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this little piggy....

is going to quilt market! i am a tad bit excited about it too... ;) fabric booths, sample spree, fabric 2.0, and finally meeting soOOoo many of my online friends that i've been talking with for the past year and a half!! ;) i even thought about a super fun way to introduce them to you when i get home... a little guessing game... with prizes of course ( and by prizes, i mean soon to be released fabric! ) hehe....

it's true... i just bought my tickets... 4 days before i needed to leave, but i'm a chicken butt! i've never left my baby boys that long by myself before!! but there was a little incentive for me to go... i'll get to meet a new friend that i'll be working with closely for a while. However... all i can say about my new friend, is that they will be helping me with my new project that rhymes with... cook. ( wink, wink )!

i'll leave you with a some yummy craftyness... and i'll see ya when i get back! :) this weekend... my design wall has been loved with Heather Ross Munki Munki!

Elizabeth's new book ( which happens to be fantastic!! ) sooOOOo worth the moo-lah!

MMmm... then my Modern Affair by Patricia Bravo arrived from Hawthorne Threads!!! i'm super excited about this line, since it reminded me so much of the fabulous fabrics used in those tasty patchwork quilts at Urban Outfitters!!... but in my favorite colors!! so, i got the whole line... hehe!

then i hit up a little Ikea this weekend to pick up some quilt backs!

and Etsy... for some more Neptune by Tula Pink for my WIP Lattice quilt!!

OOhhh... and looky look at what i won at the Portland Modern Quilt Guild last week... Elizabeth brought some prizes for Halloween!! eeek... ;)

and this is pincushion i got in our swap from Marcia... such a patchwork cutie!! love!

well... here's for a super week and a fantastic holiday ( if you're in the states )... be safe, have fun, and i'll see ya after market! ;)

xo, Heather