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besties = bags!

when i saw this pattern by Miss Anna at Noodlehead, i just knew it needed to be made for my bestie's birthday! she's one trendy minimalist and this bag lent to such a unique design & function ability... it had her name all over it. period. i made a few personal adjustments for her... but other than that, this is one slick pattern that can easily be made in one afternoon!

i did end up making the strap 6" X 39", so my friend could use it more as a messenger bag when she takes her girls to the farmers market.

and yes, i pinned the crap out of it! haha... ( this pic is for youtraci! )

this picture is purely selfish... the pattern allowed me to use my new scissors again... and i lOVE them so, that i thought i'd throw them into a pic :)

i added an additional top stitch on her handles too! :)

even another bestie came over and modeled it for me!! ( without stealing it! ) LOL

in the end... i lOVE it! and i hope she will adore it too!! this was a ton of fun!

fact: Portland has now had 28 days of measurable rain during March, breaking the old record for 27 days as of March 29. Can you see why i continue buying rainbows??? wouldn't you! good grief... i NEED some sunshine!!! hahaha... Xo, Heather

EXPOSE... the featured crafters!

Krista, Krista, Krista... where do i even begin??... this little minx is quite hard to like, really! she has worked in the Artic, South America, Nepal, Mexico and apparently... even skinny dipped in Thailand. thankfully, she has saved her most serious adventure to date, bee. Traditional VQB with us, for this spring! ( i kid, i kid ) ;) In all fairness, she's one hell of a crafter and i adore all that she makes! sharp little tack, hugh!...

Being that miss thing is from Canada... i thought i'd share with you my new Canadian Sponsor! How fantastic is Dragonfly Fabric's! This is one darling store that features my favorite designers for my Northern Friends to save on shipping! check her out!! Xo, Heather


i have none. nope, nada, zilch! so, when i tell you this bag has taken me 2 days to arrive at this current place... YOU should pity me ( and the 2 friends who've kept me on track! { thanks Irene & Traci... kiss, kiss!!! } ). All i want in my bloody life is to finish THIS bag! for two huge reasons... one, because it's stinking cute with all that Ruby Star Rising and for another because, i'm dying to try ( and cuss at ) a whole new bag for not behaving! )... but, alas... i am still waiting, hence the hardware needing to arrive! well... at least it looks mighty fine while i wait... yeah?? ;)

OOOhhh and thank so much for your lovely support on my newest tutorial!! it means a lot to me to NOT be talking to myself! hahaha... here's the winner of Muggy goodness! Congrats!! ;)

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Mary on Lake Pulaski said... Your muggy goodness is so desirable! Please send one to me!

Happy Monday my Sweets!! Xo, Heather

New in "My Wardrobe".


a lot of you guessed that i got the Camilla Skovgaard Pumps (i really love it, definitely next on my list) from my last wish list post,
but i got this GORGEOUS, AMAZING, ADD-ADJECTIVE-OF-CHOICE-HERE Acne Darling Dress in Bride White.
sending cyber cupcakes to those who guessed right! :)
this is my first Acne piece and surely not the last!
the dress arrived two days (ACE on my book!) from My Wardrobe after ordering.
fastest shipping so far on my online shopping experience!

can´t wait to wear this dress!
probably with a neon bralet or something since the back has the nicest slit ever and some killer shoes. :)

if you don´t have any shadows, you´re not standing in the light.

top and bodycon skirt: Zara * coat: Mango * suspender tights: Henry Holland for Pretty Polly * booties: Ashish for Topshop * rabbit ring: H&M

here you go with another colorblocking outfit post!
i am so glad that you are not sick of it yet!
anyway, the weather is so FRIGGIN awesome at the moment.
i ended up taking off this blazer/ coat because it was too hot! :D
AND i love how versatile these bodycon skirts are. they come in all possible colors, so grab one if you can! i am thinking of getting more!

enjoy your sunday guys!
i have a lot of work to do so grab some sun for me if you can!

PS: i think i´ll be lost without these wayfarers.
PPS: the title is from lady gaga.


cropped sweater and fanny pack: H&M * high waisted shorts: Mango * Lita Booties: Jeffrey Campbell via Solestruck

hey guys!! :)
how are you enjoying the first days of spring?
i am enjoying it in all levels.
ice cream, sitting in the sun, going to the playground with miguel, drinking cocktails, the whole she-bang!
anyway, i thought i´d never see the day that a cropped sweater and a fanny pack would ever make an appearance here in the blog!
and TOGETHER for crying out loud!
not that i don´t like them, but i just think it doesn´t suit me. (read: hello stretch marks and FANNY PACKS? reason enough!)
but yeah, NEVER SAY NEVER.
i found them in my closet and i just felt like wearing them together.
how do feel about it?

enjoy your weekend loves!

Mug Rug Madness!

whelp! i guess it's my day to share a little muggy madness. ;) i think now you'll know why i chose to post a tutorial on Grandmother's Flower Garden quilts yesterday!.. this is a very simple tutorial on making jumbo coasters with darling flowers on them, one for your Coffee and one for your Juice. and of course one lucky winner will win these! cheers kids! and cheers to miss Erin for inviting me to the party! Okay, tut time... i'm quite sure in the past 24hrs you've all made at least... say, 3 dozen flowers, right!?? no... well, don't worry you can whoop these up in a couple hours from start to finish! easy- peasy! Grab a flower! and a seam ripper! carefully cut your basting thread. turn your flower over, remove your thread bits and paper templates. give your flower a good press with your iron at this time, while tucking in all your thread tails facing the inside of the flower. cut: ( 2 ) 8" X 8" linen squares

( 1 ) 8" X 8" fusible medium weight interface

iron the interface on to one square of your linen and set aside. taking the remainder square of linen and your flower, pin in place. sew a top stitch around the flower. remove your pins and top stitch again following the center hexagon as a guide. place your two squares together Right side to Right side and pin. sew a 1/2 inch seam around 3 sides of the square. sew 1/3 of the last side and backstitch, leaving an opening.

( tip: i chose to backstitch at the beginning & the end of each side, instead of making one continuous seam, it's just how i roll. )

snip the corners and flip your square inside out ( or what i refer to as... turn & burn! )

simply, top stitch your opening down, while finishing off your muggy cuteness!

a pefect little home for your tasty beverages!

Okay... Q & A time!

1. i get all my paper piecing supplies at Sew Deerly Loved.

2. i used 1" hexagons for this pattern

3. i use fusible interface instead of batting, because i personally like the flat feel & look better.

4. YOU can reuse your hexie templates, so don't throw them away! LOL


5. Leave a comment here to win this set of Muggy Goodness, i'll pick a winner on Sunday!!!

Xo, Heather