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bow overload.

hairbands, bow necklace, overknees: H&M * name necklace: * blouse: plains and prints * skirt: orsay * maryjanes: s.oliver

  • i decided to add the hairband the last minute. since i really wanted to emphasize, why not go all the way, right?
  • it's no secret that i am obsessed with bows. call me childish, i don't care. :)
  • am i the only one loving the weather?
  • got this amazing clock from an antique store the other day. now it just has to stop this annoying loud sound clocks do, then we're all set.
  • the first boots from the last post are from topshop guys!
  • should i start writing outfit details? (i just thought nobody wants to know anyway.)
  • this post is starting to be a blabber overload so i am gonna stop now! HAVE A NICE WEEKEND GUYS! i know i would.