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zara oh how i love thee

flowy thingy top: topshop * studded bodycon skirt: h&m * booties: ysl tribute short

you guys, i think you´ll be seeing these shoes in every post now. haha. kiddin.
but can´t you see in my face how smitten i am?
speaking of being smitten,
i can´t wait to get my hands on these zara babies which are out on stores next week i heard?
the leather shorts are AMAZING and that jumpsuit has a special place reserved in my closet come spring.
i just wish they don´t exaggerate with the price.

that´s all!

String Pillow...

I've always wanted one of these little babies!!!

Here's the deal... I have been making a bunch of pillows lately and there's a very good explanation as to why...

, I just bought a new home a couple months ago and have decorating fever...

Secondly, I have been dying to try out many of my friend's tutorials and this gives me a great excuse to do so without ended up with 300 quilts...

And lastly... I like pillows! Yeah.. I know... who doesn't???

So... this morning I spent a little time on Ashley's (filminthefridge)string block tutorial. I really thought it was fun and easy directions to follow. Now please don't think that means... I think I'm some kind of professional... because I'm hardly that! This was my true first attempt at it :)

I thought I may not be as scared to do it if I used some of my scraps...

After following Ashley's directions... I struggled with my little puzzle...

Then I admit... I struggled with how to get that paper off, so I decided to cut mine... hehehehe

In the end... I think I really like it ( the Kona Ash was a great choice! )...

The CORPSE Bride - Hoop!

The new stitchin swap group that I'm in { Hoop Up! } has shown it self to be highly creative! Crystal at Fiberartsy... has chosen the theme of Tim Burton. I sure hope she likes my interpretation of The Corpse Bride ;)

Hope your stitchin is as exciting as mine! ;)


dress: zara * leather jacket and tights: H&M * shoes: YSL

not so much words today.
let the pictures speak for themselves.
one thing´s sure,
now i know how it feels like to be in shoe heaven.

Finished! Cathedral Pillow!!

All I can say is I'm in LOVE...

This pillow made me get my booty movin and finish my son's Echino Wonky Log Cabin Pillow today too!! ;)

nothing to declare...

... except evidence.

ermmm, yeah. haha. that´s what my sweater says at least.
i don´t get it but what gives? there are some things in life left like that.
especially when they´re pink and they go well with a tutu. :)
anyway, these boots have been a real pain in my ass.
i got it two months ago, and just wore them now.
i am not a brown person and i really don´t know what i can wear this with.
so here´s me trying.
isn´t it weird that i am looking to the left in three of the pictures when someone who looks like death walking behind me and i don´t even notice?
yeah boyfie thinks its funny. :)

ps: i am not cold. i´ve got twenty something socks hiding inside these boots.. thanks for your concern in advance.

i am wearing a zara sweater, h&m pearl necklaces and tutu and deichmann boots.

classic with a twist.

sequined top, boots and leggings: H&M * blazer and coat: Zara * clutch: Jimmy Choo for H&M

after what feels like a year of working on saturdays, i finally got yesterday off!
shopped a bit in stra├čbourg, ate 2 big macs, watched inglorious basterds and resevoir dogs, did the grocery, finally cleaned my desk and took photos.
oh how perfect.

how was your weekend like?



i got this leopard coat with from the H&M sale for 9 euros! so lucky to get the last in my size. NOT! got it in two sizes bigger (it was the only one left) for an oversized feel! LOL

Cathedral Windows...

I am very excited about our Pillow Talk Swap - ROUND 2 starting up and I have decided that Cathedral Windows... is the design I'll be using! They have always scared the bajesus out of me... but no longer! They were super fun... a mix between origami and sewing ( who knew )??? Now to make my practice block into a modern pillow for my new home!

into the woods.

head to toe: H&M * watch: Michael Kors

i have not much to say.
my heart is saddened that another earthquake has hit haiti.
why them? why again?
anyway, i just pray that one day everything will be alright again.
my heart goes to all those who lost their homes, family members and their everything. :(
choose your charity and donate something.
i would have loved to donate that cake i threw away last night.
so sad.

new SEWing tunes...

By now most of you know that I am a city girl who grew up in the middle of the 1990's... and with that being said, I am a product of the { Grudge area & Classic Rock removement }!!! Yes, Yes... I definitly had maroon hair and Dr. Martins at one time ;)I will always have a deep appreciation toward alternative music since the Pacific Northwest ( especially Seattle and Portland ) played such a pivotal role in the birthing of this genre... however... everyone once in a while... when I really want to feel free and young again... these new tunes bring me back to myself... generation X.

Off to a lynard skynard concert... it was really cool! :)

black and gold.

oversized sweater, necklace & leather boots: H&M * jeans: zara * watch: Michael Kors

these shoes are the latest addition to the collection!
although i say this to almost all of my new shoes, but i am really smitten. they have the alexander wang feel that i cant explain. LOVE IT! i seriously should stop saying i love things.
this kinda love has made my bank account weep month after month.
not your typical love, huh?
anyway, i have been on the search for jeans for like forever to a point of no avail.
these babies need to have a replacement or else i will wear them until they get holes in the crotch. ew.
they´re a tad long (boo says short people) but i just cant for the life of me give to my tailor as i fear he´s gonna ruin it. no offense tailor!
talk about separation anxiety!

paint the town RED.

vero moda
h&m divided
jimmy choo for h&m
sonia rykiel for h&m

here are some of my latest buys.

my most favorite piece,
is this michael kors watch i have been eyeing for so long.
isn´t she a beauty?