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i really do love me! i love my crazy adhd, manic, loving, loyal, urban personality. it's what makes me... me! it's also gives me the appreciation for what i'm not, which gives me the ability to love you! EVERYone is unique and brings a different flavor to the party... damn. it's just right, right! LOL

i finished up my out lining of my newest tattoo today... and i also had my car smashed in, in a hit and run. and that, folks... it what keeps you balanced between super cloud nine and reality. it's a ridiculous mix that may only suit me, but that's cool... i'll still take mine any day of the week! ;)

so instead of looking at my own art being created, i'll be looking at your's the next couples days and gazing with an extremely, jealous nature.. wishing i could be with you having a blast!

have fun this weekend kids and... yes, i still think it was a fab week! shit happens, no big deal!

xo, Heather