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radio silence???

okay... -----> l i s t e n <----- no one like radio silence! i don't. not from my husband, my friends, or my favorite blogs, so for that i apologize for being soOOOoo quite lately! i know, i've still been posting... but, we have projects to be done... right! ;) i hope that all of you have taken my tardiness and ran with it... so, we can get back to our quilt as you go quilt-along and not be too far behind! i swear... i pathetically only got one more block pieced, but it is cute... so i will choose to forgive myself for being a slacker! but no more, darn it! i'm gonna need my peeps to keep me on track!! ya hear me peeps!... that means YOU! haha...
i will admit though... it's hard not to get off track when your favorite local quilt store shows you THIS when you arrive!! ( and yes, i realize that i didn't need to be taking any fabric buying trips... but i'm naughty, so i don't care, really! )... back to the blame game... dang you Cool Cottons!! when i saw this...

i instantly thought of my son's light that we got him at Ikea... so, i had to buy it and make him his favorite treat from me... ( if a boy has a favorite treat from his sewing mother! ) LOL

a new fabulous "video gaming" pillow! i do love it so ;)

i wish you could see the stitching better ( sigh ) it's really cool... blue thread on 3/4 of the pillow and then red on the other 1/4th.

then my beloved miss Nova sent me the most fabulous surprise this week! i was completely shocked, speechless ( yes, me ), and touched!! this amazing quilt top was made over from the Anna Maria Horner Garden Party fabric that i sent to her... she made us twinsie single girl quilts with it! this one she used ashley's wonky strip quilt tutorial and i'm still swooning over it!!

i even thought about breaking my cardinal rule... true. and hanging a quilt on my wall! in this picture... i have even lifted my design up and layed it behind my couch to see how it would look. haha... i think i'm digging it ;)

and of course... a Nova package could not be complete with out a tiny, mini sprinkle of love!... this one was the cutest mug rug in my favorite colors... isn't she the BEST!

okay... now that i've spent my morning thus far, ranting about getting nothing done... i better go sew! LOL

xo, Heather

leather clad.

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sweater, hat and leather jacket: H&M * black skinnies: Only * leather boots: GAP

when i can´t come up something creative outfitwise, i always fall back to my all black self.
i don´t know, it just always GOES.
you don´t have to worry if the belt matches the shoes or if the bag matches the coat.
it is just a no-brainer!

anway, i am submitting this look to the lookbook x gap contest!
would be super nice if you could hype or comment. ;)
love getting comments from there too!

{ House } of A La Mode

Such an exciting day for me today! First… we get to find out who will win the fabulous Tina Given’s new book ( Sew Tina ) and extra package of goodies and then I’m gonna share with you my fun news ( which will only probably be fun to me… but bear with me! )

Thanks again to miss Tina and Lark Crafts for their generosity!! And remember if you didn’t win here… lordy, keep trying… this is a blog hop people! You can grab the next blog of Lark Crafts blog! ;)

Drum roll please...

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Poppyprint said...
How lovely to get to know Tina! Thanks for that fab interview Heather and Tina. I must say I'm not an old movie watcher; my always & forever favourite is the Princess Bride.
September 26, 2010 10:54 PM

Congrats darlin!!! now for my news... i have decided to change my name. no, not Heather of course, but alamodefabric. when i originally chose that name i was planning on opening a fabric store on Etsy. Well... clearly that's not the direction i ended up going with and the name just never really made sense thereafter. I'm really excited to embrace my new name which ( hopefully ) communicates my style and direction more clearly. it seems that all my Flickr and Blog project somehow relate to " the home " so... after a lot of contemplating over if i should and what i would change it too... i decided on { House } of A La Mode.

here's to a new beginning!!
xo, Heather

PS... my dear friend Katie has made the most wonderful quilt to raise money for an amazing Charity... the Light the Night Walk for the Leukemia & Lymphoma society. PLEASE stop by and GIVE!! no one knows who's family will be touched by this organization next. thanks!

caping it!

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cape and booties: Zara * faux leather pants: Pimkie * bag: vintage Longchamp * necklace: Stradivarius * leather cuff: H&M

hey guys!
how was your weekend?
mine was a blast (read: hello hangover)!
i wish it was a little bit longer though. just a teeny bit longer. LOL

Tina Givens is in the HOUSE!!!

How fun is this!??... I was asked by Lark Crafts to help throw Miss Tina Givens an eparty to celebrate her new book being released October 5th!! And you all know how much I like a party (really… what else do I do?? haha)… so, we get to have a little chat and give-a-way for some yummy prizes! cha-ching!!

I have been a big fan of Tina’s fabric forEVER… (or what I like to refer to as my Etsy days). Her fabric has always brought a sophisticated, whimsical theme to my creations… thus making my soon to be mama clients go nutty for the goods! LOL and can I just state now… her new book { Sew Tina! } followed straight in line with what I have come to expect from her. Beautifully illustrated, easily deciphered, and completely intoxicating to a crafter’s spirit! and yes, you can take that to the bank! ;)

And get this… we got to interview her too-skie!! Can you even imagine how hard it was for me to narrow down all the questions I had about the way Tina’s brain works??? I had like a bazillion I could have thrown her way, but in the end I chose these and I do hope you enjoy getting to know Miss Tina a tad bit better!

Dear Miss Tina…

How did you get so dang fabulous??? It’s my personal belief talent like your comes from a deep place within a person and then one day it rears it’s fantastic head that start’s their amazing journey… what did that day look like for you??

I was sitting in a corporate board room among 20 people and the CEO of the company fired someone right on the spot, and reduced another guy, dad of 3 to tears. I remained in my seat but slowly closed my note pad, and returned home on a plane rethinking life and what's truly at my core. It was actually a sewing thing. Within a week I quit my job, and started my path to find my creative self. That started by the way with a super millinery course where I learned to block hats.... nice!

It’s very well known that you are considered a sure thing (in regards to talent of course!)… and with each fabric line or endeavor brings great success… so, I must ask… when you received your first { yes! }… What did you do??

Really, 'a sure thing'... yeah, a 'sure freak'... I had a {yes} moment when I first exhibited at the Stationery Show in NY back in 2004 when people where clamoring into my booth and throwing their orders at us... I couldn't believe my last minute plans worked... And then they proceeded to trek the pink flokati rug fluff all over the exhibit hall on the heels of their shoes... very cute moments...

But the first {yes} moment for the fabrics was when Westminster Fibers walked into my scrapbook booth at CHA and invited me to design fabrics for them. A seamstress at heart I couldn't believe my luck... That was definitely a 'yes' moment.
And then it was a while until I did the fist pump again. It was exhibiting the Zazu collection at market and I finally found my place and my signature I think on my fabric design... we won best booth that year too!

I can only imagine the length and amount of time your creations bring, however… what does one (with your mind) do in your off time??

I am an avid old movie watcher. I love 1930s and 40s movies, and when in the mood enjoy the 50s and 60s. 60s fashion was so cool. Go Betty Davis, Garbo, Bogart, oh Rita Hayworth, Doris Day..... those hats! I watch new film too of course... the independents and of course the fabulous new crazy budget films...

I love to cook and seem to do so when stressed and of course I enjoy down time with my kids... ice cream trips, shopping with my baby girl (she's 8), watching soccer games and gymnastics... My oldest is in college now so we travel for the weekends occasionally to see his games...

I have always found your fabric (first and foremost) incredibly rich and sophisticated… how have you been able to continue with a new fresh look your designs through the years??

I have changed over the years definitely... I am not formally trained so getting back to painting, sketching, was a sort of re-awakening. Painting for stationery is not too serious, I mean it is but it's more simplistic and easier to put out there. However, my characters have become more pronounced and more vivid... their personalities are shining because they're more confident.... same with my fabrics, over time I have learned what works and what doesn't. My 'sophisticated yet whimsical' flavor I think comes from a broad range of places and people and experiences. Growing up in an elegant home with multi-cultural influences from the Mediterranean, Western Europe and southern Africa among a group of eccentric, creative family members helped somewhat! And I continue to find inspiration in those old places but also the new places I visit and people I get to know. My next inspiration is from a childhood book I read and recently became re-acquainted with, Miss. Z the dark young lady. I mean it's filled with parrots, fountains, green lions and unicorns. How could I not dip into that ink well?

I myself have stocked up on your chubby owls print from your newest line Opal Owl… which makes me wonder… do you have favorites?? What would Miss Tina’s favorites be from her past lines…???

I have some I detest but will not tell. And I have my favorites of course, and they are because they achieved what I set out to do or because they hold a story or memory of something in my life. The toile from Chloe's Imagination, the Zazu floral with background of chandeliers, Treetop birds and loads from that collection, a polkadot with a silhouette bird from Fairy Tip-Toes, the fairy panels of course, Olivia's Holiday bird and of course all the fabrics from Opal Owl right now. I recently got my stash and whew that owl is something else. By the way she's appearing in stationery form in a new movie being filmed called THE HELP, from the novel The Help. I am so very proud of Opal. Opal Owl is about a woman I grew up with who is an amazing and wonderfully free spirit. I have new favorites too, but they're coming...... from a new collection called Haven's Edge..... hmmmmm.....

And now… we have this amazing book to drool over… how has this form of design differ from creating your fabric lines??

Interesting question. In designing fabric patterning with repeats and such is 2-dimensional and flat surface... either on fabric or paper it's a similar design set of skills I tap into. I love doing it. Designing garments and projects for the home is a completely different process and design sense. Two completely different things but most fabric designers can design product. I think being a visual person, having fun with color and pattern the two design processes can work together very nicely. I have also designed a collection of kids clothing called Biscuit and Poppet and it was a fun exercise in matching the various fabrics to the silhouettes or garments... I don't know maybe it all just melds together for me....

Finally… I must know… what’s next??

You know I am taking it one day at a time but I am starting to get to a point where I need to start focusing, but I hate that. I like having my fingers and toes dipped into all sorts of things. I will keep on designing fabrics as long as I can, and they'll have me; I will continue creating my little fun characters for stationery and ornaments (due out with Dept 56 in January), and probably more books but in other areas... maybe a wardrobe for adults, or accessories for us gals... and maybe a little more time off... Oh and wallpaper, and.....

Thanks Heather so much for having my on your blog.... A la Mode is cool baby... and I like your down-to-earth take....


Yep… she’s fab… no getting around it! When you got it, ya got it. Period! Love her and LOVE Lark Crafts for sponsoring this shindig and giving one of you the chance to own this fantastic book { Sew Tina! } plus extra goodies too on their blog as well as the entire blog hop!!!

Just leave a quick message here for Miss Tina telling her your favorite film! It’s always fun to learn new things about each other ;)

I’ll keep this give-a-way open until September 29th at 9:00 pm PST. Then you can pop over to the next blog to learn more about Tina and have another chance at grabbing up her book for yourself! Check out
Lark Crafts for all the deets!!

{ one of my baby quilt's made with Chloe's Imagination fabric line }

Good Luck!!
Xo, Heather

Thank YOU Saffron Craig!

Saffron, saffron, saffron…. oOOoohhh.. how sweet you are!! ;) I just received notice that I can offer a 20% discount for my readers at her online store!! So, if you were on the fence… dive over the other side and grab up some of her goodies at that cost! Just enter alamodefabric into the discount box on our shopping cart and wah-lah! Fab fabric for a great price!! THANK YOU Saffron!!
Now on to the lucky duck winner!!...

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Sarah Craig said...
I like Saffron on Facebook!
September 24, 2010 10:26 AM

Hopefully we will being seeing many more tasty treats from this artist real soon!!
Xo, Heather

MMmmm.... meet Saffron!

two words... one name... { Saffron Craig }! for reals!!... this is one cool cat with a very fresh take on color and designs for her fabric lines. i just don't know what it is about my beloved Aussies... but, dang... they really know how to get er done down there!!

Saffron sent me a fabulous package full of her newest line Bird Tree! and yep, you know how i roll... i made sure there was some for YOU too! ( but more about that later! hehe )

and you know what i did... i made a quilt with it ( wull... the top anyways! ) and nope, i didn't even care that i have 3 boys in my house and the fabric had pink in it, i didn't. cause this fabric was so fabulous... i just went there! and like my mama always said, " Heather, less is always more "... so, i just sprinkled a little Kona White and Essex Linen and poof Saffron's fabric line was beautifully showcased!

here's the thing... this line has me giddy for more of her fabrics! i popped onto her website and cried out a little slice of joy from my mouth! i'm mean are you serious... these are two slick for words... check it out!

i know, right... friggin fabulous! so, let's party! Saffron... sent me a FQ bundle of her newest line for one lucky winner!!! :)


* leave me a comment telling me which is your current favorite line that Saffron offers!
* Sign up for Saffron Craig's newsletter!
* or become a fan of her Facebook page!

i'll leave this giveaway open until September 26th at 9:00 pm PST. Good luck!!
xo, Heather

Mode Junkie for H&M A/W 2010 Part Deux

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
sheer top, rings and parkas: H&M * leather shorts: vintage via ebay * watch: Michael Kors * platform sandals: Jeffrey Campbell Snick Stud courtesy of Lori´s Shoes

the second outfit for the H&M Online Feature is OUT!!
personally, this is my favorite out of all the four outfits.
it represents all my MUST HAVES for this autumn.
military parka (the one on the last pic is from H&M too and i love it to pieces!!) + cognac leather shorts + Jeffrey Campbells = TRUE LOVE!
my tip to everyone out there: buy at least one parka (i have 2, one for when it´s super duper cold and one for perfect autumn weather)! you´ll never regret it.
it seriously goes well with EVERYTHING!

ps: sorry for the slow reply. real life has gotten in the way again. LOL

Unnamed Game - Fray Ortho + Weapons

Pretty much done the weapons! Swords, axes, maces and warhammers. Colour is kind of placeholder for now until i start rolling out the 3d models and materials.

First pass on Fray's front ortho, Still have things to fix.

{ Urban } Home Goods - a modern swap!

can i just say... THANK YOU!! to all those who left comments yesterday regarding my ridiculous situation i found myself in! sometimes i feel the need to tell stories of complete nonsense about myself in the spirit of "keeping it real"!! i am a truly silly woman who can always find humor in the most painful situation! LOL

now... on to the eye candy as promised!... round 2 of the { Urban } Home Goods - a modern swap is now just wrapping up!! and can i tell you... this was my hardest swap to date! no, no... not because of what i made my partner, but because i had no clue as to who my partner was!! clearly i am not a patient girl and i do NOT like surprises! i sympathize whole heartily with all my members of my swaps for putting up with this blind business... cause the shiz ain't fun! period.

however... the waiting did end and one of my most loved crafter's was my partner! miss Amy from Badskirt made me some of the most beautiful treasures!! i was beyond thrilled at my package and overwhelmed by her thoughtfulness ( even when she was being a bit of a rascal! ) haha...
my sweet amy made me crocheted granny squares ( which if you didn't already know about me... i can not crochet or knit! ) hence... i about peed myself!

and in one of her notes she mention bunting... and i swooped up that idea, knowing i would get to gaze at these darling squares more often! ;)

the larger granny square has found her home right to my sewing side!!

and if those weren't enough... she made me the most amazing reversible apron! ( i wish i was clever enough to work my camera to take a photo with it on! ;P )

oh... yes, she really did add a little Grandmother's Flower on it!

i think you can see... just how much her little additions have brought to my land!

now i really am trying not to rub it in, but... come on!! she sent these treats too!! can you say { kindle cover }... yeah, i think i can too!

and then just when you think... "but, Heather, how could it getting any better???"... i will simply show you this extra love she sent....

please hold back your tears... i know how much you wish THIS fabric was in your stash!


as much as i would like to claim receiving the very best of the swap.... i think i should show you a few more items made this round before staking that claim! hehe... ( although i totally do! )

Urban Goods Swap Rec'd

urban home goods - sneaky peek!

Sneak Peek...

Patchwork ties - New obsession

Sewing Machine Cover for UHGS

Notebook Cover Inside Pocket Detail

itty bitty quilt block magnets

Pillow for Urban Home Goods Swap

plastic bag dispenser

Urban Home Swap - Apron

Urban Home Goods, Round 2

Urban Home Goods Swap:Breakfast Set

Pop Flower Quilt

{urban} HOME goods swap quilt

UHG- modern swap......sent

for my urban home goods swap partner

Urban Home Goods swap package

For the Urban Home Goods Swap

Urban Home Goods Swap


Space Invaders

simply starburst~ a pillow!

UHG Swap Goodies for Binkwaffle

Far Far Away Dresden plate

Urban Home Goods Swap

Want to see more... check out the Flickr photo pool! and then sign up for the next round!! ;)

xo, Heather