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soooOOOOoo... i took the plunge.

I really didn't want to, but apparently i don't get a choice to turn 34. who knew??? well... being the rebel that i am, i told "self" to stick it! i'm still a kid at heart... so, remembering my naughty glory days... i rolled up to my local bad ass tattoo parlor ( you know Portland... where the tattoo ink never runs dry! ) and had the very slick Karina Figueroa design a custom tattoo based off of my two favorite Heather Ross Mendocino images. The swimming { mermaid } sister & the giant squid! I'm in lOVE! though i won't show you all of it on me ( even i have my limits ), i will say it is a back piece and with Karina's talented gift toward her lady faces... i can only image how sweet the ending will be!

Here's to NOT taking getting older laying down!

Karina's work!

Cheers Kids! Heather