whelp... here it is!

Thank gosh peeps have been covering the booths and new fabric lines quite well in their blog posts... as i've enjoyed seeing them again ( sometimes even for the first time! )! hahaha... i would have loved to build onto those with additional clever photos of art... but in reality, when i got home from market... i only had the typical market shenanigans photos on my camera! i wish i could be more surprised by this, but that's just sooOOOoo me! LOL

To save myself a butt-load of time, i'm just going to play a little game with you all! called... { Can you guess the people in the pictures??? } Please send me an email not a comment to alamodefabric@gmail.com with your guesses and i will draw a winner from them! what will you win for said effort.... OOOhhh... how about a nice package full of Echino's new line i just picked up from market and it's not yet released!

have fun kids! as i know... i really did have a blast!! xoxoxo

I'm going to close this game out on next Monday! You all may need to study up! ;)

Xo, Heather