one word.

laminates. lOVE them! lOVE. period! this fabric is an Oregonian's dream... we have a little something we like to call, "rain" here... have you heard of it??? yeah, well we usually get it, oOOOoohhh... say, nine months out of the year! yuck, right???... but this Market i was introduced to laminates by Jennifer Pagenelli of Sis Bloom and my life changed! Not only does a TRUE Oregonian except the rain, they learn to like it... or they move (we don't like adult crybabies). true. But, this little invention (which i realize may only be new to me! hahaha...) is going to make my attitude about said topic, so much easier to live with!

couple things i didn't know... so, maybe you all didn't either??? laminates are not oilcloth. it's thinner, soft, and easy to sew with! i whipped up a slouchy { River } bag today for a darling friend of mine's birthday next week... and i think it took me all of about an hour! and knowing this nutty friend, who digs hiking and going to our beautiful rivers with her 5 kids all summer... this is the perfect bag for her! it won't get DIRTY! seriously!... this is slick stuff!! ( ha! get it... slick???... )

it's just so right! here's to the beginning of summer! Xo, Heather