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score 1 goes to Mom!

in the { House } of A La Mode... score 1 goes to Mom! Usually... score 1 - 100 goes to the boys... but not this time! nope... this time i saw a chance to change the direction of the game...

here's how it went down:

boys: playing ball against my photo gallery wall
Mom: knock it off you two!
boys: successful score by knocking down photo & shattering glass
Mom: are you kidding me???
boys: what???
Mom: aaarg!!!!

but no, not this time... this time i would not throw out another fabulous frame... i'm evolving into a more creative cat! hence... the fabric photo!

so, i took a little of this fantastic business...

and my poor frame...

added a little batting, making sure i left the inside ledge uncovered...

and presto.... new urban art!

it's funny, once i realized i was cutting into my fabulous Indie Music fabric to NOT sew with... i kinda had an easy time doing it! maybe i should frame a few more of my favorite prints?? ;)

OOOhh... and my Kona Pepper showed up yesterday! Yay!! i can finish my chevron quilt now :) i also picked up a bunch more solids i've had my eye on!!... really is there anything more addicting the solids???

xo, Heather