May Madness!

Officially it started yesterday, but who wants a kick off to start on a Sunday?? Right??? Okay then. But it’s game time kids! Mama needs sheds some lbs before summer truly hits, needs to spring clean (which includes more destashing!), and dive into the writing process of her “secret project”.

( i'm been clearing out that mess of a sewing space to make seating area for friends this summer to enjoy with me... i grabbed my all time favorite fabric from Ikea this weekend to make new curtains for the space! )

( my collectible fabrics have been reorganized and waiting for their instructions... should i go or should i stay??? )

So, I’ve had to make some tough choices to keep myself on track and be an adult. Yeesh… Even typing that word scares me! Hahaha… this is the last month that my blog will be a sponsored blog. I adore and have the most amazing relationships with my sponsors, but with all things considered… I truly felt I couldn’t support them the way they deserve to be through this time.

I also will be backing off of the amount of posts on my blog too. Much as I would love to sit around and dilly-dally all day long, I’m just not going to have that luxury for a bit. However, my side bar will always lead you to another party… They are truly the cleverest crafters I’ve met. ;)

( speaking of parties... Miss Angela finished my STP quilt and now i need only to bind it before i can have a "special fling" with my boy toy wrapped up in it! )

Now, I know I have the best readers ( FRIENDS ) out there in La-bloggy-land and I do hope you’ll hang with me during this!.... cause, it’s kinda like being grounded as a teenager for a month and hoping you still get the big invite to “Josh’s Summer Kick Off Party” when you’re freed! you know, you knowwhat i mean, hugh! LOL

( a blessed reader sent me this trinket last week! i soOOOooo lOVE it! )

( and just for kicks... i've decided my new Hillary hair more resembles some kinda butchered Farrah cut now! but, i think i've i finally embraced the fugly and just laugh at the entire event! ) ;)

XO, Heather