blog rolls?

they are crazy little things, right!... i have often pondered how peeps choose who they include on their blog rolls and why... have you? So... i figured that today, while adjusting my blog, i would share my theory on it.

my blog roll if full of the blogs i can "find" to read. it's simple and lazy! hahaha... i still have no idea how to work Google Reader ( yes, pathetically true! ), so if you are not on my blog roll... most likely i'll have no way to find you! how sad is that! i know i am missing out on some wonderful blogs too and i'm not very happy about it! ( insert sour face here! )

so my new plan... tell you all the truth about my inadequacies and maybe you'll leave your blog addy here in this post as a comment, so i can start following you! I'll be adjusting my blog roll to inquire lots more of my favorite designers and bloggers! i just love some good o'le people watching... don't you!

Anywhoo... hope you are all having a great start to your summer, i've done nothing too special ( and by special, i mean crafty ) so, i'll just leave you with a typical "Heather" photo until next time! LOL

me and the boy-toy sucking face at our barbecue last weekend!

cheers my kids!! Xo, Heather