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hot mess!

well, the boy toy finally did it! he claims he'd like half of his house back! what-eves... it's not my fault i lOVE fabric and working on a thousand projects at a time! yeesh... you'd think that's not normal or something??? Okay, okay... i will have to admit it's been a nutty past week with shipments coming in. but, i still don't think THAT's my fault... entirely! what's with all the bloody sales shops are having lately??!! shoot... (shrug) what's a junkie supposed to act like??? i think my reaction was just right. Although, i have one serious hot mess!! and i seem to be running out of room real fast. either way... i blame....

Sew Deerly Loved!

Etsy & Ebay... the filthy rascles!


Fabric Depot!

Purl SoHo!

Wonderous Woven Fabrics!

yes... i'm completely out of room! but i lOVE them all so much.... how can you give any of them up??? maybe i should just buy a bigger house??? OOOooohhh... wait, the children really don't need their bedrooms... right???? ( wink, wink )

he may have a baby point, i've even lost part of my sewing desk to the fabric...

and he did buy me a new classic Ipod to fill full of books, so i'll get busy dealing with my small issue... hehe!! i guess i could let go of some of those yummy solids ( happy love??? ). that might not hurt too bad?? yeah??? LOL however, if the sales continue... i can NOT be blamed for my weakness... i am sick and i don't deny it! ;)

what say you... Kona Give-a-Way time?? Just leave me a message here... maybe with a tip on how you weed out your stash! for me... the minute i remove it, i want it back! ;P and yes, i realize how ridiculous that is!! hahaha...

I'll choose some winners on Wednesday!
xo, Heather

color blocking.

white tee: COS * red skinnies: Zara * clutch & pumps: H&M * blazer: courtesy of OH MY FROCK * wayfarers: Ray Ban * watch: Michael Kors * adderbite ring: Alchemy * headphones: Urbanears courtesy of WEARE *

best remedy to this gloomy weather?
it sure did lift my spirits up.
you definitely should try.
and i never thought these heels would ever see day again.
i swore pointy heels off my life.
but as they say, NEVER SAY NEVER.

happy sunday to you guys!

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playing favorites.

cashmere sweater: COS * jeans: Cheap Monday * faux fur jacket: Mariel Manuel for Weekday * boots: H&M * duffle bag: Alexander Wang via TheOutnet * sunnies: Ray Ban

i was dressing up today for miguel´s doc appointment and haven´t recognized that i was pulling all my favorite items from the closet.
just now as i was uploading the pictures.
this sweater has been my go to sweater since day 1. it never disappoints.
and this monster (read: jacket). ahhh. no words can describe how much i love it.
i got it while i was in berlin for fashion week and never regretted the 10 euros i spent on it.
it was from 170 euros but discounted to 10. OMG. who am i to say no?
mariel manuel is just amazing. def. in my list of young designers to check out.

and on another note, my Alexander Wang Rocco duffle came in the mail today and you know that happened next.
i just had to include it in the picture!!
it is so pretty.
i am never gonna take it off my arm ever again.
i couldn´t decide which color to get. the mustard was screaming for my name as well but i decided that the grey color would be the smarter choice!
if you want to have a piece of A. Wang yourself, GO!!

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The Citron Flower Pillow

my latest Free tutorial on Sew Mama Sew!

XO, Heather

i forgot.

i forgot to blog. i was in my own manic land this past week... but i swear it was for good reason! look at all this business that kept me so overwhelmed... miss nova's treat to me finally got the love it deserved ( binded & washed ) and is now resting comfortably on my couch!! truly heaven!! thank you my dear!!

i had to work on my Grandmother's flower garden quilt!

my OOOohh... so lovely hoop arrived from the { Scrappy } Hoops swap... which meant... i needed to reorganize my sewing space! duh! It is FABuLOUS too! i tried to photo the stitching in the middle well enough for you all to see what it says... but if you still can't make it out, let me help you:

{ Suck It Up Sunshine! }

and i think we all know how soon summer will be here, so i went shopping for some darling new skirts to make!( my spring mission ) this pattern looks so friggin cute... i can barley stand it!

----> L I S T E N <----

i'm not starving myself ( not really, bit of an dramatic statement ) and running every darn day to wear fuggly clothes this summer! LOL

then miss Laurie's new fabric arrived! i simply could not cut some of that up pronto-ria!! i mean.... come cussing on!! this line couldn't get any better for a girl who loves aqua & orange, plus lives in Portland! ( Portlandia = put a bird on it. ) it so right... my heart hurts a little! ;)

and because i had a little time to spare... i went shopping at my fav local watering hole...

Cool Cotton's.

okay, okay... i got to go... if i don't start sewing, i may have a tantrum! Happy Monday Lovies!!

XO, Heather

sunday bloody sunday.

sheer top, parka and belt: H&M * maxi skirt and wedges: Zara * cuff: Urban Outfitters * ring: House of Harlow via ASOS * clutch: thrifted

hi guys!
just a casual outfit for a casual walk on an early sunday morning with my boys.
the sun has left the building i would say.
but no worries. i know he´s just around the corner. as well as spring.
how do i know? my hay fever is pretty much the biggest hint!

about the title, don´t get me wrong, i heart sundays but the thought of monday being just one sleep away, that takes the sunday thrill all away.
should i ground an "i-hate-monday" club?
who´s in?


lost in dreams.

top, faux leather leggings, leopard hair scarf and leather jacket: H&M * patent nude booties: Chloe *

sorry for the short absence guys!
but there was work, appointments with visa offices and accountants & mommy duties that came in the way of blogging. bummer.
what have i missed?
i am so sad that i haven´t organized my visa for london earlier in time for fashion week.
if only i knew i would get so many awesome invites.
well, there´s always the next one!
to those going, HAVE FUN!!

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LOL! i love me.

sometimes... i just crack myself up! i have been a bit (and by a bit.... i mean scary ass) obsessed with postage stamp quilts ever since seeing my girlfriend Brooke's!!

However, i know how impatient/ anal... i really am { what a strange combo }, so i thought i'd better try out a block first to see if i can really pull it off for an entire quilt! smart... right!?? i mean... i want to cut up my OOOohh... so precious Anna Maria Horner Bohemian stash... you gotta to be committed for that kind of project! period.

well... what i recognized very quickly, was the cutting of mini blocks, sewing them, and stripping them... was right up my alley! what wasn't, was the seems not matching up... damn it if i didn't try hard too!! eerrgGG! i instantly wanted to go all "badger on it" and then it hit me! like: poof!... so, i slashed that shiz up just to teach it a firm lesson!! so there! go tell your buddies what happens when you don't behave!

hence... the badger pillow! ;P

on another note... have you all been buying stash builders as much as me lately?? with cotton prices on the rise, i am really being selective over my buck! here's my most recent...

from Marmalade Fabrics

and the Fabric Quarter

{ and, yeah... she really did fold those FQ's into triangles!!... ;) }

XO, Heather