Munki Munki Snowballs of LOVE !

I am in Love with my Munki Munki Snowballs and not for the reason you all probably assume ;) I LOVE them because I am able to use charms of the fabric that have already been cut & prepared for me by the " Munki Munki Quilt A Long & Swap "! I figured today that if I was ever going to get anywhere near a lap size quilt with my Munki quilt - a - long desire... I would need to make two of these little 9.5' gems each month, soooo... when I went to start cutting into my stash earlier, I realized... duh, no need... I have charms!

Anyone who has made a snowball quilt knows just how fun they are, but those charms made them super quick to sew together too! I sure can't wait for our next Munki Charm Swap {which I'll be hosting, since Kerri so generously did the first}... My block just flew together!

I also started another stitching project! I think I may have a new addition... it's not my fault really, I blame Ariel! Her & Kerri's "Hand Stitched" Embroidery SWAP... it's very me!

I think it's going to look very cool next to my hoop from Kerri! Thanks Kerri!!!