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quilt as you go |quilt-along| { ROUND TWO! }

i am more than a little excited to announce the infamous... quilt as you go quilt-along is starting again with a ROUND TWO and in addition to that... i'll be running it! i have longed to try this quilting concept, but as life an sometimes go... i wasn't able to participate the first time out. so, i contacted miss Penny at sewtakeahike and begged her to do another round... and she kindly offered to hand her baby over to me to head up the 2nd round ( here's to doin ya proud Penny! ) :) So... here's the deets for ROUND 2!!

there will be two different formats of the concept { quilt as you go }... one will be the traditional take on the block/ quilt preformed by miss penny found here in round 1. the second will be my take on the incredible opportunity i see with this method to practice a multitude of Free Motion Quilting styles.

Each participant in the quilt-a-long can choose from either or both methods... that's the beauty of this funky style!! this endeavor really is meant for the novice quilter to the most experienced... so no worry about feeling this may be above you!!! just grab your big girl panties ( or boys ) and jump in!! it's gonna be a party!

For those who are unfamiliar with the traditional quilting { quilt as you go } concept... miss penny has provided a little back drop on how this phenomenon came about...

Someone from one of my quilting bees requested blocks that looked like the quilt out of the book "Patchwork Style". I immediately referenced the book, and found the style to be right up my alley since I love patchwork. I had never before thought I would make a quilt larger than lap-sized, but I started dreaming of making huge quilts, since I believed that quilting as you go would lend to that.

I wasn't convinced though that the method to sew the blocks together would be best, so I did a couple of experiments (you can read about that here). In the end, the method presented in the book seemed the quickest, and the final result was about the same.
I made a few blocks and posted them on sewtakeahike and started getting several requests for a quilt-along.

I just love this QAYG method! I may someday break down and pay a long arm quilter to quilt one of my quilts, but until then, this QAYG method is working great for me!


now to introduce you to the newest method...
i recognized that with the traditional method that you were in essence building a wonky log cabin block& quilt once they were pieced together. so, i thought... HHmmm.... this style of piecing and quilting a block and THEN joining them would also generate the possibility to practice Free Motion Quilting abundantly within a safe size ( since, i think we can all get scared from trying new methods because of the fear of ruining an entire quilt or have seam rip the entire hot mess we made! )
So why not... make a wonky log cabin first, then sandwich my block ( which are 15" square ) with batting and a simple/ inexpensive muslin backing??? then the sky's the limit... quilt away kids... any method you'd like that you never felt you could try before due to the size of your projects.

it's perfect, really... you're making a quilt while feeling out all the quilting methods you've been too scared to try... you're not making mini's, not making pot holders, or pillows... but a quilt! and there is NO reason to be scared of the ending size either... because your quilt will be "quilted" as you go!!!.... with each block bringing a different adventure!!

i sure hope you all are as excited as i am! not only will we be creating a major piece of functional art... but, we'll be feeding each other creative food by uploading all of are block quilting images to the Flickr group ( thus bringing unlimited quilting designs to each other! )

and... as an addition to the hype of this project... i will be facilitating a { fabric strip Swap } too... the funkiest quilts are those which have a massive selection of fabrics within them! this offer is unfortunately, only for round 2 participates though. ;)
Kick off for this project will be September 8th.
i'll see you then with more info, goals, and fun examples!!
XO, Heather

Max Mandibles - Orthos

More work on the designs. Should hopefully be rolling out some 3d soon, as long i don't get stuck on SC2 haha.

Progress is going well so far, coming up with a decent pathfinding method has been a very tricky but we've managed to figure something out, so were stillllll meating out the main functionality.

Turning a zig-zag path into the fastest possible route has been mind crushing. Involving collecting an array of corners, doing LOS checks going down each side of each corner in the array to eventually produce a cut corner.

Thats it for now, keep posted!

EXPOSE... the unknown crafters!

Once again... one of the most exciting parts of the Flickr online world is the extream exposure i get to the most amazing sewing talents! this featured crafter always blows me away with her bright saturated color choices! it really doesn't matter which project she's working on... they just feel bright and cheery!! please meet Corey from Little Miss Shabby! i have no doubt you'll all wanta keep up with her next projects after seeing these yummy treats!! ;)

How fabulous is she!!??

Xo, Heather

goodbye summer you will not be missed.

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jumpsuit: Oysho * wedges: ASOS + aviator sunnies: H&M

this jumpsuit has been a favorite for sometime now. i bought it from Oysho, the lingerie brand of the Inditex Group (Zara, Massimo Dutti, Pull and Bear).
and everytime i wear it out, the boy always asks me if i am going out like "this".
i never thought about what he meant by "this" until he said, "you´re still on your pyjamas."
smart boy.
it is comfy as jammies though so i forgive him. ;)

this might be one of the last summery posts over here as it is getting colder by the second!
by the time you read this, i am sitting my bum on the beach! HA!
we´re having a great time here! don´t wanna come back!
i miss catching up on everyone´s blogs but i´ll soon be back with more posts!
catch you later?


a winner, a vent, a sale!

i'm am speechless!!! ( okay not really... but you get the gesture )... 1300 comments!!! you all loOOoove yourselves some AccQuilt Go cutting systems!!! i feel a bit like Santa today! how exciting... okay... on the count of three... the winner is.... 1, 2, 3
Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:1090
Timestamp: 2010-08-28 04:02:58 UTC

Elizabeth said...
Blogged: :D.Totally crossing my fingers. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!xo -E
August 25, 2010 9:27 PM

please send me your info and we'll get you out your new toy!!
ps... my favorite cartoon were definitely the Snorkles! ;)

now i'm not sure what you all have been up too lately... unless i follow your blog ( wink, wink... then i do! ), but it's almost school time over here. and can i just say that i will... in about 10 days, i'll have a 7th GRADER! yeah... friggin crazy hugh... i hear ya! i had to actually take him to a mall this year for school clothes!! What is that all about... now he wants cool clothes, cologne, fancy hair cuts... i'm not sure how i feel about all this??!! i'm not ready for someone in my house to be cooler then me... he's already as tall! maybe i'm sulking a little bit but, come on... i'm not old enough for all this baloney! jeese....

the only way i could get through this week was listening to Pearl Jam and finishing my { Urban } Home Goods final swap item for my partner... and yes... i did try really hard to make it look cool, since i was feeling frumpy!! LOL and i thanked my lucky star's that miss terri was around to help out with the math!! haha... that one's a pattern genius!!

and have no worries about me making you feel all "left out" over not having any of that fab Japanese fabric... Runner girl fabric's is having a huge savings so, your favorite color of Echino Cars could be yours for a steal!! and if they're not your thing... lord knows she's got an insane amount of collections to choose from... i'm more than sure you can find something at that price that is! ;)

i am also more than a little excited about Kerri and my newest modern swap starting!! sign-ups are currently happening for the fabulous SavVy { Seasons } ( you can find out more details on it's special page above!) this is sure to be another fan favorite with the theme being seasonal items... like holidays!!! i have already placed my order for lovely Holiday Happy fabric line by miss monica solorio-snow of Happy Zombie... now try to tell me that is the cutest holiday fabric you haven't ever seen! i dare ya!! LOL

you can find some of her darling prints at Sew Deerly Loved or the Fat Quarter Shop!!

xo, Heather

poodles are the new cats.

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shirt, blazer and hat: H&M Divided * denim shorts: vintage * booties: Ashish for Topshop

an old lady was petting this blazer while we were grocery shopping. seriously?
turns out she has 4 poodles.
oh well.
anyway, we are off to italy tonight and i don´t know if we have internet over there.
i´ll try to update but if it´s not possible,

wish me nice weather please! LOL



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dress: H&M Garden Collection * ring and headband: H&M * lace-up wedges: ASOS * sling bag: vintage Mulberry * nail polish: H&M Blue My Mind

one day i feel like dressing up as a warrior the next day i feel like dressing like a dainty little girl.
i´m just crazy like that. ;)
to those who follow me on twitter, this is the vintage mulberry bag i scored on my favorite thrift store!
you will never guess how much i paid for it.
sometimes, i am lucky like that too.
anyway, just a few more days and then we´re off to italy!
i hope the weather cooperates, can´t wait to just lie down the whole day on the beach and enjoy the remaining days of summer!


TF2 Poster!

Done for a TF2 community event! Took a long time this one, don't remember a time spending so long on a piece before. :S

Give-A-Way TIME!!

OOOooohhh.... it's time kids! to even ( like i had too... haha ) add a little ambiance to this fantastic give-a-way, i even tried to increase the sexiness of the AccuQuilt Go machine by changing my picture from color to black & white! yeah... i know... wonders never cease to amaze over here in my land with creativity!! LOL... i kid, i kid!! let's keep it real... the picture's color turned out horrid!! ;)

So... lets not waste anymore time on my smartmouth comments and get down and dirty with the deets!

one of YOU will receive a free GO! cutter and three dies from the very generous AccuQuilt!

This give-a-way will run until Friday 27th 9:00 pm PST

  • to enter... leave a comment for me and tell me your favorite cartoon! ( yeah... i know random... but, FUN! )
  • blog about this give-a-way and link to it on your 2nd comment
  • lastly, become one of friends by following my blog ( unless you're already one of my loyal kids and in that place... YOU my dears, can just say hi! )

    here's to a fab week for you!! good luck!!
    XO, Heather

iRREGuLAR CHoICE - Whimsical Miaow

pls click image for better view.

Brand new to Australia this Spring Summer 2010/11, IRREGULAR CHOICE presents an imaginative mix of out-of-the-box designs, unique vision and wearable, fresh fashion.

With devotees including Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani and Fergie, and flagship stores in fashion capitals London & New York, the hotly anticipated collection is due to hit Australian stores this September.

Stockists of IRREGULAR CHOICE enjoy exclusivity, a great point of difference and ongoing PR throughout the season.



For wholesale information, please phone Arcadia West Fashion Agency on 6540 2551 or email