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I'm pretty rusty, I need to get back into drawing again, Fun!

Morning Betrayal

This is a serious morning betrayal. It's never good to look at food that's going to make your trousers pop the first things in the morning. It's even worse to look at photos of food you've made yourself because then there is the real possibility that you will actually bake something. Cheesecake, lemon berry tart, pancakes.. not a good idea when you know your brother is coming to see you in a few days with all sorts of goodies (liquorice, rye bread, Fazer, Finnish sweets, pea soup..). There is some consolation though: youghurt with berries is a perfect and healthy way to start the day!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

i lOVE making new friends!

i really do!! this weekend i made several... for my other pillows!!
( okay, okay i know... lame joke! couldn't help myself!! LOL )
either way... my bed and couch have a little more eye candy! :P

a la couch!

a la bed!

have a fab Monday kids!!
XO, Heather

Work It

Lanvin's Fall 2011-2012 collection was pure beauty from start to finish and I love their take on the collection in this hilarious video. Personally, I hate the song but it works so well in this campaign. To me, that's the whole irony of it.


dress 2nd hand
jumper Topshop
shoes River Island

Let me introduce you one of the dresses I have had for a while now but haven't been able to wear during the summer months due to the hot weather. Of course that is not the case anymore. Autumn is well on its way and the thick fabric of the gorgeous blue print dress becomes handy as the cold breeze tries to invade your body. The only thing that needs adjusting is the A-line hemline which still isn't the way I want it. Just give me time and I'll get my hands on it. Hope you all had a nice weekend, and in the UK a lovely bank holiday.






elvis shirt: Zara Men * maroon shorts: Mink Pink via MarketHQ * boots: Chloe * two toned sunnies: random store


this is gonna be quick.

i am going to Cologne to watch the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert for Whatstrend!

my train is leaving in a few minutes and my bag is still empty. LOL

i have never been to a rock concert so i am really excited!

ps: i love Jeffrey Campbells so much (i think you´ve noticed) but i am with the originals on this one (Chloe Docs!).

i remember crushing on these some years ago and was so happy to have found it in my size!

if you can´t find it though, the JC Tardy is a very good alternative!



Monroe Shirt: stylestalker. via MARKETHQ * denim cutoffs: Vintage Levi´s * biker boots: Metal Jeans via Sarenza * Rocco duffle bag: Alexander Wang

this blouse is business in the front, PARTEEYY on the back.
'nuff said.

and these boots matches perfectly with my bag!
digging the chain + the amazing suede leather.
flat boots for a change!

ps: my sunglasses shop giveaway is still open until tomorrow + the nelly contest is open until the 9th of september!

No Sleeves

Time for my favourite fall trend. Not so much of a trend rather than my personal pick from the catwalks but nevertheless. As I already hinted before on my post Mustard Vest, vests will be my number one item this autumn. They have to be oversized, a bit boxy and preferably double breasted. Colours and textures won't limit anyone. Black&white is a classic. Shades of grey are safe yet sophisticated and hues of yellow, like my dear mustard, will bring that little extra crazyness. Fur will be a fun one to explore but then again there's nothing wrong with good old tweed. My favourite has to be Acne's boxy sleeveless vest that comes down to your hips. The golden orange one of course.


you, me and the ocean.

i am so excited about this quilt! it's actually my first "celebration" quilt. it's beyond rare that i have a friend who is having a baby or getting married ( we all decided to do that gig in our early twenties! ) so, when i found out my sister-in-law's was getting married and the wedding is this Saturday... i just knew she needed a quilt!!   :)

she used to take the most wonderful vacation to Cabo San Lucus with her Mom and my Husband's Dad ( her step-father for 25 years ) and since we lost him last winter to cancer, i thought it might be sweet to make her a quilt that embodied the their time together at the sea.  my Husband's Dad and Step-Mom had a wonderful marriage and i hope hers and her soon to be husband share the same great romance.

( ps... i would love to thank my good friend Kristin for always caring the most classy fabrics in her store!  she makes it so easy to envision my designs through her shop's selection, YOU're the bestest!! )

Have a wonderful weekend kids!
Xo, Heather






Jeffrey Campbell Lanas from Nelly. FAVORITE. SHOES. AT. THE. MOMENT.

speaking of favorite shoes, is having a contest where you can win 1,000 euros!

and by just voting & participating, you get a 5 euro store credit automatically!

for more details, visit the official contest page HERE!


Black Leather

leather jacket 2nd hand
shirt & boots Topshop
jeans Gina Tricot
hat Primark

To my knowledge, I have never worn all black. I have to exclude fashion weeks and funerals straight away as black is kind of mandatory. So I should say, I have never willingly worn all black. Although there is the case of the little black dress. Okay, maybe I've worn all black and no one has forced it on me but my point is that I hardly ever wear all black. I can't really answer you why apart from the usual "all black is too gloomy, dark and miserable and gothic". And hot.

Yet here I am - thanks to my new boots I guess - embracing the head to toe blackness that we have all tried at some point. Now that I think of it, I have to wear all black to work as well.

Does anyone else have a blind spot when it comes to black clothes?

These Boots Were Made for Walking

My boot cravings got too big and I gave in. I bought these black leather boots with an elasticated side band from Topshop. They shall be my number one autumn accessories.

Turned Up

shirt 2nd hand
jeans Zara
shoes River Island

These few days have been packed with meeting people, doing research, reading and once again doing some research. On that note, can't wait for the London Fashion Week to start! Anyhow, yesterday I wanted to give my little brain a break as we went for a long bike ride to see some old friends. I wanted to be comfortable while clinging to those handlebars for my dear life, yet look like a decent human being (although I swear that's impossible after a four hour bike ride). After some Lidl shopping and adventurous drive-in McDonald's we were off to see our other friends and have a little cheese&wine night. Surprisingly, Lidl being the only shop nearby and open, their wine selection wasn't too bad. Kept me happy all night.

Time to do some more research and face the fact that autumn has begun.

my boyfriend´s shirt.


denim shirt: H&M * leather clutch: Stephane Verdino from Sarenza * FAVORITE SHOES AT THE MOMENT: Jeffrey Campbell Lana from Nelly

ok, let me start with this leather clutch!

i got it for 20 euros (!!) from Sarenza Sale. SUPER SCORE, NO?

i think they´re really a nice alternative to the american apparel clutch without the hefty price tag.

it´s slouchy, it´s leather, i love it!

i hope they make this in other colors too!

then let´s move over to THESE shoes!!

i am trying to describe them for days, but the only words that pop to mind are:


they´re really comfy, as all Jeffrey Campbells are.

i thought the litas are craaazzzyy but these bring home the bacon!

i love Nelly´s small but fine selection of JCs!

they also have the Litas in Silver Glitter!

i wanted to keep the outfit simple so i stole this shirt from le boyf´s closet!