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a life zeichen from me

apparently being a virtual farmer is my personal calling.
i end up waking in the wee hours (read: 4 am) because i can't sleep thinking my crops are gonna virtually go to waste if i don't harvest them on time.
and in farm town's bible, if you wanna be a good farmer you should give up sleep.
for those who don't know what i am talking about, it's ok.
this is just the nerd part of me talking.

and speaking of being nerd,
i am re-reading harry potter books to refresh my memory again.
the films screw up with my imagination, i swear!

i think i may be getting rid of these pants.
i don't like the stares i get when i wear these.

that's all. okthnxbye!

Lordy, Lordy, all the projects!

I thought I would share a few project that for one reason or another... I just simply can't find the time to get to! It could be the 104 degree heat wave we are currently experiencing or the fact that I have 19 new custom orders for my shop { whoa baby! } Either way.... I'll finish them, whether I take a girl's weekend to the beach to do so! ;)

OOOOhhhhh the possibilities...

My darling cafe curtain for my sewing room....

My Aquatic Baby Boy Nine Patch quilt....

My MoMo { Crazy Mom Quilt Along} ....

My DREAM Flea market fancy quilt....

Who knows... something wonderful I'm sure... like all my fabrics...they have to sit and collect dust before I'll even contemplate cutting them... woas me ;) LOL

I LOVE my Heather Ross collection, but I can't wait for all my new children to come home... like my seagulls, pink dandelions, white & yellow mushrooms and more gnomes! YUM!!

this necklace is L-O-V-E

top: etam * skirt: cos * belt: zara * shoes: deichmann * necklace: stradivarius
i am in love with this necklace.
i have been wearing it non-stop for the past week.
i even want to wear it to bed in case i have an important event to attend to on my dream.
one should always be prepared, my father always told us. ;)
and yeah, my goal to wear color obviously FAILED.


Check out these new release $6.50 sunglasses!


i've always wondered why it's called a jumpsuit.
playsuit makes more sense.
but who cares, right?
it's comfy, it's amazing.
and my body thinks it's in freakin disneyland inside.

Life Aquatic... coming together!

Even thought I'm still waiting on my aqua fabrics to arrive { humph } ... I thought I would share a bit of my vision! The custom illustrations Ariel created for me arrived today and I couldn't help but put them in a couple of cream frames and start the fabric building portion of my soon to be new bedroom quilt... I am in LOVE with how the colors are coming together and can't wait to start cutting and building my quilt... where's my darn mail!!!

crazy kids, guess who's back?

tank dress: la city * vest: zara * necklace: stradivarius * belt: ? * boots: gap
this outfit is from the sales going on everywhere except for the biker boots.

best 100 euros spent ever!

hey guys, guess who has fully recovered?
uhhmmm yeah!
thank you for all the lovely, touching and amazing comments you have left me.
i read them all and i will get back to you in a while!
anywayshighways, i was so stoked to get my copy of bust magazine where yours truly was mentioned in a feature about maxi dresses!
you guys know how much i love those!
so thank you tara and lisa for this very cool feature!



Hehe, I'm not into the whole fan-art thing, but when it comes to TF2 i just can not resist!

Mr Roboto...

It felt sooo great today to get some sewing done on various project that have been ignored! ;) I really wanted Kerri's son Ethan's block to be special for our quilting bee, because not only is she such a wonderful friend, she's my partner in crime in our Designer - Fabric - Swappy - Poo Flickr group ;) I think you can catch her theme by her darling Japanese fabric choices, however.... with a generous swap from Elizabeth... her fabric... got a major boost of Mr. Roboto! I decied to make one block for her quilt and then an extra special, larger one for Ethan to on his wall... taaadaaa ;)

just a quick update

sorry if i sounded something was wrong with miguel with the last post!
no, he's alright.
just that he was sick for some days, i decided to spend more time with him. that's all.
when he has fully recovered, i will post more often again, i promise. ;)
i did a lot of shopping the last week so stay tuned!

will be back..

my family comes first.
will be back soon!
love you guys..

Planning the BIG reOpening...

I tried, I really did try to take a break {wink, wink}! But, I've thrown my hand up and decided to reopen my Etsy shop :) Originally, when I first opened... I thought I would just be selling fabric, but since then... realized how much I enjoy creating art with my fabric goodies... so, I'm taking a big fat leap and changing my shabby chic image to a more true version of myself. I am a true Portlander, and if you don't know what that means... well, I LOVE the big city, the urban mix of people, the brewery's, the swanky shops and Bohemian feel of sticky summers here! I have really been steering towards an urban, beach vibe... full of calming colors with a twist of the 80's and I think I'm going to carry that mix over to my Etsy shop. I do hope my clients enjoy the new look and { of course } I bring in a new market of clientele ;) Here's some of my new look...

sick miggy = cranky mommy


this is what i wore, the day we brought miguel to his doctor.
doc cutie: so, what's up with the baby?
me: he has these red thingies scattered around his body.
doc cutie: uhmm yeah.. they're mosquito bites..
me: SWEAR?
doc cutie: yes, you can go now..

so embarrassing but guess what, that same night he had 40° fever.
we went back again and the doctor was not so pleased to see us.
doc not so cutie anymore: what do we have today?
me: this time is furreaalzz..

it's really not that funny as i sound to be.
now i feel you all mommies with sick babies.
here's miguel as he was still feeling better! he loves to shout at me like that!

Untitled from modejunkie lorenz on Vimeo.



i read that in someone's tweet yesterday and somehow i can't get it out of my head.
maybe because i am confuzzled.
for those of you who follow me must have read about my tweet about socks, oxfords and the village where i live. (add me HERE!)
yes, they were defo not ready for this.
i swear i was this close to removing my socks on a bathroom for the stares this has caused me.
people, hello?
socks, seriously?
and yes, i don't see anything wrong with combining black and brown.
in fact, consider me a fan!

the dress. the perfect summer dress.


the title pretty much sums up for what i wanted to blog today.
i found the dress.

sorry for the absence lately.
i think i experienced a blogger's block.
where no picture is good enough or a text decent enough.
but fortunately i am back at my shoes!

thank you for all the comments on the last post.
i will answer them all shortly!

PS: check out my interview at christine's blog! CLICK!
she made this drawing of me, which i think is REALLY like me! thanks alot sweetie!

The Life Aquatic...

Here are not only a couple wonderful illustrations from the very talented Ariel .... that will have a new home in my bedroom, but also some wonderful examples of artist whom give me great vision! Enjoy ;)