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LFW Goodies

Fashion weeks wouldn't manage without sponsors and London is no different. Let's face it, most of the sponsors are make-up and hair product companies, the likes of The Body Shop, MAC, label.m and Sebastian. I had my fair share of beauty products and treatments and I am looking forward to trying them on. I'm a bit worried though, as I used my Indiedays Lookbook gift card a few weeks ago and it's still on its way. If anyone sees it, it's mainly make-up to refill my empty make-up bag. was empty.

Some fashion houses are known for making the most gorgeous invitations and even if I didn't get one for Mulberry, I still love how the invite gives you a little preview of the collection. Besides the invitations, the 3rd and last photo sum up my essential and most important items during LFW: my press pass and the newspapers. Oh and my absent red lipstick.