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Bloggers' Block-a-Palooza #7 - bring it!

the name: Orange you glad I chose a nine-patch!
the mission: To put together a simple block,thus resulting in your brain resting up for the remainder of my peer's (much more) thought provoking and skill building blog hop blocks! enjoy!... xoxo

the speech: ting, ting, ting... (said in a very distinguished voice)... i would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Quilt Dad for bringing us together on this epic journey { Blogger Block-A-Palooza }, through the gorgeous land of Sweetwater-Sunkissed by Moda, with the most amazing team of bloggers and additionally, for going above and beyond by providing us with the beauty of the Flickr Group to share our creations (clears throat - very emotional). Now on to business... ;)

the Nitty Gritty:

Moda Bella Solids Lime 9900 75
5 - 2.5" square
Sunkissed Multi 5442 16
5 - 2.5" square
Sunkissed Pink Sorbet 5447 14
5 - 2.5" squares
Sunkissed Misty Grey 5446 15
5- 2.5" squares

Sunkissed Orangesicle 5443 23
4- 4.5" squares

the deed: grab your fabric kids! these are my selections, but if you used an alternative to Sweetwater-Sunkissed fabrics... try to coordinate your color values to match (then we can be twinsies... sorta!) ;)

Using the Nitty Gritty guide, cut your 20 - 2.5" squares.

Next cut your needed 4 - 4.5" squares.

Arrange your squares. This will keep it visually easy to track your process.

Starting with your 4 patch squares, sew together using a 1/4" seem, and press open.

Lining up your seems, pin in place and sew together.

Press open and place it back in your arranged square, until all the 4 patches are sewn.

sew your 4-patch blocks to your 4.5" squares by placing them (right side to right side) and using 1/4" seem.

Press your seems and return them to the arranged block.

Lastly, sew your strips together and press the seems open to finish the construction. You've now finished block #7 !! Easy Peasy, right!

the PDF: here.

Next up...
Thursday, February 17
Block #8: Angela Yosten
Moda Home Mom

Thanks for shopping... hope to see you soon! LOL

the Valentine: as per my regular { MO }... i will leave you with these slices of sweet Valentine's heaven! I send out only the best virtual cards to my peeps!! ;) and yes, i'm quite sure you're thinking, " why Heather, how sweet of you to send me soOOoooo many wonderfully touching Valentines!"... but, really they were all so friggin hilarious, i could make up my mind!! i do hope one speaks to your heart as they all did to mine!! LOL kiss, kiss!

okay, okay... you caught me... i do have a favorite! this one is just too rich not to be given to friends! Have a wonderful Valentines day kids!

XO, Heather