Sir, Madame.

Some more dabbling with colour and custom brushes.

Agent Provocateur.

Something for uni, a little girly, but was fun to do something different.

Olaf the Insurmountable.

Another go at some more colour illo work, perhaps i'll do some more soon.


Drawings from today, i have been a little sloppy over this month. I'm going to fix up my body clock over this next week and start drawing everyday again.


Some drawings for today, I'm a little behind on my uni work so expect some illustrations in the next couple of days.

Beach girl.

I'm not that great at illustration work but i had a shot anyway.

Jessica Stam Models for H&M

this is not like a heidi klum or kylie minogue thingy.
this is just jessica stam modeling for H&M, because obviously her work is being a model.
but i am the biggest jessica stam fan, so kinda fun to post pictures of her for h&m. it's usually erin wasson modeling but what a refreshing change for spring..

all pictures from

Good morning! I think today, I should tell you about a staple in my fabric diet. Any day of the week their prices are 30% off, ALWAYS! It gets better. If you sign up to get their emails, they contact you when their price drop to 40% and 50%. I have personally order fabric many times on line and inside their massive store in Portland, their selection is insane. If you don't find what your looking for online, just ask them if they have it in their warehouse and most likely they do. Have fun ladies and gents!!
Today's Notice by Email

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Sketches for today,

A La Mode Fabric 1ST Blog!!!

How exciting to be able to share all of my great fabric and boutique finds with my wonderful support system of friends and family and of course my loyal clients!

I would like to start off with a great couple of online fabric stores with deep discounts on designer fabrics.

Talk about GOOD stuff!!! Here's an example of current 50% off fabric:
Mod Girls by Jennifer Paganelli for Free Spirit Fabrics
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Shangri-la by 3 Sisters for Moda Fabrics

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Michael Miller Dandy Damask.
Michael Miller Guitar Waves
Elements from Marcus Brothers
Faded Memories by 3 Sisters for MODA

I will be adding more great finds daily, so please stop by before you purchase your next fabric buy!

Back again! Drawings.

Hey there. Anyway i feel better now, i think its time to get my sketch on!

i did something worthwhile today.

i made spring rolls. yey for me!

i burnt some of them but they still did taste good. lol
i tend to cook when i don't have anything to do. or other crazy things.
i bought the whole bobbi brown brush set. i'm so nervous about my credit card bill. lord help me.
then, i bloghopped (my favorite time killer and anxiety remover) and look what i have found. such an inspiration.
photo from

ok, for those who don't know bryanboy yet, lemme introduce him to you. he's a filipino (like me!) blogger & entrepreneur. not only marc jacobs love him but every single gay famous person you know loves him. :) he's a fab writer. so funny. although he sometimes talk bad about the philippines (not that it's the perfect country), i still give him A+ for honesty. he buys designer bags or clothes like they're from h&m, he travels as if there's no tomorrow and he makes blogging for me so inspiring and entertaining. check him out. he kinda likes the attention!

isn't this our very dream people? that somehow, someday our favorite person in the world or role model whatevs, would read our simple blog? (i haven't really decided yet who my favorite person is, but i'll let you know if i do.)