well... i don't know about you, but i...

shop when i'm feeling down. and i really don't care if people judge me for it either! hehe... retail therapy always makes me feel better and i'm quite glad in my time of need, there are new ( and old ) treasures to buy... thus making me smile! ;)

and please know... i thank you warmly for all the well wishes... personally and through my comments!! you guys know how to spread some serious love and i grabbed it all up! thanks kids you guys are the BEStest!!

wanna see what i got...???

new Timeless Treasure 80's Prints from Fat Quarter Shop! friggin HOT hugh!

Circa 50's half yard set!! yep... there is even the coveted " HOUSE " fabric included! from Wonderous Woven!! so mod & fab... how did i almost miss my chance at having this collection???

and then because i know better ( hint... you should too! haha ) i picked up a Fat Quarter set of Denyse Schmidt's Hope Valley before it's impossible to find at any one place again!! I'm so excited to put this pile in the collection! YUM... thank you Beaver Creek Quilt Company for your fabulous sale on these ( BTW only 3 left! )!!!

well... i don't know about you, but i... feel better ;)

xo, Heather