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blue Autumn.

i don't know about you all... but, i know it took me a long time to be comfortable in my own style. it's actually really hard ( in my opinion ) because i have so many talented friends that are the most amazing color artists and i just simple want everything that make too! but, in the end try as i might... i still don't love reds, purples and pinks in my home ( love them for gifts though!!! ). however, they only last about 3 days here and then i pull them all out of my house and put back my blues, aqua, greens and neutrals. i've since deemed this style { Old Man Study Chic }... it's just my thing i guess, cause i lOVE it sooo much!!... ;)

anyways, autumn is now upon us and i'll be damned if i make the same mistake again and pull out my warm tones... hence my new plan of action... the blue Autumn... isn't she smart.

now to go pull some fabulous fabrics for some lovely additions to my home!!
Xo, Heather