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2010, the year that was.

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2010 was definitely a good year for me.
here´s to an equally fabulous 2011 to all of us!

truth time... again.

okay, so declaration number 2 - made public.

Get my Bootie a MOV'IN!

see... my spirit says, i can run...

my ass says, no you can't.

my mind says... yeah i'm not quite sure yet heather... could be no, could be... maybe???

but dang it, my heart says... hell yes you can!... now get off that pretty new couch of yours and make it happen before i call you a whambulance lady!

i really want to... but what am i willing to give up in my daily life to make it happen... isn't THAT the real question?? pathetic really that i'm still having these personal dialogs with myself at the ripe age of.... ( we're getting off track here ) never mind. i hope that's normal, ya know, the whole actually debating about simple things like exercise vs' dying of sitting on your butt! ... or at least not creepy. okay, fine... fair enough, i'll settle for just simply not that creepy. then i can just focus on running and not self esteem issues too! LOL

well, now that that's settled... just to clarify ( again to myself - made public ), i'll be commenting on your blogs much more in 2011 and also becoming a runner. yep... i'm feeling good about said goals and hope to achieve them... quickly!

yeah... shoot, being more patient could be on my growing list too! hehe...

( here's a little sneeky peeky of the last year in crafty goodness! )

XO, Heather

happy birthday to me.

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celebrating one´s 25th birthday has never been so good.

1. ASOS Pompom Sweater
2. -4. YSL Arty Ring via net-a-porter
5. Jeffrey Campbell Lita in Black Calf Leather and Taupe Suede via Solestruck.

ahhh, being spoiled rotten is allowed when it´s your birthday.

ruby, ruby, ruby, Ruby...

aaaak! it's here!!!
and yes... THAT really is theme music!!!

haha, Heather

que sera, sera.

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QUE shirt: 5preview * blazer & high waisted shorts: H&M * suspender tights: House of Holland via Topshop * boots: Jeffrey Campbell Lita via Solestruck Shoes * watch: Triwa

what ever will be, will be.

got an awesome invitation from lovely guys over at LuisaViaRoma to join the Firenze4ever Second Edition but unfortunately couldn´t make it.
it would have been the loveliest birthday present if it pushed through.
well, my dad always said, if it wasn´t meant to be, it wasn´t meant to be. SIGH.

i´m kinda shy to post about my christmas gifts. you would think i am a spoiled brat for getting everything i wished for. :) what did you get?

let's just call a spade... a spade.

it's that time again when we all start thinking about what & how we're going improve in the next year... and that got me thinking... i definately have much to improve on and not all of it revolves around my sewing machine!! so, my first declaration ( if you will ) is that...

i am one big o'l fat spade! it's true... and here's the reason why...

i lOVE comments!! i pretty much daydream about having like a million each time i post something, now i can pretend i don't care and that know one's approval matters to me... but for most days... it totally does! true. LOL

----> l i s t e n <----
i realize this isn't going to come as an "earth shaken" shocker to most of you all... but what might, ( pathetically so ) is my admittance that...


embarrassing... yeah???... how friggin lame am i??? i love them and want them, yet never ( rarely ) leave them!

so, my proposal ( to myself - made public ) is that i will commit to leaving a comment if i read your blog! now, i can't make unreasonable promises that they will be clever, witty, or that they just actually won't be completely boring comments, really... but YOU guys inspire me and i DO read a ton of blogs... and i'm wanting to send big blog-love out next year, so that's it... i'm a spade trying ( in 2011 ) to become a heart!

i look more than forward to following you next year and proving it!! ;)
XO, Heather

hope you all had a fabulous Christmas! i got a new couch... and i cussing love it!

hehe... merry christmas my friends!!

have a fabulous holiday with your families and stay safe!!
xo, Heather & her boys!

merry christmas.... Flickr!

Merry Christmas Flickr! You’re constantly inspiring me to make the most fabulous crafts!! And it doesn’t hurt that you have also introduced me to some of my most favorite people! What o’ what would I ever do without you in my day?? Haha…

( just click on the photo’s to see more of these artist and their works! )

single girl


Mug Rug for ???

8. The finished christmas tree skirt

Stack of Gifts

seven squares finished

Holiday Potholders

christmas pillows

little christmas quilts

O' Christmas Tree Quilt

'The Hood' tree skirt

a mini ticker tape christmas pillow

Pickledish Christmas on the design wall

Have a wonderful holiday my friends!! Wendy from thw Fabric Quarter has a little something for you too!!

The Fabric Quarter: Here's a little holiday online savings coupon: Save 15% now through December 29th with your order of $25 or more. Coupon Code: GIFT152010

XO, Heather

white christmas.

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lace shirt, necklace and rosette clutch: H&M * leather shorts: vintage via Ebay * blazer and boots: Zara

my birthday is coming up really soon and there´s nothing better than discovering a gray hair in that first picture to tell me: "HEY DUDE, YOU´RE OLD!".
thank you very much life. you suck.

anyway, i wish everyone HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
have fun with your loved ones and i hope you get everything you´ve wished for.
at least i know i am. LOL
i am overeating already and the festivities haven´t even started yet.

----> L I S T E N <----- I lOVE crafts!

i really do! i can't help myself... when i see a good one, i get completely stressed out until i can do it! my friend, miss Mo, put me over the edge the other week with her clever craft that hid a storage door! i thought to myself..., "i can do that and i know just what nasty electrical panel i can do that with!" so, i popped over to Art Media and bought the canvas stretching bar thingies you use, then i grabbed my Big Strong Sexy Man-Toy and his staple gun... then wha-lah! ugly home electrical panel... GONE! i'm pretty sure, i'll be seeing many more of these hanging around my home after the week i've spent shopping online for home dec & japanese fabric treasures! :)

i also had been INCH'IN to make a Kindle cover for about 9 months and never could allow for some { just for me } sewing time, until... we decided to get our oldest one for Christmas this year. Then i knew... i had to protect my investment! haha...

i lOVED the look of the kindle "pocket style" cover and finding a pocket cover tut on line will be easy for ya to do { if ya wanta make one! } i just used my kindle as a template... which is easy-peasy too!

now... listen... i know i could have made this a much more simpler craft, but i can't roll like that with so many good tutorials out there! so, i used miss Ashley's string quilt block tut to make (4) blocks then added a little Kona Essex to one side. once the front of the kindle cover was sewn... the rest of the project is just FAST! now, i just have to make my son's!

I have also been trying to put together my Bloggers' Block-a-palooza fabrics! i know many of you have more questions regarding this virtual project and i promise to have more answers for ya! but, for now you can always do what i'm doing which is color planing... i've been wanting an aqua & yellow based quilt for sometime now... so i'm pretty sure this is the way i'll be heading!

plus... then i can work in my (Target) Liberty of London dress fabric somewhere!! yummies!!! i've been holding on to this one for awhile!

then... ( while pulling fabrics ) i realized i haven't made a simple patchwork quilt in such a long time! so, i pulled fabric for one... i'll be adding in some grey solids ( i know shocking ), but i'm diggin the boyish charm of these prints together!

ps... my new hexie pillow is seriously moving forward! with the help of lazy nights and Deschutes Brewery, i may have this puppy sewn up quite quickly! ;)

well... i'm off! so many projects left to do and so little attention span to get them all done! ha! hope your all having great success getting your's finished!! ;)

XO, Heather