welcome to my world.

i find it quite amusing when you "assume" things will always end up the way your hopeless romantic heart wants them too... only to find yourself, face down in a heaping pile of poop! this week... that's where my head, heart and goals have been laying! period!

my goal when getting back from quilt market was to have this terribly fun give-a-way post, work on some swap items, and maybe... just maybe sew a little for my house, only to find out that... an immediate family member has terminal cancer, my son has contracted strep throat, my sewing machine is skipping stitches ( 3rd time in the 1 year i've owned it ) & had to go get a new one, and i'm thoroughly late on all my commitments! aarrgG!

what's a girl to do... i am struggling, and i'm a big enough girl to put it out there... because, i'm a real person and this is my real world. Now... my new goal will simply be... a happier post! Somebody please call me a whambulance STAT!

xo, heather