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LFW #3

jacket 2nd hand
shirt H&M
trousers & bag Zara
boots Topshop

Another long day at LFW and no matter how hard I tried to smile and be perky in these photos, I failed quite miserably. The London sky was miraculous last night though: pale pink and light blue with darker shades. So excuse the weird colours, my photoshop skills don't work that well when I'm half dead.

Last night ended to a nice restaurant along Thames called Zizzi. Italian goat's cheese pasta with white wine and chocolate melt with vanilla ice cream. The best meal I've had in a while. Got to sit next to the Face Hunter as well.

Today I have a day off and I will make the most of it, aka sleep and sort my camera out. Tomorrow and Wednesday, bring on the last days of LFW and show me what you've got!