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hello strasbourg!


rose jacket: H&M Garden Collection * top and heart shaped bag: H&M * high waisted shorts: Zara *leather chucks: Converse * rings: Stradivarius/ MOA * name necklace:

hey guys!
just a quick update (as always) as we are about to run again!
yesterday, we took my family to the strasbourg cathedral. one of my favorite churches in europe. ;)
the last time we brought them there, it was christmas, so it was all jampacked with people and christmas stands. now it was just like amazing and peaceful.
i wish i could blog as fast as we visit different cities in a span of one week.
anyway, isn´t the weather such a pain in the ass?
can´t it just make up his head already?

how is it there in your side of the globe?


the { swiss army } quilt

i'm just not sure if there is any other feeling better than the one generated from seeing your ideas come to life... example... a new quilt. when i fist saw the ( me plus you ) quilt pattern... i knew i must have one... but, with a little punch of me to it, so i called up Kerri and ordered a bunch of fabric from her shop for this steely quilt!!... though i had to dump the tangerine color addition ( silly boy toy ) in the end... it really does look wonderful in my bedroom and i couldn't be more pleased!

( 45 X 54" )

i love how the colors look next to my pillow from Julie too!!

or folded up... either way... pretty much just love it... ;)

and i think us ( me, new quilt & sweeta** Kindle ) are gonnna be fast friends!!

on another note... ( arms raised in protest ) another 20 yards of new fabric arrived yesterday from Hawthorne Threads and do they know what they are doing to me??? i buy, i love, i horde... it's an insane cycle that seems to never stop with all the great prices on fabrics they give!!! aaarrrggg!! ( wink, wink )

and lastly... thought i'd share a fab tip... BigHugeLabs flickr toys... now offers custom cd holders!! these are my ( i heart the 80's ) version for a few sewing peeps! cool hugh!!

XO, Heather

EXPOSE... the unknown crafters!

i think i can honestly say that i have been a bit more than giddy to share my next crafter with you... or might i say "crafterS"... ;) Twin Fibers is a team of twin sisters Jessica & Jennifer who produce some of them most stunning crafts to grace the Flickr realm... and yes it is VERY unfair that two peeps from the same family could be this talented!! hehe...

they have been a constant fixture in Kerri and my Swaps and in my online virtual quilting bees... so, i can vouch for their sick sewing skills and mad creative juices!! i think you'll get the idea with but a few of my favorite crafts from them...

You can check them out more on there blog too!! but, beware... you'll be instantly addicted to cuckoo clocks if you do! ( wink, wink )

i can't wait to hear what you all think of miss Jessica and miss Jennifer!! ;)
xo, Heather

what happens in munich stays in munich.

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nude knitted cape and necklace: H&M Trend * sheer top: H&M * floral denim shorts: Pimkie * brouges: Melissa * bag: ebay * watch: Triwa

as promised, here´s an outfit post for you guys!
the weather was not really nice when we were there. but the last day, the sun decided to come out, but it was still cold, hence the knitted cape.
i am so glad that i found this nude version. i own it in black already if you can remember here.
anyway, we´re off to europa park now so i gotta run!!


serious fun!

i have had serious fun lately with all my hexie making!! i first finished up my {Handsome} hexies- the swap bundle for my secret partner using two fabulous lines if fabric! first some yummy Urban Circus from miss Laurie and an all time classic... Summer in the City by Urban Chics. i hope my partner loves them as much as i do... ;)

then while i was camping this past weekend i decided to start another hexie quilt for myself! i'm not giving up on my Grandmother's Flower Garden at all... but, this one will allow me to use colorful scraps and still have a modern feel to it! i've got about 100 done and my guess is about 900 more to go... but, in the end... i think it'll be quite striking!

then today Kerri and i have started up sign-ups for the {Urban} HOME Goods - a modern Swap ROUND 2!! this is such an amazing swap with all the talent swimming around and the home decorations that they create! and even though it always challenges me... i look forward to being pushed to another level to increase my skills :) here's my inspiration for the round... i just love all the different designs, color and textures... i can't wait to see what will be arriving at my door!

1. DSC_0965, 2. Scarlet Fig - Embroidery and Silkscreen Chair, 3. Quilt for Mrs Z, 4. Untitled, 5. canisters - a second set!, 6. Untitled, 7. Blue Circle Coasters, 8. new bag!!!, 9. Untitled, 10. Lights, camera, stitch, 11. Hope, 12. Sofa, 13. Hexagons, 14. yellow and orange zig zag, 15. 'Strawberry Sundae' wall art, 16. Placemats

Here's to another fabulous week!! ;)
xo, Heather



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random evidences that i am still alive.
1. my Triwa Watch in Pretty Pink arrived the day we left for Munich. it hasn´t left my wrist then.
2. one of the most delicious Spaghetti Frutti di Mare i have ever tasted.
3. a pair of high waisted bikini to hide all things that needs to be hidden. ;)
4. a random duck stealing my thunder. he got his shot, i didn´t.
5. here´s a sneak peek to my guest post at Lori´s Shoes Blog!
You can get the Jeffrey Campbell Snick Std HERE!

so there. I AM ALIVE.
once i get back home, outfit posts will follow!

till then!

Sir Moonlight.

TF2 Polycount Contest.

Hey guys, Haven't posted in a while! :(

Here's the work i did for the Official TF2 Polycount Contest, The contest spanned from May 24th to June 28th. The rules were to design and create a minimum of 3 Items for a class, retaining function of the weapons and in-keeping with the overall style of TF2.

I started late and unfortunately i changed my idea just before the deadline so i did the whole pack from scratch in 10 days, it was quite an intense expierience! D:

I was also lucky enough to be one of the 5 winners of the contest! :D So i'll be getting a box of signed Valve swag and my 5 Items with stats added to the game officially. (Hopefully soon!)

Click for more!

And some discarded items,

summer time!

even though it's totally raining here in the pacific northwest... i still feel like it's summer time!! i just rented the SUV for our camping trip to the southern coast ( since my cars out of commission ) and am starting to pack up!

it's funny though... with all my huney do's i need to get done... i still found the time to pick up a few of these little sunny treats from Hawthorne Threads!! they just received the new Meadowsweet 2 line and the aqua & yellow colorway is calling my sweet name!! ;) are these the yummiest or what!

also needed wanted to bring a new pincushion for all my hexie making time that i plan on spending this vacation!! and knowing what we'd be listening too... brought me a little 90's inspiration! you can get this pattern from Sublime Stitching's!!

and of course i'm juic'in the new girl all up and downloading lot's of free classics!!! i can just picture it now... me reading and playing hexieland... and the boys off getting dirty and exercising... yep, it's gonna be pure magic! haha...

see ya next week!!
xo, Heather