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the sweet taste of crow.

MMMMmmm.... how sweet it is to eat crow! i love the tangy taste of "i told you so!", it's kind of like one of my favorites.

WHhatT! NO it's NOT! i hate it, unless i'm serving it! hehe...

but,... i am a big girl and i'll own my { wrong's }... thus, Greenfield Hill by Denyse Schmidt. I really, really didn't see this one coming. i truly thought, "OOohh... gross, WTH??"... until it arrived at my door, and then i started singing a different tune in my head!

at first... i thought it was sweet music, until i remembered all the smack i'd been talking and describing how i just couldn't possibly see this fabric line being the next big ( Modern Treasure )!!! how wrong i was. thus, here i am... eating a plate of big o'le nasty crow. touche. YOU know who you are, you were right ( which, yes... means i was wrong. i hate that! ) and for everyone else... it's a legit line, better start getting yours! ;) and if these pillows weren't enough... to sell ya... check out this! Fantastic!

and guess what!... the Lovely Miss Kerri is giving you all a chance of experiencing this heavenly line in a FQ set give-a-way of both { blues & Reds } colorways to ( 2 ) lucky winners!


1. leave a comment telling me which fabric line surprised you with ultimately... being fabulous!

2. Blog about this give-a-way!

3. Get it done by February 3rd by 9:00pm PST!

Good Luck!! ;)

xo, Heather