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raglan sweater: American Apparel * silk scarf used as turban: 5preview * belt: Zara * Cheap Monday skinnies, Whyred bag and Nicky pumps: all courtesy of Nelly

5preview, Whyred, Cheap Monday and Nelly all in one outfit!
i like!
i was just running some errands, thus the laidback get-up.

if i were asked what country i think is the most fashionable of all, i would definitely say Sweden!
their streetstyle inspires me the most!
i haven´t been there yet but from what i heard and saw, them swedish know their fashion!

so glad that Nelly offers all of my favorite brands in one.
so take a peek if you still haven´t. you will not be disappointed.
their shoe collection rocks my socks off!

soOOooo not about fabric.

nope... if you are looking to get inspiration for a crafty project, just stop reading right now! LOL this post is about a girl who just wanted cute new blond hair ( with bangs! ). she kinda had good hair before her trip into the salon this week... but, that was all about to change. i hear everyone goes through this once... i dunno, i guess group suffering does make me feel a bit better, but then a little sad too... cause i don't want my kids crying too! ( yes, a whambulance was needed. )

here it is in all it's Hillary Clinton charm... good grief. it started off very mod, until i washed it the next morning after my run ( yes, yes... still trying to beat that back with a stick still too ). anyways, something went chemically wrong, real fast. let's just say clumps of singed hair was what was left....

so... a day later, another 4 hours in another salon, and probably 3 bottles of wine... this is what's left. please grow soon hair... the girl needs it!

i'm just real glad it's a Yammy night... cause, i need my lady friends something fierce!
Xo, Heather


silk 'mademoiselle cavour' top: 5preview * wide leg trousers: LOVE * platform sandals: Jeffrey Campbell Snick from Lori´s Shoes * City tote: One Language * arty ring: YSL

i have a penchant for cutting off the sleeves from a shirt.
my boyfriend knows this so well that he keeps all the scissors away from me. :)
this silk shirt looks good with sleeves but EVEN BETTER without.
don´t you think?

and how cool is it that my sunnies match the print of my new city tote?
speaking of this tote, AHHH. loving the padded laptop sleeve included.
who says laptop bags should be ugly?
it´s all about the details. i always say.

what does spring mean...

garage sales of course! i'm working on mine as we speak... i'll be listing packages of goodness' on my esty shop soon! :) in an effort to be a grown up, i'm hoping to clear out some of my "younger" prints for other mama's that would love them ( and clean up my ever growing mess! ). They will be priced according to current market conditions, however... if you are one of my readers... please use this... { houseofalamode } as a coupon code to save yourself 20%!

word of advice. PLEASE do not hesitate to purchase a listing while you wait for others to show up. They will most likely not be there when you go to check out and it's so sad to me, when i hear how disappointed folks can become when this happens! ;) i will additionally correct shipping charges once the sales are completed.

thanks for all your support... i hope you find some treats!
Xo, Heather

LOVE Giveaway!

wide leg trousers: LOVE

AS PROMISED, i am giving away a 50£ LOVE store credit to one lucky reader!
all you have to do is:

1. Like LOVE on Facebook.
2. Like Mode Junkie.
3. Leave a comment on this post! (don´t forget your facebook name and email address)

Giveaway is open until May 1st!


edit: this giveaway is now CLOSED. thanks for everyone who joined!

Happy Yellow Easter!

dress: H&M x Lanvin * pumps: Zara * wayfarers: Ray Ban * silver watch: Michael Kors

last saturday was a very weird saturday for me.
first we went to the funeral of our best friend´s mom and one hour later to the the 50th birthday party of the boyfriend´s parents.
i wish that i would never be put on a similar situation ever again.
mourn over one´s loss and party for another one´s life (at the same time).

looks like these bank holidays are just what i needed.

it's those scraps!

i think it's the scraps ( the little rascals)! they seem to be the biggest, bulkiest, and messiest thing in my sewing room... but, dang it... they are just sooOOooo GOOD! and just to be very clear, this was debatable... until the past 2 days when i said to self, "are you really going to use these??" so, i sat down and started digging through them...

these are what i made and i must say, i think i'm about to just start cutting up my yardage to make more scraps! LOL...

i think i'd almost do it too... if i didn't keep buying these! m. u. s. t. make!

( thanks Fabricworm and Wondrous Wovens!! )

so, i guess i might spare these new treats from my lovely Canadian sponsor Dragonfly Fabrics! that and they are becoming impossible to find in the states! ( wink, wink ) :)

the hubby's off this weekend to play with his friends... aaahhhh... do here it..??? that's me fantasizing what i want to do more... read or sew??? OOohhh... the options! hehehe... Have a great one kids!!

Xo, Heather

all we need is L-O-V-E.

dress worn as top and high waisted floral shorts: LOVE * love double finger ring: Accessorize * belt: EleHandmade * orange satchel: bought on a random italian market *
Jeffrey Campbell Mary Janes: courtesy of Zalando

my thoughts are all over the place so bullets it is!
  • how friggin awesome is it to have your brand named after LOVE (pretty much my favorite word in the world)? i think it is FRIGGIN AWESOME.
i fell in love (see? using it again!) with these pieces ever since i saw them in Topshop in Oxford Circus (yes, topshop carries the brand!),
so i was really stoked when they sent me these (and an equally amazing palazzo pants that i´ve been dying to have! outfit post soon-ish!).
  • and these shoes.. such a DREAM. finally a pair of dainty high heels that i can wear to work (they´re so comfy, believe me!).
  • if you haven´t still checked out Ele´s Etsy shop, i suggest you go have a tiny tiny peek. you will fall in love with her handmade pieces. i know i am a sucker for pretty handmade stuff. remember my giraffe clutch and leather necklace? she made them too!
sorry that this post sounded a bit like a radio/ newspaper advertisement to you. BUT these pieces are dear to me. so if you´ve managed to read until here, i am giving away a 50£ LOVE voucher on my next post, so keep an eye on that!

basketful of 'egg'cellent gifts!

Jeffrey Campbell Mary Janes from Zalando (thank you!)
Zara pumps (gift to myself from myself. LOL)

remember my post where i told you i don´t have any classic black pumps?
well yeah, NOW I HAVE NOT ONE, but TWOO PAIRS!

watch out for the next outfit post where i am wearing these adorable mary janes!
love love love the shape of this shoe and the block heels! so comfy.
i am so glad that an online shop in Europe is finally selling Jeffrey Campbells!! (BUH-BYE customs fees!!)
check out Zalando´s selection, it´s pretty AWESOME!

happy easter to all of you!
have fun egg hunting!