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aaak! where did last week go???

i feel so lame! i can't believe i haven't blogged in almost a week!! i swear i just did, but... no, i didn't! ( wink, wink )... i think times been flyin a little too quickly around the Bostic's house, as it always does when your having fun!...

i seriously had to finish some bee blocks!!

and my FAN-friggin-TASTIC new hexies arrived from miss Angela!! Ooohhh... how the holiday's just sing to me ;) can you even imagine what all these wreath cuties will end up being???

plus... i HAD to play with maybe projects...

and like every ( I love the 80's ) girl... i painted then neon yellow!

then... Hawthorne Threads delivered me my new FAVORITE kitchen fabric, like the good little kids they are!! I had been waiting patiently for their email telling me it was in!! did you know you could do that?? clever ducks i tell ya! i never miss any of my soon to be released fabric fav's now! and yes... that's my head on their news letter!! haha...

then... looky, looky what arrived! yep, you know it... an accuquilt cutting system!! and if you've been good little boys & girls and keeping up with your blog homework... you'd already know that this mean i will be giving one away very soon!!!

Okay... okay, maybe i do know where the week went... LOL

Here's to another one!!
XO, Heather