, H


Lanvin x H&M Tull Dress * Jimmy Choo x H&M Sandals * YSL Arty Ring

i refer to this dress as my carrie dress.
it reminds me so much of that dress she wore on her paris hotel while waiting for alexandr petrovsky (although that versace dress was WAAAAYYY better).
i really love to wear this dress more often but the HUGE tull layers make me overdressed almost all the time!

ahhh i miss sex and the city so much. i wish it was still running!

PS: the coragroppo giveaway is running until the 19th of June, so you still can join if you haven´t!