too much to tell, too little time.. Q&A

  • my favorite blouse as of late. (bought it in the phil!)
  • well it has big puffy shoulders so why not?
  • i miss dressing up matchy-matchy so much!
  • i started working last week so it'll be stressful and all.
  • boyfie thought of bringing me to my favorite photo op place and camwhore for the last time? awww..
  • and i have not been blogging, as i have found it irrelevant to blog about what i wore or what i bought when people in my country are dying. you might have heard of the typhoon that hit manila two days ago that has left 240 people dead and still 30 missing.
  • my heart goes out to all that got caught up by the flood. my prayers are with you!
  • i get questions in my email all the time so i thought about doing a q&a! so now is your chance to ask me something (hope not too private) and i'll try my best to answer! you can ask in english, tagalog or deutsch! all is welcome! ;)

My Newest Adventures...

Fall has come! Not only does this mean a gorgeous display of changing colors and bone warming comfort foods... it also means I get to stay inside more and sew! I really wanted a rich fall and winter full of opportunities to express my creativity with all my cyber friends, so not only have I started some fabulous swaps and quilt alongs... I've joined some great ones too!

Next Month will be the { Kick Off } for my Munki Munki Quilt Along and SWAP!!! Plus, I will also be organizing and implementing my newest endeavor... The Pillow Talk { Swap }!! For all that are interested in what these two groups are about, please feel free to follow the links!! I am so excited to start both! One will lead me down the road to an amazing wonky star quilt made out of my darling collection of Heather Ross' Munki Munki fabrics and the other will be a surprise of urban goodness in the form a throw pillow!

My scrumptious display of heart stopping, inspirational pillows from grand artists!

1. Crafting 365 - Day 75, 2. Owl Softie in Lotus - back, 3. big pillows, 4. Patchwork Pillows 2, 5. Hexillow, 6. technicolor pillows 002, 7. Pillow from left over Zig Zag Quilt, 8. String Quilt Pillow, 9. Crazy Dresden Plate Pillow, 10. Zinnia Pillow, 11. the print & the flower pillow, 12. window panes pillows 002, 13. New pillow for Elin's room, 14. IMG_4308, 15. Linen Patchwork Pillows, 16. gnome pillow

Additionally, a wonderful friend Ariel { whom is the creator of my personal... Life Aquatic illustrations } started the ADORABLE... "Hand Stitched" Embroidery SWAP. Now this will turn out to be no less amazing!

And, my whimsical display of urban, and modern embroidery from talented artists...

1. Make like a tree, 2. crewel embroidery, 3. bird embroidery, 4. Randomwork embroidery, 5. blue and white seed details, 6. chandelier embroidery :: work in progress, drying, 7. Woolly embroidery finished....., 8. Sneak Preview! Wanna ride my bicycle?, 9. Happy Garden embroidery pattern

And if that wasn't enough... I was super lucky to be invited to participate in and be the first ( month ) of the Sew New To Me Virtual Quilting Bee !! I have sent out my packages full of Heather Ross' Far Far and Away fabrics in a color theme of blues, aqua, and tangerine... My quilt will be a collaboration of whimsical Improv Wonky Log Cabin Style blocks... and I simply can not wait to start receiving them back! :)

This was my block to express my vision for my lovely quilt!

XO, Heather

on zippers, cars, blazers and shoes.

  • if i would have to choose one blazer out of all the blazers in my closet, this would be it. slouchy, nude and stella mccartney-ish. three very important attributes i consider when picking blazers.
  • my dad owns a yellow volkswagen beetle like my bag. he was the one who persuaded me to buy it! and man i am so glad he did!
  • love that i can still wear summer clothes at this time! the weather is A- AMAZING!
  • the jumpsuit is an acquisition from my vacation. love love love the zipper ruffles that resemble a bib.
  • there's a wine festival going on outside, so if you would excuse me, there's a glass wine waiting to be drunk!

Heather Ross Studio Sale - ARRIVED!!!!

YES!!! I almost had a panic attack when I saw my package today in the mailbox!!! I can't believe how exciting it was to open her goodie bag! Well... I almost cried when I saw what was inside... :) I'm going to be day dreaming all day about the possibilities!

my ashish on the cornfields.

  • i hate myself for always trying to be on the safe side and not buying the leopard print ashish ones, but then again i could really use the black ones more as the leopard ones.
  • and as all the bloggers got the printed ones, these might really be the best decision i have ever made.
  • they're scarily high. feels like i should get a license everytime i wear these bad guys.
  • my little village is DEFINITELY not ready for shoes like these.
and on a random note:
  • the divided exclusive part two is out on stores and on the online shop now!
  • ordered this pair and i hope they look exactly like this in the picture.
picture: fashionsquad

picture: becauseimaddicted
  • and this dress! do you remember this?
  • i just hope it looks half as good on me like it is on geri!

orange county


New Sewing Room???

Well, our house fell through right at the end of the transaction! AGAGagagghhh!!! So frustrating to think of starting all over again... but thankfully, we found another ;) This one has a darling charm to it, including this sweetheart nook that will look over my garden! I'm thinking it could be the most perfect place to create beautiful quilts! It's not my favorite color right now, but give me a couple days and cans of paint... and we will see how tranquil this new place can be! :)

Hopefully this transaction will turn out better! Fingers crossed!!!

ruffles and cobwebs.


couldn't get enough of these skirts! too bad they were only available in two colors.
i picked ellevictoire as the winner of the giveaway! PS: you've got mail!
please don't mind my stare on the last pic. i just wanted to show you the beauty of this building.

Magnus Punt.


  • i wore this exact outfit in hk but wasn't able to get a pic of it. so there, REPEAT for you guys!
  • my pictures and folders from the trip are getting out of hand. (hang on there facebook friends! i will get there. EVENTUALLY.)
  • love, love, LOVE this very intricate jewelry box i got from dubai. it was a bit expensive but i am always open to pay more moolah for art and beauty. same applies for shoes.
  • speaking of which, my ASHISH booties came and they're too small. anybody want to swap? email me.
  • the jewelry inside are some of the things i bought on the trip.
  • taking pictures of the things/ clothes / bags / shoes will take some time, sorry. i can only do one thing at a time. MULTITASKING is so yesterday.
  • miguel's birthday was a SUCCESS. pictures will follow soon too. one step at a time.
  • my boyfriend's sister got married last saturday and it was such a nice breath of change. you will see soon when i get on my feet and upload some photos. (I TOLD YOU THIS PICTURE THING IS GETTING OUT OF HAND)
  • i think i've told you already that i love BULLETS.
  • i will pick one winner for the giveaway tomorrow!
that's all for now guys. i have a teething, agressive, cute baby waiting for me!

Retail Therapy

Well... I needed some retail therapy { wink, wink }. My house purchase fell through at the last minute due to the sellers and the whole idea of starting the search over again, forced me to buy a new bad a** sewing machine and super cool free motion quilting gadget! What can I say, I feel better now! LOL

My new Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.0

and My Fab-U-Motion

what i bought in hk part one

the yellow car bag is my best purchase in hk ever. ;)
don't you just love night markets?
i copped the daisy perfume at dubai duty free together with loads of makeup! did you know that it is by 30% cheaper there? LOVE IT!
the rest will follow soon i promise.

it's miguel's birthday today so i have lots of things to do such as baking and decorating our flat.
it's just one time your kid turns one, no?


my vacation in a nutshell part one + GIVEAWAY!

Butterfly on Prat Hotel (on Tsim Sha Tsui)
i love love love boutique hotels.
i enjoyed my stay here so i would recommend it to anyone!
doing tourist-y things. ;)
to be honest, i was not looking forward to go sightseeing or something.
i just wanted to shop! LOL
LOVE this store!
bought a sketchbook, planner and some pens.
we only had one day to go to the beach.. too bad.
but it was worth it.
nice food, not too crowded, all in all, one great day!
and the only outfit photo made in the whole two weeks! i know, BAD BLOGGER!
got this shorts from greenhills market in manila.

and since i feel super sorry about neglecting the blog for too long, i am giving away this nylon korea anniversary issue + an i love hong kong shirt (one size) + a wallet from the philippines!
all you have to do is leave a comment under this post until Saturday, 19th of September.