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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin Day 2

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with alix from thecherryblossomgirl
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1 denim shirt: H&M * bowtie: Lanvin x H&M * high waisted shorts: Mango * blazer: Zara * cape: Camaieu* boots: Jeffrey Campbell Lita courtesy of Solestruck Shoes
picture was shot by Leni. thanks babe!
2 picture shot by Anouk
3 the german Grazia feature! o-m-g
4- 6 Lacoste Liveshooting with thecobrasnake.
i wore the 5preview Femme shirt, zara blazer and cheap monday jeans.
thanks Thuy for bringing your camera with you. :)
7- 9 Killian Kerner Show
i loved the pink overload on women as well as men!
overall, the menswear impressed me more than the women´s.
i loved that everything was hip, young and fun!
the models were not to mention hot. (plus point!)

how rich is THIS!??

there are moments in my blogging life where i am completely thrown back by how proud i truly feel!... this is one of those moments. please meat miss sophia!

( please scroll down and turn off the blog music before playing the 30 second video... trust me! )

how great was that! this is my chosen theme music for my blog currently... and it screams girl power all over it! her mama's a great friend... and in knowing how much her baby girl is the spiting image... i think you can see why i like her so much! haha...

way to own it sophie!! LOL
xo, Heather
ps... give-a-ways still going strong!

black swan.

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bustier dress, lace socks & tights: H&M * blazer: Zara * boots: Jeffrey Campbell * ring: YSL

yey, a normal outfit post again!
i thought i´d never see the day again. :)
black swan was perfect. i was running out of superlatives as i was explaining to the boy how pretty awesome it was. too bad he had to study for his exams.
not just natalie but the rest of the cast was brilliant!
ahhh. if you haven´t seen it yet, GO, GO, GO!

ps: don´t forget that the GIVEAWAY ends 6th of Feb midnight, so if you haven´t joined yet, GO, GO, GO!

have a nice weekend you guys!

it's just too much!

how cool is this??... Sarah Fielke, the completely talented co-author's of two of my most favorite quilting books Material Obsession and Material Obsession 2 ...

( books are not included in the give-a-way... sorry folks! but YOU should buy them... i drool over mine at least once a MONTH! truth. )

has just released her first ( and completely fabulous ) fabric line From Little Things by Lecien! it's just too much, really and the seriously generous Fat Quarter Shop has given two of my readers a chance to win one of these FQ sets!! Shut the front door, right!! I'm soOOOOoo stinking jealous of you guys... i don't even have my own stash of From Little Things yet! i may hate the winners just a little bit... so keep THAT in mind if you choose to enter this give-a-way! ( wink, wink )

Guidelines... easy peasy!

1 - leave a comment ( with your contact info please ) and tell me what you'd love to do with one of these yummy collections! simple.

2 - blog about it! and throw me another comment with the link! again simple.

3 - get it all done by Monday, January 31st at 9:00pm PST ( cause that's when this give-a-way ends! ) really simple! haha...

cautionary statement:
i have seriously mixed emotions over this give-a-way... i mean it! Sarah is a friggin starlet and i want to horde all this fabric for myself like a chubby squirrel in the frigid winter! so ya all, better start entering before i change my loving mind!
i kid, i kid ;)

Good Luck!
XO, Heather

Mode Junkie x Shopbop $100 Giveaway!

Mode Junkie and Shopbop has teamed together to give one lucky winner a $100 Gift Card!
as you all know, i am a HUGE Jeffrey Campbell fan.
luckily, shopbop carries a wide range and offer FREE WORLDWIDE delivery. that´s surely ace in my book.
unfortunately, this winter is still gonna stay for a while (BOO!), might as well browse their Jeffrey Campbell boots & Shearling boots section.
and while you´re at it, check out the wide list of designer brands ON SALE!

here are my TOP PICKS!
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Jeffrey Campbell Pixie
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Jeffrey Campbell Frankie on SALE!

how to join:
1. leave a comment with your name, email address (so i can contact you if you win!) with a link to an item you would buy if you win!
giveaway ends on Feb. 6 midnight!

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Photo Diary Berlin Day 1

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Perret Schaad 2
Perret Schaad 3
Perret Schaad 1
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1 my super fluffy hotel bed.
2 view from my room. that´s germany´s tallest tower, the fernsehturm / television tower.
3 my suitcase full of shoes. i still don´t understand why i brought 6 pairs of shoes for 3 days!
4 the mercedes benz fashion week tent! (it´s where the magic happened! LOL)
5 - 8 runway shots from Perret Schaad. one of my favorites.
loved the simplicity, the clean lines and the earth tones with a splash of orange and turqouise here and there.
this was the perfect show to open fashion week for me.
9 christian louboutin studded sneaks from a super rad guy!
10 no day ended without a bit of shopping. this time from Weekday!

eeeek! when i grow up...

i sooOOOoo remember reading the announcements of when some of my most favorite bloggers became { Sew Mama Sew Board Members } and thinking... man, they must really know their shiz! and now today... ( literally ) i AM one! i don't know whether i should run and hide from the pressure of the "shiz knowing" or jump up and down like a squealie kid?? LOL i will probably run around like an utter spaz for awhile and then have a firm talking to ( to self ) in the mirror! self may need to become more serious, more instructional on her blog, study perhaps...??? sounds reasonable, right!?? aahhHhh... who am i kidding??... none of that is self! haha... i'll probably just continue on with my parting way, but with a new shiny badge! yeah... i love me some bling! Thanks Sew Mama Sew for the sparkler!!

OOOOohh... and i finished my Generation { X } pillow yesterday... isn't she fab!! i love her way too much and that dang hand stitching is becoming a nasty little habit for me ( in a good way of course! ) ;)

and again a big thanks to a sweet friend that gave me her last little bit of Nancy Drew fabric for a seriously devoted, smart, little girl's new book tote! She's gonna freak!

i will so be buying more of those yummy dots too!! they are just... right!

here's to another fabulous day!!

xo, Heather

aaaak! it's Party Time!

now i'm not going to even start to pretend that i can sometimes get a bit self absorbed in whatever manic kick i'm currently on... case in point: The Bloggers' Block-A-Pooloza started and i'm such a looser, i didn't even recognize it until today! somebody put a toothpick in me... i am done!! LOL

thanks to me... you all might be a tad bit late in the game, but have no fear... it's only by a day ( or so... i think! wink, wink )!! pop over to John's blog, cause he's starting the Party off with his block! OOhhh... and when ya finish up, get your booties over to the new Flickr group to show off whatcha did!! hehe...

yeah... and i feel the need to confess in the spirit of keeping it real too... i've chosen a new fabric direction for my quilt. i have a sneaking suspicion that we will be seeing many flying geese in the mix through this blogger quilt-a-long and using my always creative smart aleck style... i have deemed my quilt to be ever more regarded as The Cluster Flock! funny, right??... okay, okay... maybe only to me ;) however, i did ultimately feel like you would be able to see my flock easier if they popped out a bit more within the patterns.

Hence... The Solid Cluster Flock!

( i think i just like to keep saying that title! ) LOL!!

my point is this... if you still want to follow along, but didn't purchase the kit or maybe you chose other fabrics to use... i too will be using different ones! da-da- da- dahhhh..!!

( long day clearly, since i just wrote that last paragraph with an evil mastermind voice in my head!! good grief!... i really need to back off the caffeine! )

ps... found these little treasures and had to have them ( reminded me of a little naughty friend i have! ) yep, they're true! haha...
XO, Heather

Slaying the Dream-Sucker • by Heather Bostic

Berlin Fashion Week Streetstyle!

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Michael from
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Mai from, Alice from and Thuy from
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Anouk from
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loved his sunnies!! Karen Walker? (if this is you, email me so i can link you!)
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Cloudy from
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model off duty
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Leni from

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Lennart Wronkowitz. ferosh hair!

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin A/W 2011 Day 1

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sweater: American Apparel | leather trousers, necklace and faux fur coat: H&M | boots: Jeffrey Campbell via SolestruckShoes

i am back home!
those were the most amazing three days ever!
expect a lot of short posts the next days.
berlin streetstyles, catwalk pictures, photo diary and videos!
i am trying my best to make up for the last week i didn´t blog.