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i forgot.

i forgot to blog. i was in my own manic land this past week... but i swear it was for good reason! look at all this business that kept me so overwhelmed... miss nova's treat to me finally got the love it deserved ( binded & washed ) and is now resting comfortably on my couch!! truly heaven!! thank you my dear!!

i had to work on my Grandmother's flower garden quilt!

my OOOohh... so lovely hoop arrived from the { Scrappy } Hoops swap... which meant... i needed to reorganize my sewing space! duh! It is FABuLOUS too! i tried to photo the stitching in the middle well enough for you all to see what it says... but if you still can't make it out, let me help you:

{ Suck It Up Sunshine! }

and i think we all know how soon summer will be here, so i went shopping for some darling new skirts to make!( my spring mission ) this pattern looks so friggin cute... i can barley stand it!

----> L I S T E N <----

i'm not starving myself ( not really, bit of an dramatic statement ) and running every darn day to wear fuggly clothes this summer! LOL

then miss Laurie's new fabric arrived! i simply could not cut some of that up pronto-ria!! i mean.... come cussing on!! this line couldn't get any better for a girl who loves aqua & orange, plus lives in Portland! ( Portlandia = put a bird on it. ) it so right... my heart hurts a little! ;)

and because i had a little time to spare... i went shopping at my fav local watering hole...

Cool Cotton's.

okay, okay... i got to go... if i don't start sewing, i may have a tantrum! Happy Monday Lovies!!

XO, Heather