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excuse me folks for the slow correspondence.
see, i have a little problem.
i have two bags and 60 kilos of stuff.
my math teacher didn't exactly teach me this kind of problem solving (what a waste of 12 years of school, methinks) LOL.
so unless i don't figure this one fast like i always do with finding out the length of a side of a triangle with just one side given,
this may be the last post from germany.
once i find my way there, i will post again. HOPEFULLY!


Heather Ross ~ Munki Munki

Such an amazing week of Heather Ross for me!!! I'm not even quite sure where to begin??... First Kerri { sew deerly loved } and I started a new Heather Ross Munki Munki quilt along! We both have been collecting her Munki Munki fabrics since starting the Designer - Fabric - Swappy - Poo... but, I loved it too much to actually cut into it; hence if everyone is doing it with us... it might not just sting as much! LOL.... Here's the link if any of you would like to join or just take a lookie see at all the cool crafts being made by our members! We will be hosting charm swaps and Mini quilt swaps on top of the quilt along for anyone interested too! :)

Here are some of my first blocks!

These Munki Munki fabrics that will all be carefully stitched into my beautiful quilt... where???... Not quite sure yet! But, they'll definitely have a home there! {wink, wink}

Then, Heather Ross herself had a studio sale! And, I couldn't even remotely believe that I emailed in time and am getting a SURPRISE box from her! Can you just die!!! So, I thought I'm so fortunate to have made the cut off { which it closed in a hour and half from posting } that I'll be having a giveaway with some of the treats she sends me! I'll keep you posted for that one... I'm sure it will be major!

the i-can-fit-my-life-in-here bag

it's about time that my life bag, as i call it, launch in this blog.
with the errands i need to run everyday before we fly on tuesday, the size seems pretty right.
a cookie and a brownie for those who recognize the matching hairband and sandals! LOL


140 GBP

SHOULD I?? i am THIS close to clicking confirm and buy..

edit: i did it. ;)

Flea Market Fancy Winner!

A little late, but I'm quite sure the winner won't mind {wink, wink}~!

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Timestamp: 2009-08-24 16:36:10 UTC

Dorrie said...
I love coin quilts~I've made three this year in between more laborious projects. Simple, yet beautiful. Please count me in on the giveaway and thank you!

August 20, 2009 9:17 PM

A big thanks to everyone who participated in my give-a-way! And, especially to all my followers... as they are the reason I put these events together! ;)

XO, Heather

sea of shoes


i have been working on this project since god knows how long..
i am so pleased with the results but sadly i am not yet done.
maybe one more of these billy from ikea (I LOVE IKEA! who doesn't?) then i can say it's finished! i don't like the idea of those boxes laying over the shelf. not clean.
anyways, i am counting the days until we fly to hk/phils!
can you tell how excited i am?

instead of words...


... let these photos speak for what i have been doing the last days.

  • i've given the multiple watches in one wrist trend and i swear an old lady thought i was crazy.
  • yesterday, was the hottest day in germany so we went to the beach, stacked up on mozarella sticks, chicken wings and caipirinhas!
  • i am thinking of perming my hair again but i know it will come back to its crazy straight ass state after a week, so NO.

ring overload

nothing much to say!
just THANK YOU to all those who read and comment or just silently read this blog!

yesterday was miguel's first time swimming.
the water was cold but he enjoyed it nonetheless.
what have you guys been doing?
amazing weather, no?

Flea Market Coin GIVEAWAY!

Since I'm moving again... I thought I would do another one of my coin giveaways! I hope you like my choices! Kerri has me on this red and Aqua kick and these just happen to scream { Yummy! } to me ;) Not only is she a bad influence she is also having the most wonderful giveaway on her blog! Check it out... you won't be sorry :)

A La Mode COIN Give-a-way Rules....

As some of you might know...Here I am again! I am moving and have decieded to have another give-a-way! Since... I'm stuck packing and reorganizing, I thought I would do a give-a-way that represented what I wish I was doing {wink, wink}!!! Hence.... The COIN QUILT GIVE-A-WAY....

I have included one 6 X 6 inch squares of each of these darling prints {gotta have some balance... right???}. Okay… so if your interested… Here’s whatcha do… please leave a comment on this post with your contact information! That’s it! Easy Hugh???

♥ Ending Entry Date will be at Sunday, August 23rd at 9:00pm PST

Now… if you’d like to gain yourself an extra entry… you can blog about this give-a-way, tweet about it, or sign up as a follower! Just leave a second comment with your contact info to your cyber shout out you used and which way you chose to spread the word about my blog and promotion!

Here's an example of a Coin Quilt I did {The Pink Popsicle}

Good LUCK!

I'm Swimming in Lovey's!

Almost done with my major order from Australia.... boy, I'm swimming in Lovey's right now... and let me tell you, they are so soft and snugglie... life could be so much worse {hehehe}....

And a new quilt for my shop too! Who knew???