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humbled and a couple of winners!

a m a z i n g l y.... humbled is how I feel after this celebration of my blog's big day! Thank you all so much for your kind words toward myself and my shared groups with my partner in crime... Kerri! We hoped more than anything that our efforts would produce an amazing community of creative individuals all supporting one another and their craft with positive vibes and attitudes.... it's a little more than humbling that so many of you felt that you were inspired by one another in participating in these unique groups. This was soooo our hope!!! You guys are my creative home... not only to be personally inspired but to share my ideas with!!!


during this past week... this is what has been happening behind the curtain....

Kerri and I started the
{ Media } chitchat Flickr group... and I must say... this group has had me cracking up and scared I might pee on my couch late at night reading the posts!! You guys kill me!!!...

then... cook book obsessions on the
{ Library } of a Book Worm ...

OOohhh and yay... I got a crazy Aqua fever and painted my kitchen this new fabulous Martha Stewart color... which needed a chandelier...??? What... it really did! ;)

then... of course more work on my dedication to Denyse Schmidt's ( bunch of squares ) gallery wall... wait to see the grey I added in! It's heaven!!!

Then the sewing... I had been drooling over the ( me + you ) quilt pattern FOREVER... and finally pulled that band aid off this week!!! Of course I couldn't help but to make it in my signature colors... aqua and tangerine... but then get this... my tribute to my most fav movie... The Life Aquatic.... has a horrid turn of events...

my husband is not feeling it! Can you believe it??? I felt like he called me fat! So, I'll be pulling all the tangerine out and keeping the still very swanky grey and aqua combination... but still... I could have murdered him! Messing with a woman's art is a deadly game! LOL

Then to top off my my week... my sweet baby Colin was feeling very punky and only wanted his Mama and Legos :( This combined with my dear friend
Sarah's grandma's sudden departure left our Twilight sewing weekend to be postponed... though I'll miss Edward until we meet again... my thoughts and prayers are with Sarah and her family right now... :(

Now to my winners... although I can only pick two to win the fabrics... you are all winners to me!! ( yes, I know cheesy... but I'd be rambling to myself without you guys and I really appreciate you for not allowing me to be a loner! ) LOL

There were an amazing ( 569 ) enties ( blushing! )

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Valerie said...
Follower - I actually link to you from my blog, in my blogroll, so I can see at a glance if you've updated :)


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Three Dancing Magpies said...
#2 Love all the groups you have started, but must say I am CRAZY for the Pillow Swap group- it is simply AWESOME!

Congrats ladies!!! I'll be emailing you soon!! :) Thanks and I'll be seeing you soon in the groups!!

XO, Heather


Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPicPhotobucketImage and video hosting by TinyPicPhotobucket
dress and tights: H&M Divided Exclusive * necklace: H&M * booties: you know where from * messy braid: a. wang knock off and partially the strong winds

it was a whirlwind week for me. won a narciso rodriguez for ebay dress on a contest i totally forgot joining. finally ordered my shoes i have been lusting forever, which happened to be almost free as there was an unforgotten paypal balance. won an ebay auction i have been eyeing for a long time. received good and bad news workwise. making most of these ysls. got back to work. stupidly wore heels for a seven hour shift. couldn´t for the life of god feel my feet thereafter. had a super yummy persian dinner with my favorite people ever. drank chilled asti while watching german idol. and partied until 3 in plimsoles due to painful feet to close the week.

hellavuh week i tell ya!

errand wednesday


basic white shirt: Gap * jeans & leopard jacket: H&M * lace up boots: Bata * belt: Hermes

as some of you emailed me what i wear when i run errands, HERE YOU GO.
there was a time in college where i just wore white shirt and jeans. every single day.
i don´t know, i just love the simplicity of it.
i have a drawer full of basic shirts from gap and on days where i am not in the mood to dress up,
these shirts are a no-brainer.

what do you wear on your errand day?

look ma, no coat!

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicPhotobucketImage and video hosting by TinyPic
sheer layered blouse: Vero Moda * zip bodycon skirt: COS * tights: Primark * shoes: Fifth Avenue * watch: Michael Kors

15 degreeeseeeeSss! wow.
didn´t even wear a coat today.
can you sense the good mood in the pics?

and ps: to those who asked, the nail polish is from H&M. 4 bucks! GO!

i´ve got sunshine

boyfriend shirt, leather hotpants & jacket: H&M * tights: Primark * shoes: YSL * belt: Moschino

quick post today.
the sun was shining so beautifully yesterday so we wasted no second and sneaked out to take these pictures.
loving this belt i got in ebay! although black is more versatile than green, it still did not stop me from bidding my ass off for this. how many green belts do you see everyday?
yes, not that much.

so i have to run!


striped blazer, tights and red ballerinas: Primark * top and beanie: H&M * studded shorts: Zara * necklace: Stradivarius *

my penchant for blazers is actually getting out of hand. but they are cheap blazers, so no worries.
this outfit is kinda ironic in many ways, don´t you think? i have always loved the nautical look in spring or even summer but have never imagined wearing it with a beanie or opaque tights.
if only my sailor hat arrived today, i would have worn that instead.
anyway, miguel has fever. *sad* he just fell asleep after crying for what seemed like 10 hours straight so i can now luckily pee and blog again. haha
now i´ll be cooking some warm potato carrot soup for him and pray to all baby gods that he´ll feel better when he wakes up.


My Blog turned 1. It's Give-a-Way Time!

My blog is seriously one year old... crazy! That's about the only way to sum up the past year! I can honestly say my blog has followed hand in hand my adventures on Flickr, which has become a virtual social mecca for myself... and I'm pretty proud of my groups and humbled by all the members that participate in them ( blush )... I'm very grateful for all of my virtual friends who's taking this ride with me into some of the craziest ideas... like... The Designer - Fabric - Swappy - Poo, The Pillow Talk Swap, and the {bee} Imaginative virtual quilting bee!

It's been a fun ride and I hope that with this next year... I can express my deep love of fabric and design through more personal handmade treasures for my family and friends. Plus, always keeping it real to you about who I am!

Fun facts about my blog & Flickr -

Kerri and I make every group together :)

My Admin Groups:

{ Designer } - Fabric - Swappy - Poo
Designer - Fabric - Swappy - Poo { tips }
Wonderfully { Wonky } Improv Quilts & Blocks!!
The { Munki Munki } Quilt a Long and Swaps
{ Bee } Imaginative
The Pillow Talk { Swap }
Flea Market Fancy { Freaks }
The Sweet { Aqua } Tangerine
The land of { gnomes and mushrooms}
For the love of { Little Red }
Quilts & Blocks ~ Sashed in { White }
{ Linen } with Prints - a Modern combination
{ Library } of a book worm

The total members of participation in these groups... is above 2000 as of today.

I always change my blog roll... I like linking to new blogs & friends!

Sometimes... Flickr groups can become very political and I have received many a nasty FM regarding my ethical stands on certain sensitive subjects, However... I still agree... to disagree with love!

I've also received some of the most thoughtful gifts from both my blog and Flickr friends... gift's I won't soon forget!

In the end... I really have fun doing both! And it's been wonderful meeting new people and gazing at their art... I hope people will continue to support me and my ideas!

Now... to the fun part for you... my most dearest of virtual friends...

for my friends with boys!

A Lightning Bug FQ set

Two Munki Munki leg panels in Farmers Market & Buses

An aqua Mendocino FQ set

and for all my friends with girls... these fat quarter sets are for you!

A FQ set of Blush Mendocino

and a collection of Lightning Bugs and West Hill

The guidlines!

To celebrate my past year... I would love a { one word } expression from you: of how my blog, Flickr life, or a personal experience with me has made you feel... and please keep it real ;)

for a second entry... be a follower!

for a third... tell me which one(s) of my Flickr groups is your favorite that you're a member of!

and for a fourth entry... blog about this give-a-way ( but be wary to leave me the link... I will be verifying it! )

I will keep this give-a-way open until Sunday the 28th of February at 9:00 pm PST.

and there will be two winners... good luck!

Please include a way to contact you too!!!
Thanks for an exciting year!
XO, Heather


blazer: Zara * cashmere sweater: COS * pocket skirt: American Apparel * hairband, necklace and tights: H&M * oxfords and bag: Vintage * watch: Michael Kors

i went to primark in frankfurt yesterday!
i knew what awaited me there. i knew that not all stuff would be my cup of tea.
but luckily i found enough stuff to bring with me home.
4 shopping bags to be exact.
these shoes.. so cheap. :)
my shoe addiction has got to stop.
but then again i say that everytime i buy shoes, so what gives?


hurry up spring so that i can take these babies for a walk!

Wip wednesday, thursday, friday... EVERYday!

I'm on to my next embroidery for my Hoop Up Stitchin group! and... I'm LOVing the look of this one... I sure hope it comes out the way I'm wanting it too!!

I also just finished John's block for our { bee } Imaginative virtual quilting bee!

Then I HAaad to pick up some more fabric for up coming "who knows" projects... like I have enough fabric, right???!!

Which has left me snipping this monster rag quilt for the shop!! I may not be able to type for a while after this!! LOL...

XO, Heather