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checka, checka, what???

hehe... i must have said this little ditty a hundred times this past week!.... checka, checka, what??? why.... oh... i dunno, could be because i have a list as long as my arm to get completed, but i still made my priorities to include rearranging my sewing studio, adding an extra gift to my { SavVy } seasons partner's table runner and fabric shopping of course! ooOOOoohh... well! this is my life and how i like to roll! LOL

i was extremely excited to also receive my gift from the { SavVy } Seasons swap too!!! i just knew it was gonna rock when i opened the box to this!

yep, i think i can easily say miss Jamie knew exactly what i would love in my home... urban, modern, patchwork... h e a v e n!!! she also got me so excited about holiday pillows, i thought i'd whoop one up this morning for my sweet partner! i think they may have a little Heather Ross Munki Munki crush... so... here it is ;)

then in preparation for the Portland Modern Quilt Guild's meeting this week... i also whipped up a little pinnie for our swap :) and yes... i really did need to make in aqua & tangerine... cause they are simply fan-friggin-tastic together! hope my swap buddie love this combo as much as me!!

and a little eye candy from my local watering hole... fabric depot! i swear if i could... i would eat my fabric... MMmmm.... straight into my mouth!

here's to a great start to our next crafty week!!

xo, Heather