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holiday homes

okay... i'm feeling pretty good! i finished my main swap item for the { SavVy } Seasons - a modern swap and even though... i would lOVE to keep it... i'll be shipping it off! ;) this is my first table runner and i do hope my partner loves my little wonky, urban homes to brighten their holidays!!

i've had this cute Heather Bailey pattern for a while ( picked up my BFF'S ) and i'm thinking that maybe using the scraps of Heather Ross' Munki Munki fabrics to make a few little ornaments would be darling to match the table runner??... i hope, i hope! ;) we will see... i've yet to try this pattern so, i hope i don't mangle the fruit!! haha...

i also got in some yummy in the tummy "Innocent Crush" this week from one of my newest sponsors!!! i'm very excited about this shop! they sell their goodies in FAT QUARTERS! now i think we all know that is a rarity ;) Wondrous Woven Fabrics even ships all their pattens for free... i mean come on! they had me at FQ's, but now... i'm just a groupie!! LOL

and because i need another project like i need a hole in my head... i started Ashley's lattice quilt design with a honeybun of Neptune! i figure if i sew about 17 hours a day... i should be able to complete all my "wants" in about two years!... good grief! LOL

Tell me i'm not the only one with a big o'le massive huney do list!
xo, Heather