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LOL! i love me.

sometimes... i just crack myself up! i have been a bit (and by a bit.... i mean scary ass) obsessed with postage stamp quilts ever since seeing my girlfriend Brooke's!!

However, i know how impatient/ anal... i really am { what a strange combo }, so i thought i'd better try out a block first to see if i can really pull it off for an entire quilt! smart... right!?? i mean... i want to cut up my OOOohh... so precious Anna Maria Horner Bohemian stash... you gotta to be committed for that kind of project! period.

well... what i recognized very quickly, was the cutting of mini blocks, sewing them, and stripping them... was right up my alley! what wasn't, was the seems not matching up... damn it if i didn't try hard too!! eerrgGG! i instantly wanted to go all "badger on it" and then it hit me! like: poof!... so, i slashed that shiz up just to teach it a firm lesson!! so there! go tell your buddies what happens when you don't behave!

hence... the badger pillow! ;P

on another note... have you all been buying stash builders as much as me lately?? with cotton prices on the rise, i am really being selective over my buck! here's my most recent...

from Marmalade Fabrics

and the Fabric Quarter

{ and, yeah... she really did fold those FQ's into triangles!!... ;) }

XO, Heather