Multi Glitter.

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Jeffrey Campbell Lita in Multi Glitter via Solestruck (OMG, i love you to bits!)

It´s 2 am and i just have to post these lovelies! I CAN´T SIMPLY WAIT.
i know you´re sick of the litas because it´s everywhere yaddi yadda.
but i guess you just can´t have enough from something that is THAT good, right?
believe the rumors. it is easy to walk in and party all night.
and i am a hyprocite if i´d say i didn´t like the crazy compliments and stares i got today!
i am so getting them in other colors once i catch them in my size.

i think the last shoe devoted post on this blog was my Ashish for Topshop wedges!
it was about time those babies get some serious competition!
thanks bryce for this! you just made my Christmas perfect!

PS: the winner of the 5preview giveaway is Bohemian, i have sent an email your way!
i made a short clip of me putting all your names in this random name selector (FRUIT MACHINE via but vimeo doesn´t support the video file from le boyf´s super mega high techy HD camera. so yeah, once i figure that one out, it´s already new year. :(