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hot mess!

well, the boy toy finally did it! he claims he'd like half of his house back! what-eves... it's not my fault i lOVE fabric and working on a thousand projects at a time! yeesh... you'd think that's not normal or something??? Okay, okay... i will have to admit it's been a nutty past week with shipments coming in. but, i still don't think THAT's my fault... entirely! what's with all the bloody sales shops are having lately??!! shoot... (shrug) what's a junkie supposed to act like??? i think my reaction was just right. Although, i have one serious hot mess!! and i seem to be running out of room real fast. either way... i blame....

Sew Deerly Loved!

Etsy & Ebay... the filthy rascles!


Fabric Depot!

Purl SoHo!

Wonderous Woven Fabrics!

yes... i'm completely out of room! but i lOVE them all so much.... how can you give any of them up??? maybe i should just buy a bigger house??? OOOooohhh... wait, the children really don't need their bedrooms... right???? ( wink, wink )

he may have a baby point, i've even lost part of my sewing desk to the fabric...

and he did buy me a new classic Ipod to fill full of books, so i'll get busy dealing with my small issue... hehe!! i guess i could let go of some of those yummy solids ( happy love??? ). that might not hurt too bad?? yeah??? LOL however, if the sales continue... i can NOT be blamed for my weakness... i am sick and i don't deny it! ;)

what say you... Kona Give-a-Way time?? Just leave me a message here... maybe with a tip on how you weed out your stash! for me... the minute i remove it, i want it back! ;P and yes, i realize how ridiculous that is!! hahaha...

I'll choose some winners on Wednesday!
xo, Heather