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innocent.... my bum!

sorry miss Anna Maria Horner... but, innocent... my bum! i'm not sure why she named her newest collection this sweetie pie name! okay, true... it could be me and what quilt design i saw when i was inspired by it... but, this line is all kinds of Urban Loft cool.... swanky to the end in my opinion!

with a little sprinkling of Kona { pepper } and chevrons... i've got a new love in my home! although... i was super sad when i realized i didn't have enough of the fabulous Kona to finish sashing the top ( and even hunted for it locally for a bit yesterday )... but, in the end... i had to just order more online at my fav shop for kona (fabricshack), so hopefully next weekend it will be quilted and stashed somewhere in my home waiting to be cuddled under neath it!! ;)

i completely blame these little cuties for steering me off my path this weekend and starting on a new quilt! yeah... let me break it down for you.... Linkin Park's Catalyst and new rockin aqua/red ear buds in my ears = me bootie shakin down a rebellious path.... i can try to be upset about it, but really i'm just gonna stick these puppies back into my ears again today and party all over again! LOL

i also got a sweet little package from another new fabulous sponsor on Saturday!! Hello.... honey!!! The Fabric Quarter Quilt shop has Cloud9 Fabrics bundles 20% off!! i personally have never bought organic fabrics before ( true. ) and i about rolled around in them like a greedy piggy when i felt, just how soft they are! eeek... i can't wait to cut into them! yummy!!

i also finished up a few bee blocks this past week and thought i'd throw them in!

Here's to a rockin Monday and a fabulous new week!!

xo, Heather