Here's to TwentyTen!

What a year, What a year! This year has been full of new adventures for my family and myself ;) From moving twice, buying a home, and starting my blog and little Flickr groups with a dear friend…. I have had an exciting time!
However, I must say… I’m very excited for what the New Year will bring! Although, I have been quite blessed with my second year of my Etsy Shop… I think it’s time to retire from my business and start a new adventure ;) Between my local shops, wholesalers, and my dearest of clients… I have produced hundreds and hundreds of rag quilts and have had a blast doing so… but I’m ready to move on to new techniques!
I’m very much looking forward to my three virtual quilting bees that I’ll be participating in this year, my embroidery swaps, fabric swaps, and my fav… The Pillow Talk Swap! It’s been quite a long time that I have made anything for myself or family… so here’s to us this year! Here’s to filling my home with handmade crafts produced by myself and my new friends that I have been so fortunate to have met through 2009!

I truly look forward to our next year together and the newly dedicated time I will have to give our joint endeavors!

Happy New Year friends!

I will leave you with some Pillow Talk Swap favorites!!! { and yes... I realize my Mosaic ability is a little less than par ;) }

1. Pillow for....., 2. Pillow for Swap - Ready to Send, 3. Pillow Talk Swap - done, 4. finished!, 5. going to......., 6. pillow talk swap, 7. front of pillow cover, 8. front of pillow cover, 9. Pillow talk swap finished!, 10. pillow talk front, 11. Pillow Talk Swap - Front View, 12. Swap Pillow, 13. Pillow Talk Swap - For My Partner, 14. Pillow Talk Swap - All Mine, 15. pillow talk swap~ finished!, 16. Pillow Talk Swap (ready to send), 17. pillow swap front, 18. The Pillow Talk { Swap } sent :)), 19. Pillow swap front, 20. pillow talk swap, 21. Pillow Talk {Swap}, 22. Pillow Talk Swap *Sent*, 23. a gorgeous gnome and girl pillow!, 24. Pillow Talk Swap 3, 25. Aren't they lovely together?, 26. Pillow Talk Swap, 27. My Pillow Talk Swap, 28. Pillow swap, 29. The Pillow Talk Swap For Sasikirana - Side B, 30. Pillow Swap Pillow front, 31. Pillow swap back, 32. Wonky Square in Square Pillow 2, 33. SNEAK previews, 34. Pillow talk /finished, 35. Pillow Talk {swap} Button


miggy and his chocolate nose wishes you a merry xmas! ;)
these boots have served me so good in my trip. i am such a bad packer so i ended up bringing just these boots. the horror of picking out an outfit on a limited selection!
soooo, here´s my new cut. just some layers and shorter bangs!

AND since it´s my birthday tomorrow, i have allowed myself a mini topshop spree. ;)
i hope they all look as good in person!
my h&m haul deserves a post itself as i have bought LOADS of stuff! ;)
watch this space for a birthday giveaway!


farewell lola*.
in my heart you will always be.
i will miss you so badly.
hope to see you again one day soon.
rest in peace.
i love you.

wearing all black has never been more appropriate.
once the sadness minimizes i will blog again.
it just seems not right to be happy.
*lola= grandma

My SEWing Space...

Today I found some little treasures at K-Mart ( of all places )... apparently they carry Martha Stewart decorations that I thought would be a clever addition to my Christmas tree next year... and they got me thinking, boy... has my sewing room changed! I have ordered my " Capiz Hanging Pendant Lanterns " to hang over my sewing area and I still need to decide on my drapes... but, I think it's really coming along!

The Before...

The After ( in the works... wink, wink )...

My new Lights...

OOOhhh and I almost forgot... my boy toy bought me some goodies today, so I'm off to drool and play ;) I sure hope all your holidays are going as fantastically as mine!

XO, Heather

snow fairy.

we´re now in wisÅ‚a, poland. it´s where the grandmother of the boyfriend lives.
we´re spending christmas in their family hotel here.
it´s not comparable to crakow but it´s quaint and homey (if i may say).
today´s a lot warmer, +10 degrees. wow. summer.
  • got a new haircut. will post pics soon.
  • gained a lot of weight from eating nonstop.
  • bought tons of silver jewelry. so cheap here. and sooo nice.
  • bought alot of things, generally. can´t wait to show you.
  • dry skin, ole! from that friggin -18 degrees. must recover.
  • not missing home a bit.
  • but i miss going through all my favorite blogs. i will catch up on everybody as soon as i get home.
  • excited to do hanh´s tag! this i will also do as soon as i am home!

´tis the season to be freezing.

just a quick update from freezing poland!
i hate wearing tons of layers (i look like i am 50 kilos heavier) but what can i do?
it´s either that or die. seriously, can it be any colder?
the food, the cheap taxis, our hotel in the middle of the city and its bar and restaurant, PERFECT!
how´s your week lovelies?

The Winner!

Wow... all of your stories of thoughtful, warm giving has really made the last few days feel like the holidays! It is always so wonderful to hear how clever loved ones surprises their family and friends with creative ideas that truly inspire! thanks so much for sharing your stories with us and being a part of our holiday season!! ;)

Although, I'm a bit behind on posting the winner of the double give-a-way... Here they are in all their glory!

Here are your random numbers:

Timestamp: 2009-12-18 16:19:52 UTC

gina said...
I think my favorite gift giving is when I make something for someone. You sit there with anticipation wondering if they're gonna like it. Then they squeal with delight and rush to go try it on to see if it fits. I love it!!


Congrats Gina!!! I will be contacting you later this evening and passing on your contact info to Leigh too!! :)

Thanks again to everyone for an amazing first year of blogging and having a Flickr account! I can't wait to see what happens in 2010!!

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

XO, Heather


hat & coat: H&M * jeans: Zara * good old boots: Deichmann

oh my god! it's so cold all of a sudden, you wouldn't believe.
my lips are dry and on the verge of dying... HELP.
it's so hard to do outfit pictures lately as it is dark most of the time. can't wait for summer. but then again all the layering wouldn't be necessary. argh.

this might be the last update from germany as we're driving to poland on sunday!
i am so excited to see krakow! (any insider tips for me? restaurants, vintage shops or anything visit worthy actually!)

GIVE - A - WAY !!! Holiday Spirit ~

I must first begin with the fact that my family has been very blessed this year, really... even with all the relocating ;) and I would love to share this spirit with all my wonderful virtual friends during this holiday season!

This, my friends, is a DOUBLE giveaway! Yes, you heard me right... Double! Not only will the very lucky recipient receive a fq of each of this fabrics (which are mostly OOP)... they will also receive a stunning set of earrings ( your choice )for yourself or to give as a gift from the lovely Leigh!

Here are some wonderful examples of what you will find in her Etsy shop!

Now... to the rules! :)

Okay… so if your interested… Here’s whatcha do… please leave a comment on this post with your contact information and a description of your favorite Holiday gift you gave! That’s it! Both Leigh and myself would love to hear how you share your holiday spirit!!!

♥ Ending Entry Date will be at Thursday, December 17th at 9:00pm PST

Now… if you’d like to gain yourself an extra entry… you can blog about this give-a-way, tweet about it, or sign up as a follower for mine or Leigh's blog! Just leave a second comment with your contact info to your cyber shout out you used and which way you chose to spread the word about our blogs, Hearting Leigh's Etsy Shop and this promotion!

Thanks so much for a great year and we hope you have a wonderful holiday season!!

XO, Heather & Leigh


chunky circle scarf: H&M Men * striped top: COS * waterfall cardigan: H&M * acid washed leggings: VILA via ASOS * boots: Deichmann * necklaces: & leviticus jewelry * bracelet: H&M

to those who follow me on twitter, you know by now how i addicted i am with these chocolate coated fruits (especially strawberry)!
i religiously buy them everyday!
the christmas market here is so crowded but i am willing to go through it all as long as i get my dose of these fruits. so worth it!
and i don´t like chocolates generally so saying that is something.

do you have christmas markets in your place? what´s your favorite thing?

Look sharp soldier!

My entry for a TF2 art contest that is being held at the moment, wish me luck!

Catch up!

All I can say about my lack of la blogging... is unpacking! It's crazy how much stuff you forget about after moving twice within six months, however... never again! We are home and I am finally starting dig out my sewing room from all the boxes... the change is insane from the original picture, but that's for another post {wink, wink}!

Here's some of my catch ups and sneeky peekys!


The { Munki Munki } Quilt a Long and Swaps

My darling oldest, Reed, has been helping me with the Teacher's Christmas gifts too! Cara ( Me? A Mom ? ) and Kirsten ( threedancingmagpies ) helped me pull together this clever idea for bookmarks! We're just waiting for our paper clips to arrive!

Then a sneeky peeky on my next quilt... The Calypso Star... I'm following this fab tutorial at The Silly BooDilly...

I sure hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday season and sewing their little hearts out!

XO, Heather


everything except for the aa raglan sweater is from H&M.

when it's my day off work, i tend to dress lazy.
no fuss, just comfy and warm.
i have also observed that i just grab my favorite black things then i am good to go!

you what's your lazy outfit composed of?
tell me or show me!